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Table of contents - illicit relationship

-2 Characters

-1 Going premium

1 New Life

2 Teasing Lin Xing Xue

3 Thank You Uncles, for Your Blessing

4 Home

5 Why Are You Smiling?

6 Maternal Aun

7 The Legendary Relationship Part 1

8 The Legendary Relationship Part 2

9 The Legendary Relationship Part 3

10 The Legendary Relationship Part 4

11 The Legendary Relationship Part 5 last par

12 Aunt, Lend Me Some Money

13 Now I'm Happy

14 Coffee Shop

15 I Just Like Firefly in the Dark Nigh

16 How Dare You

17 First Day of Competition

18 So, Will You Kiss Me or Not?

19 News

20 Illusion

21 The Results

22 It's Exciting

23 Hmff. Bad Boy

24 Oh! My Heart is Bleeding Right Now

25 Clothing Business

26 I Love You

27 Couple Café

28 New Feeling

29 Carry Me Little Brother

30 Thank You

31 Good Night, Love You

32 Announcemen

33 I Miss You

34 Come Here and Hug Your Lover

35 Dinner

36 Just You Wait, I'll Slap Your Buttocks Using a Wad of Money

37 Morning Exercise

38 Unexpected Gues

39 Guess Who Am I ?

40 Hey! I’m Here. Don’t Treat Me Like Air

41 My Love for You is Infinite

42 You Can Kiss Me, Hug Me, or Hold My Hands

43 Do You Have a Girlfriend ?

44 Let's Start and Success

45 Good, I’m Satisfied

46 Of Course, I Like It.

47 Good! I Take That as YES

48 When Expectation Is Different From Reality

49 Come Here and Give Me Good Morning Kiss

50 I Agree With Tha

51 Do You Want to Feel Something Sweeter ?

52 Oh! That’s a Good Idea

53 It Feels Good

54 Yes, It Was Grea

55 How Can You Be This Perfect?

56 Under The Table

57 Beautiful Lady, Are You Perhaps Interested in Me?

58 Do You Know That Song?

59 You misheard i

60 sorry, I made mistakes

61 are you trying to seduce me again?

62 Sure. I don't mind it.

63 it's a secre

64 You’re no match for me

65 Anything for you, mother

66 WOW

67 Yes, this big sister likes i

68 no, He is ugly, fat and smell bad

69 what a pity

70 You Are So Dazzling

71 son, happy birthday

72 hurry up and come back home

73 Autumn restauran

74 let's hold hands

75 Why Are You Here?

76 We Should Do This More Often

77 Morning Pleasure

78 Both of You Look Beautiful

79 Bamboo Restauran

80 Tian, There Is Something on Your Trouser

81 Let's Go Shopping

82 You Look so Sexy

83 Lingerie Store

84 I Am so Beautiful And Sexy

85 What Should I Do to This Bad Lady?

86 Tian, Do You Like It?

87 Thank You for Taking Care of Me and Make Me Happy

88 Tian, You Are Pervert!

89 It's Warm

90 Aunt, Drink It!

91 Tian, It's Mother Turn

92 Exercise on the Bed

93 What happened?

94 We Should Work Professionally

95 Please Don't Flirt at the Company

96 You Are Indeed a Bad Person

97 Feature Ideas

98 Are You Tired?

99 Go to Your Bedroom and Wait There

100 This Video Tutorial Is Complete and Utter Lie

101 It Looks Tasty

102 I Love I

103 I Am a Generous Boss, Right?

104 Young Talented People Magazine

105 Our Boss Will Be Famous

106 Don't Do Something Stupid Again

107 How Do You Feel After Becoming a Famous Person?

108 Tian, I'm Sorry

109 Give Us a Discoun

110 Rising Star TV Show

111 Ah. I'm Tired, Little Brother

112 Kyaaaa… so Handsome

113 Because I Want to Become a Rich Person

114 Holy Moly Fucking Shi

115 I'm Just Lucky

116 Strongest My Ass!

117 Everyone, Let's Start the Party

118 Mother, Feed Me Again

119 Are You Fascinated by My Beautiful Lips?

120 Big Sister, I've Kissed Him in Your Place

121 Qingyu, Do You Want It?

122 Aunt Wants a Kiss

123 Let's Go to Our Bedroom

124 I Forge

125 Good Morning, Boss

126 Xue, Switch Place With Me

127 Only the two of us

128 Mother, You're Torturing Me

129 My Next Goal Is to Make My Family Become an Upper-Class Family

130 Oh, That’s Not a Bad Idea!

131 Her Reason and True Feeling

132 One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep, Four Sheep, Shit!

133 Sweet Time at Lin Xing Xue's Home

134 Ah…It Feels Good, Little Xue

135 Little Xue, Can You Open Your Mouth?

136 Don't Be Shy

137 Let's Head to Your Bedroom

138 First Time With Lin Xing Xue

139 What a Perfect Morning!

140 Thank You for Giving Me a Wonderful Morning

141 Can You Forgive Me?

142 You're a Liar

143 I Will Always Be There for You

144 Do You Want to Feed This Big Sister so Badly?

145 What an Interesting Lady!

146 This Is a Punishment for Teasing Me

147 Because We're Friends With Benefits

148 Mother, Why Are You Crying?

149 Please Don't Cry Anymore

150 Let This Big Sister Help You Unbutton Your Shir

151 You're Not Allowed to Kiss Me Anymore

152 Stop It, or I Will Punish You Again

153 Little Brother, Let Me Eat You One More Time.

154 Do You Want to Hug Me Again?

155 Beautiful Moment at Rainbow Garden

156 People Call Me a Devilishly Handsome Perver

157 I've Kissed Your Lips. Are You Happy Now?

158 Shanghai River

159 Do You Dare to Bet?

160 Do You Want to Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery While Holding Hands?

161 It seems like you're not that good at seducing a lady

162 Xin Er, I'm Thrilled to Be Able to Spend Time With You

163 Good Night, Tian

164 But I'm Your Lover