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Author: Qian Nishang

Latest update: 04-01-2020 09:49

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After facing her fiancé's betrayal, things take an unexpected turn after Tang Mo’er inadvertently gets involved with the Capital’s preeminent magnate, Gu Mohan.

Table of contents - Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

1 You're My Man From Now On!

2 Mister, You've Got to Find Me in a Game of Hide and Seek

3 New Generation Innocent Goddess Han Xiaowan Seduces Fiancé of Tang Mo'Er

4 I Don't Know How to Moan

5 I've Saved You and Hit You Today, We Don't Owe Each Other Anything

6 What Size of Underwear Do You Need

7 Even the Largest Underwear Is a Little Small

8 I've Always Personally Dealt with Those Who Betray Me

9 This Is Tang Mo'er, a Rose with Thorns

10 This Man Is Truly Savage

11 Look at her small fee

12 Second Brother, Why Do You Keep Staring At That Woman?

13 First Time Seeing Such A Cold Disdainful Beauty

14 If It Wasn’t For Me, You Would Have Been Eaten Alive

15 Drunk

16 A Single Coin

17 Karghalik's Greatest Beauty Had Been Rejected

18 Su Zhe Is a Man I’m Sick Of

19 Tang Mo'er, Nobody Loves You Because of Your Arrogance

20 Miss Tang, Do You Need to Make a Call to Mayor Tang

21 The First Slap in Her Life Was Given by Her Mother

22 How Dare You Cry When You're so Unpromising

23 How Could a Bankrupted Man Be so Conceited and Self-Assured?

24 A Woman's Tears

25 Mo'er, That's the Gigolo That You Kep

26 Mr Gu Has a Husband's Waist.

27 This Is My Room

28 Please Lift up Your Shirt, I'll Help You Apply Ointmen

29 Tang Mo'er, What Are You Trying to Do

30 This Little Vixen

31 Press Conference

32 Don't Create Trouble When You Have No Drama for Yourself

33 The Spokesperson of the Gu Corporation

34 Why Are You Smoking so Much?

35 Tang Mo'er, Do You Really Think I'm A Gigolo You Keep

36 The Spokesperson for the Year Was Decided Behind Closed Doors, It Will Be Han Xiaowan

37 I'm Informing You Our Engagement Is Now Annulled

38 Tang Mo'er's Legs Were Beautiful

39 You Can Try to Approach the President of the Gu Group

40 How Could Karghalik's Greatest Beauty Not Be Beautiful?

41 You Didn't Have a Clean Break with Your Ex-fiancé?

42 Tang Mo'er Cuckolded Him Three Years Ago

43 Tang Mo'er, Do You Think I'm Just like Your Stupid Ex-fiancé?

44 Liar, Hmph!

45 Was That Man Your Sponsor?

46 Who Is Your Sponsor?

47 I'm Only Giving You a Taste of Your Own Medicine

48 President, Miss Tang Has Invited Me out for a Meal

49 You're Disqualified

50 Could You Not Dirty My Car and Get Off

51 Get in the Car

52 Tang Mo'er, Try Me

53 Mr Gu told Beauty Tang to Leave!

54 Are You Angry Because I Stood You up Last Night?

55 Allure Times

56 Tang Mo'er resembles Madam

57 The Man Who Saved Her Three Years Ago

58 Marriage Proposal

59 Not Only Are You an Emotional Coward, You’re Also a Useless Scoundrel

60 A Chaotic Engagemen

61 Miss Tang, Our Boss Is Waiting for You in the Hotel Room

62 To Fall for One's Tricks

63 He's Here

64 Tang Mo'er, It's Fine If You're Stupid, But Now You Think You're Capable?

65 President Su Did Not Even Know His Fiancée Was a Virgin

66 I've Only Gone for a Business Trip for Two Days, Only to Have You to Create Trouble for Me

67 What's so Good About Your Ex- Fiancé?

68 Why Would Gu Mohan Even Take a Glance at Tang Mo'er? She’s Just a Nobody

69 I Bullied You Because Your Fiancé Triggered Me

70 Since You Already Know My Name, Why Are You Still Acting Dumb?

71 Stop Finding Trouble, I Won’t Spare You

72 Hoping to Allow You to Grow up

73 You Have the Guts to Tell Me to My Face That Mr Gu Is the Gigolo You Kep

74 I Heard You're Going to Be the Wife of a Rich Man, I'm Proud of You

75 Everyone Sounded as If She Was Pestering President Gu

76 If You Get Pregnant, You'll Be the Model Mother of the Nation

77 Lu Qi'er, the Capital's Greatest Socialite is Also the Beloved Daughter of the Lu Family

78 Lu Qi'er is Gu Mohan's Fiancée

79 After These Years, She Still Hadn’t Figured out What She Had Done Wrong

80 Han Xiaowan Is Pregnan

81 Tell Me Who Bullied You and I'll Make Sure to Bully Them Too, Okay?

82 Su Zhe, I'll Give You Another Chance

83 You Had an Affair, Mrs Han

84 Tang Mo'er Is a Woman I’ve Taken a Fancy to, I Hope That Mrs Han Will Be More Courteous Towards Her

85 Tang Mo'er, Why Are You Throwing a Tantrum Late at Nigh

86 Sorry, I Can't Help but Feel Disgusted

87 Mr Gu, Please Stop for A Momen

88 What Fiancée, It's Just a Joke Made by Old Master Lu

89 Tang Mo'er Was Dancing

90 I Love You and I've Decided to Be Together with You

91 Amicable Breakup

92 Who Do You Think You Are, How Dare You Lay Your Eyes on My Woman?

93 Divorce Agreemen

94 Now That so Many Men Are Fighting for You, Are You Satisfied?

95 President Gu, Don't Tell Me You're Jealous

96 Be My Woman

97 President Gu, My Fiancé Is Here, Please Let Go of Me

98 That's Right, Miss Han. Keep a Tight Hold on Your Man

99 Smile

100 He Remained Indifferent While She Behaved in a Spoiled Manner

101 Mo'er, Please Be Good, I Won't Hurt You

102 President Gu Is My First Man

103 Tang Hai, Our Daughter Has Arrived in Karghalik

104 I Need 20 Million Dollars

105 Isn't This Karghalik's Greatest Beauty Tang Mo'er? She's Also Ceo Han's Stepdaughter

106 The PK Competition for the DHA Spokesperson

107 Karghalik Always Had the Southern Mo'er and the Northern Shiyu. The Puzzle Pieces Are Finally Together

108 What Are You Thinking, Have You Really Fallen for Gu Mohan?

109 Mo'er, You Have Been Besieged

110 Gu Mohan Was Not Reluctant at All. Isn't He Guilty?

111 Young Master Fu, Please Clear Things up and Give Mrs Fu a Piece of Mind.

112 Miss Tang, Call Me Husband

113 If I Ask You to Call Me Husband, You'd Better Do It or You'll See How I'll Deal with You

114 Mr Fu, Choose Between Lu Qi'er and Lin Ruoxi

115 Truth or Dare

116 Why Did You Pull Me Inside the Men’s Toile

117 Young Master Fu, It's Been Three Years since We Last Saw Each Other and You've Definitely Improved Your Flirting Skills

118 I’ll Give You the Divorce You Want, but Not Before You Pay Me Eight Million Dollars

119 Lin Shiyu Was the True Genius

120 The Two Men Were Fighting over Her

121 President Gu Seems to Be a Little Too Interested in Others' Private Matters. Peeping on Others Is a Mental Illness. Perhaps You Should Consider Getting Some Treatment for It!

122 A Slap from Beauty Tang

123 Mo'er, Are You Having Indigestion Or...Are You Pregnant?

124 Pregnancy Test Ki

125 The Star of the Ocean was stolen

126 Mr Gu, Shall We Arrest Tang Mo'er as a Suspec

127 Gu Mohan, I Warned You Long Ago to Not Provoke Me

128 CEO, Young Madam Transferred Eight Million and One Hundred Dollars. The 100 Dollars Is Your Tip

129 She Was Crying so Hard She Made No Sound

130 I Don't Fancy Lu Qi’er. You're the Person I Like

131 Mr Gu, I forgot to congratulate you. Your son is here.

132 Gu Mohan, my stomach hurts. Don't anger me or I’ll miscarriage

133 Mesmerized? You Should Be, This Man Is Yours

134 Han Xiaowan, You’re Done for 1

135 Han Xiaowan, You’re Done for 2

136 We'll Have to See Whether My Brother Is Still Willing to Accept Your Baby

137 I Hope That You'll Have Better Taste in Women Next Time, Don't Be Blind Anymore

138 President Gu's Concern for Mo'er Is Too Deep and It's Scary and Frightening

139 You Are Both Mommy's Daughters, Mommy Will Protect You Both Well

140 Tang Mo'er, We Owe You a Century's Worth of Love

141 F*ck, Tang Mo'er, What Did You Just Do?

142 It's Cold, Hug Me

143 I’m Bleeding, Gu Mohan. Did I Suffer a Miscarriage?

144 Mr Gu, Do You like Women's Pads?

145 Sometimes Thinking Too Much Is Also Considered Showering Affection on an Uninterested Party

146 That's Cool, I Not Only Enjoy Cursing but Also Love Hitting People

147 Tell Me, Who Is the Scum Who Gave You the Money and Made You Pregnant?

148 Make Yourself Clear, How Did I Betray You?

149 When He Kissed Her, It Felt like the Dawn of One's First Love

150 Mr Fu, You Are so Timid in Front of Lu Qi'er but so Fierce When It Comes to Me. Do You Really Think I'm That Easy to Bully?

151 Young Madam Did Not Make Any Friends of the Opposite Gender. She Led a Simple Life

152 Lin Shiyu Started Singing Lu Qier's First Hit Song, ‘Legend'

153 Two Women Holding Hands, Are the Two of You Sick in the Head

154 Three Years Ago, That Lunatic Fu Qinglun Claimed He Wanted to Marry Me

155 Mr Gu, Mo'er Has Been Taken Away

156 Since Beauty Tang’s Disappearance, President Gu Has Caused an Upheaval in Karghalik to Find Her

157 I Haven't Touched Her yet, Who Are You to Have My Woman to Yourself?

158 Stop Crying, Hm?

159 What Do You Mean, You Think That I'm Dirty?

160 Sorry, Baby

161 You're Not Angry Anymore, Are You Finally Speaking to Me?

162 Mo'er, Why Do You Still Behave like a Spoiled Child

163 Tang Mo’er, Open the Door Now

164 Gu Mohan, Don't Open Your Eyes or I'll Not Kiss You in the Future

165 Tang Mo'er, Jealousy Doesn't Work This Way. Look at Yourself, You Little Shrew

166 You're Appeased? You're Not Angry Anymore?

167 Get Lost, Gu Mohan. You're so Annoying.

168 Mrs Han, Are You out of Your Mind?

169 Huo Beichen Brought Tang Mo’er to a Hotel

170 Tang Mo’er, You'd Better Break up with My Brother

171 I'll Call Your Brother to Breakup

172 You Have the Guts to Sleep with His Woman? Huo Beichen, Your Deathbed Is Approaching

173 If I Really Chose Lu Qi'er, What Business Is It of Yours?

174 I Wouldn't Give You up so Easily to Lu Qi'er

175 Mr Gu, Other Men Have an Eight Pack, Why Do You Only Have Six?

176 I'm Going to Remain a Strong and Independent Woman Deserving of Your Admiration

177 You’re Awake? Do You Still Want to Sleep?

178 I Scolded Her in the Morning and She's Still Holding a Grudge

179 That Little One Was Constantly Giving Him Pleasant Surprises

180 I Know What Tricks Are Hidden Under Your Sleeves and I Can Perform Them Better Than You

181 Mayor Tang Has Arrived

182 Tang Hai, Didn't You Sacrifice Tang Mo’er Back Then in Exchange for Your Position as Mayor?

183 The Mystery of the Family Background

184 Our Shiyu Is so Pretty and My Son Is so Handsome, My Grandchild Would Definitely Have the Best of Both Worlds

185 Qinglun Has Been Too Busy Lately and Doesn't Have Time

186 I Can Give You a Divorce, but Not Before You Give Birth to a Son for Me

187 Don't Think Too Highly of Yourself

188 Master Yan, Don't Make It Sound like Your Sister Is Trash

189 I Knew the Lu's Raised a Dog That Would Bite, but I Never Expected the Dog to Bite Me

190 If You’ve Touched Lu Qi’er, I Won’t Want You Anymore

191 How Dare You Sleep With My Man?

192 I Don’t Need to Enter the Gu Family, Isn't It Better to Be a Kept Woman of Your Son?

193 Crying Alone Secretly in the Bathroom

194 I Wouldn't Stoop so Low as to Not Admit It If I've Had Sex with Another Woman

195 Her Name Carved on His Wais

196 You're Little Mouth is so Hard to Please

197 Are You Full?

198 Don't Overestimate Yourself. Neither Fu Qinglun or You Are Worthy Enough for Me to Play Games With

199 Young Master Fu Carried Mrs Fu Away

200 Ask Your Mother

201 Young Master Fu, Your Nose Is Bleeding

202 Would I Allow a Woman to Sleep on the Couch While I Slept Comfortably on the Bed?

203 Didn't I Tell You Already? I Want You

204 Since You're Hell Bent on Killing Me,I'll Hand My Life Over to You

205 You're Asking Me Whether it Hurts?

206 As Long as I'm Alive, You'll Always Be My Mrs Fu

207 The Zi Jun in Her Dreams

208 Love at First Sigh

209 Who Said Qing Qing Was Here to Serve Qinglun?

210 Shi Shi, I'll Leave Qinglun to You

211 You're Much More Vicious than Lu Qi'er

212 You're Invading My Privacy by Checking My Phone

213 Tang Mo'er Is at Best a Tool for Child Bearing

214 I Don't Plan to Have Any Children

215 Please Don't Bully Me

216 Our Relationship is Really Over Now

217 This Little Thing is Even Hitting People

218 This is My Woman, You Can't Have Her

219 Just Because I'm Tang Mo'er

220 You Can Choose Who You Want to Have Sex with Tonigh

221 You're Going to Wuss Out?

222 Actually, I Love You Too, I Really Really Love You

223 I Will Marry Lu Qi'er

224 Gu Mohan, It Hurts

225 Gu Mohan, Will I Die?

226 Miss An’an is in Pain

227 How Are You Going to Fall in Love and Marry in the Future?

228 Gu Mohan Forbid For Her to Go Ou

229 Mr Gu Gifted Beauty Tang with a Diamond Ring

230 No Matter What Happens, Don't Ever Leave Me

231 Gu Mohan and Lu Qi'er Are Getting Engaged

232 The One and Only Ring

233 He Pushed Her Away

234 I'm Proposing to you Now

235 Choose Between Us

236 They Invited Tang Mo'er to Dance

237 Make Me Your Woman Tonight or Don't Even Think About Getting the Antidote

238 Investigate That Girl

239 Thrown Into the Pond

240 Filled Only With His Hug

241 She Couldn't Stop Calling Your Name

242 You Know Exactly How You Got the Position of Madam Gu

243 Go and Have A Shower

244 You Were Much Cuter When You Were Still A Baby

245 Tang Mo'er Locked Herself In

246 Slashed Her Wrist With A Knife

247 Sorry, It's All My Faul

248 I Don't Need You Anymore

249 Forget About the Antidote, You Still Have Me

250 You Can't Escape From Me

251 I Want to Take A Birth Control Pill

252 Searching for the One and Only Ring

253 Let Me Rest A Little

254 Are You Willing to Spend 300 Million Dollars on Lu Qi’er?

255 Your Sister Asked for 300 Million Dollars from Fu Qinglun

256 Mrs Fu, Why Are You So Clumsy?

257 Is It Really That Interesting For You To Play Such A Prank?

258 A Gilded Black Card

259 Take Your Black Card and Scram

260 Give Her an Office, She's My Personal Assistant from Now Onwards

261 You're Finally Listening to Me Now?

262 Little Brother, Wake Up

263 Let's Just Divorce Each Other

264 This Little Minx, How Dare She Bite Him

265 Gu Mohan, Let's Just Breakup

266 Mo'er, Don't Go

267 He Collapsed onto the Ground

268 You'll Become the First Lady in the Political Circles

269 Gu Tianling Revoked Tang Mo'er's Name

270 Huo Yanmei Gave Tang Mo'er a Slap

271 Huo Beichen Defended Tang Mo'er

272 To Think You've Stooped to This Level

273 Did You Ever Anticipate You'd Meet Your Match in A Woman like Xuanji

274 Daddy, Don't You Miss Qi'er?

275 Hurry and Visit My Brother in Hospital

276 Gu Mohan, Don't Sleep Anymore. It's Time To Wake Up.

277 Venturing Further Down This Path

278 Walking Down This Lonely Path, Waiting For Someone

279 I Am The Male Lead

280 I like Martial Arts, I like to Have Matches with Others When I'm Bored and Hone My Skills at the Same Time

281 Come Ou

282 Aren't You Afraid That I'll Be Consumed by Jealousy?

283 You Should Select Between the Lu or Jun Daughters

284 Tang Mo'er, You're Truly Ruthless Towards Me!

285 Punched in the Ches

286 Mo'er, Are You Only Going to Be Pleased When I Die?

287 Overlooking Her from Above

288 I Don't Want to Die

289 You Were Having Dinner with Jun Chulin, How About Now, Do You Have Anything for Me to Eat?

290 Changing His Shoes

291 Mr Gu, You've Got a Knife on Your Head and You Should Be Careful to Not Let It Fall

292 You're Trying to Brush Me off That Easily?

293 Are You Sharing a Room with Mr Gu?

294 The Heavens Are Watching

295 Don't Be Angry Anymore

296 Who Gave You Permission to Rummage Through My Belongings

297 Something Only Bad Girls Would Do

298 Why Did He Feel Unhappy When Tang Mo'er Smiled at Her Ex

299 Am I Drugged?

300 Locked in the Room

301 Beg Me

302 Fu Qinglun, F*ck You!

303 Weren't You Pretty Skillful Just Now?

304 Who Taught You to Burn Your Bridges After You've Enjoyed Yourself?

305 You Won't Even Know the Reason for Your Death

306 Meissen, Your Little Wanwan Was Bullied

307 Pleasant and Swee

308 You're a Coward!

309 You're Being Naughty

310 That Was His First Kiss

311 That's Why You Hurt Yourself?

312 Shall I Give Birth to Your Daughter?

313 The Furthest Distance

314 You're Throwing A Tantrum Because of This?

315 Tang Mo'er, I've Won

316 Gu Tianling Has Arrived

317 Don't You Think It Reflects Badly on You?

318 Su Zhe Wanted Sexual Favors from You?

319 She Went into Gu Tianling's Room in the Middle of the Nigh

320 Let Go Of Me, I’m Your Son’s Woman!

321 You've Created A Legendary Scandal

322 Young Master Gu Has Returned

323 Didn't You Miss Me?

324 Just Answer Me, Did You Miss Me?

325 Mr Gu Fired Me This Morning

326 Gu Mohan Purged All of Karghalik

327 Tang Mo'er Is My Woman

328 You Don't Have the Capability

329 I Also Want to Marry a Woman I Love

330 Why Are You Still so Childish!

331 You've Got an Arrogant Princess Living in Your Heart, Little Princess Fu

332 Why Did You Call Me Shi'shi

333 She Actually Felt Something for Him Just Now

334 Taking Revenge Against A Scumbag Is So Satisfying

335 I'll Be Waiting for You in Our Room Tonigh

336 Gu Mohan, Do You Still Love Me?

337 No Wonder Men Are Infatuated with You

338 It Turns out That You're Also a Self-Indulgent Emperor

339 Why Are You Being so Noisy?

340 His Darkest Desires

341 It's Not You

342 I Left You To Enjoy Yourselves

343 How Dare You Vomit on Me?

344 Then Be Angry

345 Only Gu Mohan Can Tell Me to Break up

346 You Remind Me of an Old Acquaintance

347 That Is Because...Lu Jinwen Wanted to Dig Out...Lin Xuanji's Hear

348 Break up with Tang Mo’er or I’ll Make Sure You Have Nothing Lef

349 Beauty Tang Lost Her Sigh

350 Beauty Tang Went Missing

351 Karghalik Is Only So Big. Find Her.

352 You're Putting up Such a Show for Me

353 Lu Qi'er, Let's Get Married

354 The Most Extravagant Wedding of All Time

355 I Want the One and Only Ring

356 I'm Low by Asking for the Diamond Ring Back? Then What About You?

357 I Suspect That You Stole It and Hence I Shall Conduct a Full Body Search

358 Gu Mohan, Could You Please Let Me Go, I Would like to Leave

359 Didn't You Promise to Not Be a Cheap Man the Other Time, Are You Addicted to Being One Now?

360 Are You Blind or Just Acting Pitiful in my Presence?

361 Where Are the Women Who Are Prettier and Have Better Figures Than Tang Mo'er?

362 A Stranger’s Voice

363 If I Don't See You in Half an Hour's Time, I'll Get a Room with This Woman

364 He Offered Himself to Her Like A Lovesick, Ludicrous Fool

365 Gone Mad From Love

366 From Now On, You're No One to Me

367 Congratulations, We've Broken Up

368 I Won't See You Ou

369 When He Saw Her Again

370 In Front of Her Once Again

371 Silencing the Entire City

372 Throwing the Candy Floss onto the Floor

373 Won't You Sleep with Me Tonight?

374 There's No Need for Birth Control Pills

375 Tang Mo'er wore the Wedding Gown

376 Why Don't You Marry Me?

377 Call Me Husband

378 Beauty Lin Wants to Eat Hawthorn

379 Beg Me

380 Come over to Collaborate with Jingtong

381 Endless Charm

382 How Unlike You

383 Master Yan Approved

384 Hubby

385 You're Sick in the Head

386 We Want To...Make Babies

387 Smashing Her Own Head

388 The Most Beautiful Bride

389 Missing

390 Let Me Propose to You

391 I Do

392 Darling

393 Wait to Collect Lu Qi'er's Body

394 Take Your Filthy Hands Away

395 Stabbing Herself

396 Yes...I Love You

397 Your Love for Lu Qi'er Only...Fills Me with Disgus

398 Blood

399 Miscarriage

400 Drifting Down Memory Lane

401 His Everything

402 Now That the Baby was Gone...

403 So Now You're Trying to Act Pitiful?

404 You Actually Slapped Me

405 He Was Powerful and Protected Tang Mo'er Well

406 Pregnan

407 Aggrieved

408 Torturing Lu Qi'er 1

409 Torturing Lu Qi'er 2

410 Apology

411 Where Does It Hurt?

412 Miscarriage

413 Fu Qinglun, We're Over!

414 Let the Lin Family Off

415 What If I Told Fu Qinglun That His Wife Had Her Hymen Filled Before

416 You're Just In Time

417 An'an Has Escaped

418 Bringing You Back to the Capital

419 Can I Give You a Kiss?

420 It's Just Death

421 Are You Getting Too Old?

422 You've Caught My Interes

423 Falling Into His Arms

424 Comfort Me More

425 Let's Get Our Marriage Registered

426 I'm Not Concerned That You Have a Wife

427 If I Want You to Drink with Me

428 Sorry Mrs Gu...

429 Tell Me If You Love Your Husband

430 The Countdown Begins

431 Singing Her to Sleep

432 Dodge!

433 A Photograph in his Walle

434 She Didn't Want Tha

435 Left on the Ice-cold Floor

436 Bullied

437 Regaining Her Sigh

438 The Rightful Daughter

439 Getting to Know Each Other

440 Initiative

441 I'm Wrong, I'm Really Wrong

442 Were You Groped Just Now?

443 Whoever You Like Is None of My Business

444 The Engagement Banque

445 This Is My Engagement Present to You

446 Eagle

447 I Am Already Your Woman, You Still Do Not Want Me?

448 Lu Yan Locked An'an in the Walk-In Wardrobe

449 Returning to the Capital

450 Karghalik Was Filled with Dandelions

451 The DNA Paternity Tes

452 Qin Yawen Tried to Stab Tang Mo'er

453 Mom, Where Are You...

454 Lin Xuanji Knitted Small Bells Personally for Little Mo'er

455 Rejected

456 Awakening Madam Xuanyin

457 Mr Lu, Lin Xuanyin Would Be Your Rightful Wife and She Didn't Give Birth to Me

458 If Xuanji Had Been Willing to Abide by My Arrangement, How Could I Bear to Destroy Her?

459 I Am Lion

460 10.1 Billion Dollars to Purchase And Terminate Our Marriage

461 Diva

462 10.1 Billion Dollars to Retain Their Marriage

463 Forgotten

464 Distancing Herself

465 Auntie Wu Turned Red

466 He Is Your Mr Gu

467 Fain

468 Love Poison

469 Survival

470 Mr Gu and Jun Xiyan's Engagement Ceremony

471 My Name Is Tang Mo'er

472 Gave Birth to a Child on My Behalf

473 I Want to Have a Child With You Too

474 She Wanted to Castrate Lu Jinwen

475 Have You Found Xuanji?

476 Watching His Car Speed Away

477 I'll Give My All

478 Hasn't Anyone Taught You That Girls Should Be More Demure?

479 Could You Please Return?

480 I'm Not Interested in Women like You

481 Why Are You Glaring at Me?

482 Beauty Tang Got into a Figh

483 You're Not Allowed to Whine

484 You Dare to Hit Me?

485 Why Did You Close Your Eyes?

486 It's Been A Long Time, I Miss You

487 Let Me Live off You

488 After Six Years, Zi Jun Finally Sent Her a Letter

489 This Is My Boyfriend, Daddy

490 Lu Yan Entered An'an's Fitting Room

491 Daddy, You're in Charge of Paying

492 Are You Asking to Be F*cked?

493 She's Indeed Great at Seducing Men

494 Don't Appear Before Me Ever Again

495 Barging in on Gu Mohan and Jun Xiyan

496 You Are Just Like Your Mom

497 President Gu, What Do You Want?

498 Seething with Anger

499 Bitten by a Puppy

500 Mohan, Do You Have Feelings for Tang Mo'er?

501 Shh, Stop Talking. I've Missed You, Baby

502 He Threw the Dagger on the Ground and Slapped Madam Xuanji

503 Madam Xuanji Straddled His Back and Rode on Him like a Horse

504 Does It Hurt?

505 Those Red Lips Were So Close

506 Save Me!

507 Lin Xuanji's Sketches Were Torn to Pieces

508 Jinwen, I Was Wrong

509 Lin Xuanji, I Miss You

510 Lobbying a Male Guest in the Bar

511 Mr Gu, Are You Thirsty?

512 Flashes of Memories Crashing into His Mind

513 Jun Xiyan Pushed Open the Door and Gawked at the Two on the Bed

514 I'll Never Pester You, Ever Again

515 Robbing the Cradle

516 Why Is Tang Mo'er Able to Do It?

517 Tang Mo'er, You Tricked Me!

518 He Was Zi Jun

519 Fu Qinglun Had Stood Lin Shiyu Up

520 Shi'shi, I Love You

521 She Really Wouldn't Take Him Back This Time

522 Hugging An'an Tightly

523 Kissing An'an's Cheeks

524 What Are You Trying to Do, Let Go of Me!

525 Removing the Mask

526 I Can't Bear to Hurt You

527 Inching Closer to Tang Mo'er's Lips

528 Give Me the Cell Phone!

529 Refusing to Let Go

530 Open Your Eyes, I'm Really Afraid

531 I'm on My Period Today

532 You're so Dumb

533 You're Mine, I Want to Be Your Mrs Gu

534 Who Exactly Do You Love?

535 The One You Truly Love Is Lin Xuanji

536 The Two Things Lu Jinwen Could Never Give

537 No Longer a Virgin

538 Crying In the Darkness

539 Their Wedding Next Month

540 Lin Xuanji Was Only Pretending

541 A Well-Defined Large Hand Reached Over and Grasped Her Slender Wris

542 The Man Who Slept with Me Was You!

543 This Is a Tip for Your Service

544 Shi'shi, I Want to Take You Home, Could You Wait for Me for a Little While

545 Please Don't Push Me Away

546 He Didn't Leave

547 Scheming Women

548 Young Master Fu and Beauty Lin Are Getting Their Divorce Decree

549 This Exactly like My Dreams

550 Young Master Fu's Embrace

551 Car Acciden

552 Young Master Fu Sang "Legend" in Beauty Lin's Ear

553 Wedding Photographs

554 Please Leave Gu Mohan, Otherwise You Will Kill Him

555 Her First Man and Her Only Man

556 Explain Yourself

557 Are You Pregnan

558 Should I Tell Him?

559 Mo'er, Let's Not Break up, Hm?

560 Gu Mohan, You...Regained Your Memory?

561 Are You That Lacking in Men?

562 You Seem to Always Be Nauseous Recently

563 I Have a Child

564 Bleeding

565 If Anything Happens to My Son, I'll Never Let You Off

566 Tang Mo'er Was Missing

567 Mr Gu and Jun Xiyan's Wedding

568 Save the Baby...

569 The Chances of Your Wife Getting Pregnant in the Future Would Be Extremely Low

570 I've ReallyGotten Married Today

571 You're F**king Living Life Backwards

572 Xuanji, I Love You...Baby, I Love You...

573 Lu Jinwen, I Hate You

574 There's Still a Long Time Before This Lifetime Ends for the Both of Us

575 Many Years Had Passed and Lin Xuanji Was Finally Back

576 Xuanji Is Dead

577 Lu Jinwen, I'm Leaving

578 When Xuanji Jumped into the Sea, Jinwen Followed Sui

579 An'an Was Captured

580 You Dare to Touch Her?

581 Don't Touch Me!

582 Little Girl, You Have to Grow Up

583 That's Enough, An'an

584 Tang Mo'er Has Returned

585 Mr Gu, Don't You Have Any Manners?

586 I Will Make You Impoten

587 Before I Release You, You Will Have to Give Birth to Another Son for Me

588 Shi'shi, I Miss You

589 They Worked Together to Get Rid of Miss Tang's Baby

590 You Genuinely Love Lin Xuanyin

591 Lu Jinwen Hugged a Girl. You Don't Like it?

592 Sir Bought a Villa to Keep the Girl

593 Beauty Tang Chased Mr Gu out From the Room

594 A Glass Of "One Night Stand"

595 You Haven't Been Behaving

596 He Allowed Her to Answer the Phone, but He Still Kissed Her

597 Your Wife Was Not A Virgin When She Married You

598 Mom, It Hurts

599 I Just Wanted to Hug You to Sleep

600 He Mistook Her for Someone Else!

601 I Only Have You

602 Mama Lin Stabbed Fu Qinglun

603 I Will Make This Crime Happen Now!

604 Come and Pour Me a Glass of Wine

605 Mr Gu Gave Beauty Tang up to Other Men

606 Congratulations, Mo'er, We've Broken Up

607 Never Get Pregnant Again?

608 Scram!

609 I Hate You, You Only Know How to Bully Me

610 Bring Her Back to Z Country

611 Mo'er, Xuanji Might Be at the Miao Tribe

612 News About Madam Xuanji

613 Bear a Son for Lu Jinwen and You Will Enjoy Riches All Your Life

614 The Countdown of Fu and Lin 1

615 The Countdown of Fu and Lin 2

616 The Countdown of Fu and Lin 3

617 The Countdown of Fu and Lin 4

618 The Countdown of Fu and Lin 5

619 The Countdown of Fu and Lin 6

620 The Countdown of Fu and Lin 7

621 The Countdown of Fu and Lin 8

622 The End of Fu and Lin

623 Pregnant Again

624 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 1

625 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 2

626 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 3

627 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 4

628 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 5

629 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 6

630 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 7

631 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 8

632 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 9

633 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 10

634 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 11

635 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 12

636 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 13

637 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 14

638 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 15

639 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 16

640 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 17

641 Too Hard to Escape from the Chains of Love 18

642 Let's Talk About Love 1

643 Let's Talk About Love 2

644 Let's Talk About Love 3

645 Let's Talk About Love 4

646 Let's Talk About Love 5

647 Let's Talk About Love 6

648 Let's Talk About Love 7

649 Let's Talk About Love 8

650 Let's Talk About Love 9

651 Let's Talk About Love 10

652 Let's Talk About Love 11

653 Let's Talk About Love 12

654 Let's Talk About Love 13

655 Let's Talk About Love 14

656 Let's Talk About Love 15

657 Let's Talk About Love 16

658 Let's Talk About Love 17

659 Let's Talk About Love 18

660 Let's Talk About Love 19

661 Let's Talk About Love 20

662 Let's Talk About Love 21

663 Let's Talk About Love 22

664 Let's Talk About Love 23

665 Let's Talk About Love 24

666 Let's Talk About Love 25

667 The Countdown of Lu and Lin 1

668 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 2

669 The Countdown of Lu and Lin 3

670 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 4

671 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 5

672 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 6

673 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 7

674 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 8

675 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 9

676 The Countdown of Lu and Lin 10

677 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 11

678 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 12

679 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 13

680 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 14

681 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 15

682 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 16

683 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 17

684 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 18

685 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 19

686 The Showdown of Lu and Lin 20

687 The Countdown of Yan and An 1

688 The Countdown of Yan and An 2

689 The Countdown of Yan and An 3