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Author: Stupa Demon

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Yu Yuehan is the usual rich, perfect, aloof president—the richest man in City H; but one day, a female toddler suddenly appears in his life as his daughter! Despite being certain that he has never touched a woman before, DNA tests certify that the toddler is his! He soon becomes a good 'daddi' for the little toddler, Xiao Liuliu.Two years later, for some inexplicable reason, Xiao Liuliu becomes...

Table of contents - The Rest Of My Life Is For You

1 A child bestowed upon

2 His Mother's Child

3 He and she, meeting face to face

4 His sorry state

5 Fallen into his hands!

6 Only one can be chosen of the two

7 She certainly has the gall!

8 Forcefully face slapped!

9 Behaving spoiled, acting cute, playing self pity

10 That mysterious background

11 Young, pretty, and energetic

12 Awkward, with no means of explanation

13 The iceberg finally has a little bit of a tantrum!

14 Young Master is back!

15 Feeling sorry for her face

16 You are fired!

17 Nian Xiaomu, you're insane!

18 Low IQ is contagious

19 The taste of being neglected

20 It has to be her!

21 She has got other requests

22 Go strangle her to death!

23 A woman's mood changes like the weather in June

24 The natural instincts of Mother and Daughter

25 She felt unwell in an instant!

26 Her secre

27 Could they really...

28 Exposed, in your face!

29 She is awake

30 The Understanding Master Han

31 Must love each other

32 This is... a clearance sale?!

33 Xiao Liuliu's Mother

34 An uninvited gues

35 Trouble Befalling Even While Staying At Home

36 Messed with someone nasty!

37 I didn't do it on purpose!

38 It wasn't only the most awkward, but even beyond tha

39 The one and only disgrace!

40 You lucked out just like this!

41 Was it on purpose?

42 You wouldn't be able to compensate even if you had 10 of them!

43 Do you like him?

44 How bold you are!

45 Round after round

46 A blow to the face! Pattern of a queen!

47 Became her backing

48 Targeted by him!

49 Coveting his gorgeousness

50 An ac

51 The real informan

52 Everything would be repaid in a matter of time!

53 Disregarded... just like this?

54 Young Master Han's panicked state at midnigh

55 Why does it feel chilly all of a sudden?

56 He did it intentionally!

57 It became a little awkward

58 There were rays of light in her eyes

59 Even bleach couldn't whiten i

60 Young Master is back!

61 That's Nian Xiaomu?

62 Where did this feral child come from

63 His rebel

64 You would not die if you didn’t do i

65 So who is the teacher here?

66 Where did you hide Xiao Mumu at?

67 Her words were law!

68 Dug a hole and jumped in together!

69 If you are so good at it, you do it!

70 What exactly was she planning to do?

71 Impressing all those seated!

72 A reward? A reward!

73 I agree! I agree to it!

74 A different Yu Yuehan

75 Young Master, where are your gentlemanly manners!

76 Unable to calm down!

77 No one loves an iceberg

78 Take on his surname

79 The back of her neck felt chilly!

80 Bad taste!

81 Deceptive and petty

82 Surely something wasn't right!

83 Your “Queen” is online

84 Yu Yuehan wasn’t what he seemed to be, totally not what he seemed to be!

85 Who would take responsibility

86 The heart is beating at the wrong tempo

87 Are you ordering me?

88 Family of three goes ou

89 Asking to be punished!

90 The way their brains short-circuited was the same

91 Softie for his daughter

92 Short legs?

93 It's against the rules to be too handsome!

94 Never concede defeat!

95 Well, that's something impressive

96 Even a genius would have an Achilles' heel

97 Gossip!

98 The eyes and eyebrows have some resemblance

99 Whoever pays is the boss

100 I need an explanation

101 Breaking away from the usual practice for her

102 Madam Presiden

103 What was she doing?

104 For everything to go well and smoothly

105 Major movements from all the departments!

106 Attack using the strength of another

107 I am going to expose her...

108 The hero comes to the beauty's rescue

109 Master Han was very angry, and the consequences were dire

110 The power of a boyfriend!

111 A woman who says yes, but means no

112 Don't talk nonsense in the future

113 Loving toward one another

114 What was he happy about?

115 Fanning up the flames of trouble

116 The tigress lies low

117 Change to anyone other than her

118 It was different from what she had imagined

119 Sugar-coated bullets

120 Young Master Han is waiting for you

121 A confidential agreemen

122 Taking the initiative to invite

123 Being alive is already a blessing

124 New, original, special, and full of challenges

125 She is a bane

126 So crazy!

127 39 minutes

128 He only had eyes for her

129 A bane turned lucky star

130 Evidence! How awkward!

131 Negligent, incompetent, and irresponsible

132 She only had eyes for money

133 Has he become less desirable?

134 Printer girl

135 Please receive your angel

136 Revenge came too soon!

137 Take note of the sweetness in front!

138 Does he still care about his face?

139 Her only friend

140 Were they all... suffering from bipolar disorder?

141 Another way of “delivery”

142 Sheng Da's spokesperson

143 Was Nian Xiaomu crazy?

144 A scary occupational hazard

145 Can't afford to offend! Can't afford to offend!

146 Was he waiting for her?

147 Hold, hold Yu Yuehan's hand?!

148 Saw something that he shouldn't have seen

149 A stupid person would eventually be the one in an awkward situation!

150 Are you alright?

151 All the best to you

152 So it was her!

153 This is my sincerity

154 Not half as adorable

155 What good is being adorable?

156 Splashed with cold water

157 Don't you regret this!

158 Where are you?

159 In disfavor

160 Double blow!

161 The key lies with someone else

162 One who is unaccountably solicitous is bound to be hiding evil intentions

163 So damn slow, so damn slow

164 Her bottom line

165 Kowtow in apology

166 Are, are you threatening me?

167 A strange familiarity

168 Afraid that he'll forget about me

169 Thinking out of the box with help from the gods!

170 Humiliation!

171 To stew in one's own juice

172 Not playing the cards according to their sequence

173 The super high popularity level of the iceberg

174 A rip-off makes one a healthy person

175 The scary price of friendship!

176 Difficult to turn down a passionate invitation

177 She had dug a pit and jumped into i

178 A squeal-inducing sight!

179 The chances of striking were too grea

180 Everything happened with perfect timing

181 All eyes centered on her!

182 A toast to you, Young Master Han!

183 You were the one who asked me to come

184 A simple-minded son of a rich man

185 Are you fond of anyone

186 Dead meat! She is gonna be dead meat!

187 Prove to her

188 A well-hidden secre

189 Now this is awkward!

190 What's there to explain?

191 A hin

192 The person whom she was fond of

193 What nonsense are you talking abou

194 Joy and vexation

195 The best proposal

196 I can be yours too

197 It is all over. I am here with you.

198 He had been keeping watch over her all this while

199 Which one was the real her

200 Nian Xiaomu, your guts have grown bigger!

201 Causing trouble!

202 The person he likes

203 You would not die if you don't seek death

204 Work extremely hard to compensate

205 Is it fun to self-harm?

206 Jerk? Heart-breaker?

207 Your hosting style... was very interesting

208 Jealous!

209 A petty man

210 Good taste!

211 Taken advantage of!

212 No way to clear up the misunderstanding

213 Suffered a big loss!

214 Young Master, I did not say anything!

215 Welcoming the little sunshine

216 Untitled

217 Yu Yuehan, what are you doing?

218 A fickle guy!

219 Not familiar with it—what happened to that?

220 Get further away from me!

221 Strike first and gain the upper hand!

222 Bestow great benevolence

223 The two of us

224 Their relationship with each other

225 Whose house are you returning to?!

226 You can take care of me

227 Just who was accountable for this?!

228 Really just a little bi

229 She would agree to anything

230 Something was up, something major was up!

231 The riddle within her

232 The considerate Young Master Han

233 Falling into his arms

234 Another eye witness

235 Teach her a lesson

236 Know your own position

237 If she liked something, she would show i

238 Taking revenge using official authority

239 Who did you say was bewitching?

240 A candlelight dinner

241 Your cutiepie is looking for you

242 What... What was happening?

243 This Young Master must be a fake

244 Did this count as a date?

245 I like it, I like it very much!

246 I won't, won't lie to you!

247 You got tricked!

248 Her guts had indeed grown bigger

249 What you did to me

250 Trying not to own up?

251 I believe! I believe!

252 What exactly did he say?

253 Compliance was the only way out!

254 Too many cooks spoil the broth

255 She has the admiration of the entire world

256 A beauty has many ideas in her head

257 Foodies unite

258 You are a very interesting person!

259 The words that she had been waiting for!

260 Who was dead meat?

261 A smile is enough to take you down

262 A new skill to unlock

263 Put on an ac

264 You daughter really resembles you

265 Cherish her well

266 My daughter takes after me

267 Candy after a slap to the face

268 Be obedient and wait for me to return

269 Ahhhhh, little traitor!

270 I've been waiting for you for a long time!

271 Might be something wrong with his eyes

272 You’re welcome!

273 Hatred and desire for revenge—what were those?

274 Mr. Yu, Mrs. Yu

275 "Adorable" was my staple food since young

276 You're right!

277 A chant that would force someone to death

278 Full marks for the skills of flirting with a girl

279 What had she done?

280 This excuse sounded a bit familiar

281 Was there something wrong?

282 I'm missing you

283 Don't cry

284 From sweet to salty

285 Fated to meet, but ended up not meant to be

286 There must be evildoers present when things go wrong

287 Whose personal information are you checking?

288 The arrogant Mr. Yu

289 She didn't want to save face?!

290 The down-to-earth Master Han

291 Looking perfect from every single angle

292 Your best friend, Two-Faced Yu is here

293 She was missing!

294 Wake up, President Chen Jr.!

295 The confession that arrived suddenly

296 It's too late!

297 Were you surprised? Were you shocked?

298 Was he angry?

299 Feel free to come and look for me anytime

300 Do you like him?

301 A voice in the hear

302 What, what, what are you doing...

303 This guy's actually got serious tricks up his sleeves!

304 You would have to bear your own consequences!

305 First things first—ask for a little interes

306 Something bad has happened

307 Sounding ou

308 Young Master Han’s gentlemanly manners

309 What happened to his gentlemanly manners?

310 Mrs. Yu is so blessed!

311 The duo who strove for favor

312 The man who said one thing but meant another

313 Ask him if he liked her

314 Taking the initiative to get close to her

315 She was the one that he was concerned abou

316 Corporate spy

317 Would he still believe her if everyone condemned her?

318 What else do you have to say about it?

319 I am her witness!

320 Destroy Nian Xiaomu!

321 Brilliant! Join hands to seek revenge on the bad guy!

322 He who is unjust is doomed to destruction

323 All the crafty calculations came to naugh

324 She could not go to jail!

325 Indebted to her for saving his life

326 She was really wrong

327 Hugging just after a disagreemen

328 You are not alone!

329 It's impossible to continue the conversation!

330 Why did you run?

331 I'll pick you up from work

332 I missed you so, my girl!

333 Smiling outside, bitter inside

334 Master Han was blessed

335 All the best!

336 The only person who was qualified

337 Call me hubby

338 His temper is atrocious!

339 Who are you to me?

340 Rejecting on the outside, full of anxiety on the inside

341 Falling into his arms

342 He's regretting a little

343 Fan Yu is here!

344 Wild flowers have a better fragrance compared to domesticated flowers

345 A gentleman uses his mouth and not his fis

346 Whose ideal man is this lonely youth?

347 What was their relationship with each other?

348 Confession

349 Just like a sweet dream

350 It's my honor

351 Putting on a show intentionally

352 Revenge came too soon!

353 She was different from the usual girls

354 I forgive you

355 Battle of wits, battle of bravery

356 Who is he looking for?

357 We will not stand on ceremony then

358 Harboring a big plan!

359 Sounding out!

360 Serves you right for being single all these years

361 Date openly!

362 When one doesn't care about face, he becomes invincible!

363 The Yu Family was filled with traps

364 Look what he's done!

365 Perfect allocation!

366 Nian Xiaomu, this is for you!

367 An unimaginable scene

368 Nian Xiaomu, you've become really bold!

369 Guilty vs Shy

370 Make an example of President Su to warn the other errant clients!

371 She's different from the res

372 Master Han's sneaky ways

373 She wasn't going to keep him company!

374 Happy for no more than a second

375 The raging green-eyed monster

376 You are unable to give me the conditions that I wanted!

377 Young Master Han is jealous, and the consequences are dire!

378 Dutch courage

379 No one would be at a loss!

380 What do you want me to do then?

381 A dream come true

382 I'm sorry! I was wrong!

383 Slowly recalling

384 Laying down the rules

385 A reasonable girlfriend

386 It's the same

387 A sincere summary

388 A complain

389 Striking while the iron is hot!

390 Nian Xiaomu, so this was romantic to you?

391 Am I unpresentable to others?

392 Black-bellied, too black-bellied!

393 Hold on, Yu Yuehan!

394 No time like the presen

395 Our tempo is different from other people

396 Was this... an act of currying favor?

397 The hidden message is “I miss you"

398 If she could use her hands, then she wouldn't use her mouth!

399 Who dares touch her?

400 Help to teach her lesson!

401 The fierce protector of her child!

402 He had betrayed her in just the blink of an eye

403 Whose stuff was all of this?

404 Life is a drama, and it is all thanks to acting skills!

405 Daughter to the rescue

406 As virtue rises one foot, vice rises 10

407 She who could undertake a task alone

408 All of this used to be hers!

409 Exposing her on purpose

410 A world of difference

411 Humiliated; and who's here?

412 You make an exception once, you make it twice

413 Scam alert!

414 Cannot mess around like this...

415 Chase me away? With just you?

416 Are you really drunk or are you faking it?

417 Please acknowledge receipt of your delivery!

418 Making things difficul

419 How dare you hit me?

420 If she won't do it, I'll do it!

421 Failure to recognize a great person

422 Was I wrong?

423 It was him... It really was him...

424 It's over, it's over!

425 There's a murderous spirit!

426 Engagemen

427 The last bit of persistence

428 She wasn't on her own

429 The deep, unspeakable love

430 I like her, she's the only one I like

431 The news is fake

432 Have they reconciled?

433 Puffed up with anger!

434 Betray everything except for deep love

435 Daily dose of sweetness 1

436 Daily dose of sweetness 2

437 Daily dose of sweetness 3

438 Daily dose of sweetness 4

439 This is my boyfriend 1

440 This is my boyfriend 2

441 This is my boyfriend 3

442 This is my boyfriend 4

443 Blind date! 1

444 Blind date! 2

445 Blind date! 3

446 Blind date! 4

447 Coax me, Nian Xiaomu 1

448 Coax me, Nian Xiaomu 2

449 Coax me, Nian Xiaomu 3

450 Coax me, Nian Xiaomu 4

451 The goddess is black-bellied too! 1

452 The goddess is black-bellied too! 2

453 The goddess is black-bellied too! 3

454 The goddess is black-bellied too! 4

455 It's green, it's green! 1

456 It's green, it's green! 2

457 It's green, it's green! 3

458 It's green, it's green! 4

459 You As Queen, A Life of Guardianship 1

460 You As Queen, A Life of Guardianship 2

461 You As Queen, A Life of Guardianship 3

462 You as queen, a life of guardianship 4

463 A green-eyed monster's push-and-pull tactics 1

464 A green-eyed monster's push-and-pull tactics 2

465 A green-eyed monster's push-and-pull tactics 3

466 A green-eyed monster's push-and-pull tactics 4

467 Xiao Liuliu's biological mother 1

468 Xiao Liuliu's biological mother 2

469 Xiao Liuliu's biological mother 3

470 Xiao Liuliu's biological mother 4

471 Yu Yuehan, who did you buy the ring for? 1

472 Yu Yuehan, who did you buy this ring for? 2

473 Yu Yuehan, who did you buy the ring for? 3

474 Yu Yuehan, who did you buy the ring for? 4

475 It's a question between one and two babies! 1

476 It's a question between one and two babies! 2

477 It's a question between one and two babies! 3

478 It's a question between one and two babies! 4

479 The truth! This is her daughter! 1

480 The truth! This is her daughter! 2

481 The truth! This is her daughter! 3

482 The truth! This is her daughter! 4

483 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 1

484 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 2

485 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 3

486 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 4

487 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 5

488 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 6

489 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 7

490 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 8

491 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 9

492 Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! 10

493 Proposal! 1

494 Proposal! 2

495 Proposal! 3

496 Proposal! 4

497 Proposal! 5

498 Proposal! 6

499 Proposal! 7

500 Proposal! 8

501 Proposal! 9

502 Proposal! 10

503 The Yu couple is here, year after year 1

504 The Yu couple is here, year after year 2

505 The Yu couple is here, year after year 3

506 The Yu couple is here, year after year 4

507 The Yu couple is here, year after year 5

508 The Yu couple is here, year after year 6

509 The Yu couple is here, year after year 7

510 The Yu couple is here, year after year 8

511 The Yu couple is here, year after year 9

512 The Yu couple is here, year after year 10

513 You are my everlasting love 1

514 You are my everlasting love 2

515 You are my everlasting love 3

516 You are my everlasting love 4

517 You are my everlasting love 5

518 You are my everlasting love 6

519 You are my everlasting love 7

520 You are my everlasting love 8

521 You are my everlasting love 9

522 You are my everlasting love 10

523 Oriental or Western 1

524 Oriental or Western 2

525 Oriental or Western 3

526 Oriental or Western 4

527 Oriental or Western 5

528 Oriental or Western 6

529 Chinese or Western style 7

530 Chinese or Western style 8

531 Chinese or Western style? 9

532 Oriental or Western 10

533 The truth! I am the biological mother! 1

534 The truth! I am the biological mother! 2

535 The truth! I am the biological mother! 3

536 The truth! I am the biological mother! 4

537 The truth! I am the biological mother! 5

538 The truth! I am the biological mother! 6

539 The truth! I am the biological mother! 7

540 The truth! I am the biological mother! 8

541 The truth! I am the biological mother! 9

542 The truth! I am the biological mother! 10

543 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 1

544 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 2

545 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 3

546 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 4

547 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 5

548 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 6

549 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 7

550 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 8

551 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 9

552 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 10

553 The truth that is revealed 1

554 The truth that is revealed 2

555 The truth that is revealed 3

556 The truth that is revealed 4

557 The truth that is revealed 5

558 The truth that is revealed 6

559 The truth that is revealed 7

560 The truth that is revealed 8

561 The truth that is revealed 9

562 The truth that is revealed 10

563 The place that Young Master Han held in the family 1

564 The place that Young Master Han held in the family 2

565 The place that Young Master Han held in the family 3

566 The place that Young Master Han held in the family 4

567 The place that Young Master Han held in the family 5

568 The place that Young Master Han held in the family 6

569 The place that Young Master Han held in the family 7

570 The place that Young Master Han held in the family 8

571 Breathtaking! 1

572 Breathtaking! 2

573 Breathtaking! 3

574 Breathtaking! 4

575 Breathtaking! 5

576 Breathtaking! 6

577 Breathtaking! 7

578 I'll turn crazy for you, I'll turn into a demon for you

579 Afraid of being silenced for knowing too much

580 It was only because she had always loved him

581 His difficulties

582 A place unknown to others

583 100 million slipped by!

584 Love, love, love. I love you the most.

585 Battle of wits, battle of bravery

586 What did you just call me?

587 The laws are strong but the outlaws are ten times stronger

588 Nian Xiaomu, are you sure you dare to agree to it?!

589 Your biological daughter! Your biological daughter!

590 It wasn't only the most tragic, but even beyond that!

591 Round after round, it's a battle of high IQs!

592 I remember it now!

593 An absolute beauty!

594 I'll say it! I'll say everything!

595 It was actually a treasure!

596 The last piece of the puzzle

597 The original owner of the Queen's Ring

598 The adult love of his life vs. the child love of his life

599 A hundred thousand whys

600 Someone who should not appear

601 Who exactly was she...

602 Your biological daughter indeed!

603 Never forgetting what the initial mesmerized feeling was like through the years

604 She had always been different from others

605 Get down on his knees to sing the song, “Conquer!”

606 The weird Fan Yu

607 A good life, the public display of affection!

608 Nian Xiaomu, I changed my mind

609 A unique surprise!

610 Rejected with disdain!

611 There can't be two kings on one throne

612 He had chosen to love this one person for the rest of his lifetime

613 The goddess who had left the house

614 Her unrivalled hero

615 Master Han's lame humor

616 Yu Yuehan, I'll kill you!

617 I want to meet you

618 Dropped the spoon in horror!

619 As long as one held on to a belief, the day would come when his wish would come true

620 I care, I care

621 A new goal in life!

622 This couldn't be true...

623 The truth about the past!

624 Her family

625 Bring home to keep

626 They all called you “Little Miss”

627 Token of love

628 Aspiration was to financially support hotties

629 Who was calling her “Little Miss?”

630 She was always being tutored

631 Besides you, there was someone else!

632 Master Han was made a cuckold by the childhood sweethear

633 Master Han was made a cuckold by the childhood sweetheart again

634 Blockbuster of the year—the first half of her life

635 Blockbuster of the year—the first half of her life 2

636 Make her lose everything!

637 I'll be by your side in heaven or hell

638 Her determination, beyond imagination

639 Face-to-face confrontation!

640 Big Brother! Stop talking about it!

641 For the days to pass smoothly, one must deal with some cuckoldry

642 Who would dare to block his car?

643 Rooting for Fan Yu!

644 Silence is worth more than words

645 A Queen's Intelligence

646 Not younger sister, but Little Miss!

647 I won’t take the test!

648 You don’t have to put up a tough front before me

649 Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

650 I am comforting you now

651 There were two fires!

652 I only want her!

653 At the very least, she bore a child for the Yu Family

654 Finally, a reasonable person!

655 If anyone dared to bully her, she would...

656 The fierce protector is here!

657 Matriarch, here's the knife!

658 Young Master Han who has a paralyzed face

659 Matriarch of the Yu Family

660 Hello everyone, this is my granddaughter-in-law

661 There's a need to prove myself

662 Something is not righ

663 Suffering the consequences of one's own actions

664 She was different ever since she was young

665 Perhaps it wasn't the owner of the room

666 Proof, the main culpri

667 There's a secret compartment in the closet!

668 It wasn't only because of the fire-She had always hated you!

669 Left? Is that it?

670 An unexpected answer

671 Why was it her?!

672 Suicide!

673 The Young Master is not convenient...

674 I did not see anything!

675 Flirty Nian would not take responsibility

676 I admit it, it's me

677 Causing trouble! Causing trouble!

678 A gentleman uses his mouth and not his fis

679 Oh so green, the grassland of nature's color

680 Why would I want my dignity if I have lost my fiance?

681 Two different persona in public and in private

682 Saying the same sentence repeatedly

683 The last piece of candy

684 Pay a man back in his own coin

685 Explosive acting!

686 The truth will come out once Young Master Fan puts his hand to i

686 The truth will come out once Young Master Fan put his hands to i

687 You were the one who was in the wrong!

688 Miss! You are Miss!

689 I am suspecting that he had fallen in love with me

690 A blow on the face!

690 A slap to the face!

691 The Queen's strategy

692 The popular Young Master Fan

693 I have the picture!

694 Mr. Cardi

695 An outmoded gentleman

696 I don't mind a born actor!

697 Heading to the sky on command-Interesting!

698 Silly girl

699 What happened to feeling touched?

700 A competition between father and daughter

701 Xiao Liuliu, you were not like this in the past...

702 Ding! Vicious Tongue Han is here

703 I wish to negotiate a deal with you

704 Ex-husband

705 An acciden

706 You have a strong resemblance to someone

707 So handsome that she turned one's legs wobbly!

708 Opening the door to a new world

709 Try again if one time doesn't work

710 It's him, it's him. He was the one!

711 Stand right there and don't move

712 The second wife!

713 Daily dose of sweetness

714 Well, that's something impressive!

715 I need a hug

716 A man and a woman

717 Not a Benefactor, but a Cheat!

718 An Unconventional Kind of Heartache

719 How Old Are You, Nian Xiaomu?

720 Was He Really... Not Here?

721 A Facade That a Goddess Must Put up - a Reserved Image

722 Nonsense, You Are Mine

723 I Am Waiting for You to Coax Me

724 I Am Not Crying!

725 Does a Goddess Not Deserve Her Face?

726 Low IQ Is Contagious

727 The King of Strategy

728 Had she been deceived again?

729 I Wouldn't Trade for Anything in the World

730 Best Male Lead Yu Is Here

731 A Perfect Dream

732 Bony in Reality

733 Brother, Steady Yourself! We Can Win This!

734 Impressive! Impressive!

735 It's Impossible to Continue the Acting...

736 You Can Speak Firs

737 Nian Xiaomu, You've Changed

738 Breaking! Someone Unexpected!

739 Breathtaking! Shocked!

740 Everything was Fake

741 Did He Get so Agitated Until He Became Loony?

742 Daddi, Be Good!

743 Kiss vs. kiss

744 That Isn't Me!

745 I Trust You, I Only Trust You.

746 You Can Be Xiao Liuliu's Brother!

747 Not This Sentence!

748 Bengbeng, It's Me...

749 Drink More of It, It Cools You Down!

750 The Person with the Chopsticks Has the Final Say

751 Being Mischievous Is Grea

752 She Is on the Lis

753 Resilience, Independence and Ambition

754 Repeat After Me

755 I Will Always Be with You

756 Admit That You Have Held a Torch for Me for a Long Time

757 I Will Not Laugh at You

758 Young Master Han, Who Was the One Who Wanted to Resign?

759 Men Who Are Cold on the Outside but Hot on the Inside Are the Cutes

760 A Statue That Is Awaiting His Wife's Return

761 He Must Have Fallen out of Love

762 Charge on with a Thick Skin!

763 Young Master Han, You Said That You Didn't Want to Eat Just Now

764 A Glass of Hard Liquor Versus a Cup of Plain Water Version 2.0

765 A Wig and a Cap

766 Being Cheated On

767 Are We Exposed?

768 He Had Put in Some Effort in Producing His Daughter Too

769 The Most Shameful Thing to Do Is to Display Affection Subtly!

770 Daddi Also Misses...

771 Because She Is Nian Xiaomu

772 He Is Going to Become a Father?

773 One Will Always Subdue the Other

774 Stay?

775 Unclear

776 Is It Important to Be Legal

777 Intoxicated by the “Going to Become a Father” Poison

778 I Am Willing to like Anything You Like

779 A New Father's Pride

780 I Had Already Placed a Seal on You

781 The Most Important Day of His Entire Life

782 Tan Bengbeng's Storeroom

783 This Was the Real Her...

784 Wait for Me to Look for You!

785 The Brain Could Produce Another Whole New World on Its Own

786 She Must Stay Calm and Collected

787 Xiao Liuliu, You Know Too Much

788 They Bumped into Each Other Just like This!

789 Xiao Liuliu, the Drama Mama

790 It's so Sour That Bubbles Had Emerged

791 Breaking into a Cold Sweat from Fear!

792 She’s Been Different from Others Since She Was Young

793 The Hidden Secre

794 Where Did the Missing Photographs Go...

795 She Knew the Reason Why!

796 Replacement Guaranteed If Not Genuine!

797 A New Father Is on the Way, Please Go Easy on Me!

798 Come, Give Me a Smile

799 Begone, Bad Things. Let All the Good Things Come True!

800 The Medicine Is Here Already

801 The Weak Point Could Not Be Found

802 Why Was It Her?!

803 She Seemed to Be Able to Steal Your Soul Away

804 Provoking on Purpose!

805 Punch Back If You Get Punched!

806 He. Is. My. Current. Boyfriend!

807 Her Face Had Turned Green

808 Big Bad Wolf

809 Tattletale

810 It Cannot Be Resisted

811 Her Body Was More Truthful

812 So Angry, Trying to Maintain Her Smile

813 Nian Xiaomu, Move Back In

814 Lost One's Soldiers After Losing One's Wife

815 Tan Bengbeng Did Not Die!

816 The Note Stuck on the Headboard

817 It Must Be Her!

818 Cannot Afford

819 The Devil

820 This Is the Real Clan

821 I Miss You

822 If He Doesn't Want It, She Does!

823 Astonishing! So This Was the Reason!

824 Time Is Running Ou

825 Biting His Tiny Fists with Great Effor

826 It's Impossible to Stay Calm!

827 From Love to a Love-Hate Relationship

828 I Am Waiting for You!

829 Are You Dumb...

830 Young Master Han, Do You Feel Comfortable on the Ground?

831 Meeting

832 The Things She Had!

833 I'll Teach You the Price of Friendship, It's Free!

834 So Sour That a Vinegar Factory Could Be Opened

835 The Goddess Is Furious, and the Consequences Are Dire!

836 I Am Innocent!

837 I Am in a Very Dangerous Situation!

838 She Praised Her Good Complexion as Well as Her Uniqueness

839 I Am Afraid That You Are Not a Fool!

840 Drama Mama vs Vixen

841 I Saw It Myself!

842 Her Answer

843 Terrible and Brutal!

844 Who Fell in Love First?

845 Nian Xiaomu, Are You a Pig?

846 Unable to Mention Breaking Up

847 “Miserable” Was an Understatement!

848 Couple Immersed in Acting

849 Impressive! Impressive!

850 They Had Actually Known Each Other Since They Were Young

851 Doesn't Your Conscience Hurt?

852 The Chemistry That Only Both of Them Knew

853 Does This Count as a Reconciliation?

854 I Miss It so Damn Much!

855 Stand Right There! Who Is That?

856 A Moment of Panic!

857 He Can't Get Away Just like That!

858 Don't You Have Any Compassion?

859 Why Is She Being so Bratty?

860 A Little Blissful

861 The few vagrants...

862 Someone Is Spying on Them

863 It's the Same Person!

864 Everything Is Fine, with You by My Side

865 You Are My Life!

866 As Long as the Child Is Your Kid, I Will Love I

867 Aftermath

868 Return Empty-Handed

869 Can't Hide It Anymore...

870 A Woman's Sixth Sense

871 She Had Called on Him!

872 First, Beat Him Up!

873 Are You Trying to Scare Me to Death?

874 Gently, I Flicked My Sleeves and Simply Abandoned My Brother

875 To Laugh One's Head Off!

876 There's a Shrew in the House

877 I Love You, Very, Very Much

878 I Believe!

879 There's a Reward for Reporting!

880 The Invisible Password

881 There Are Some Updates!

882 Turning into a Three Year Old in a Single Second

883 It Hurts the Eye!

884 Dies Suddenly...

885 Grievance Finger

886 I'll Say It! I'll Say Everything!

887 Create a "Small Accident"

888 The Dealing Method

889 Not Letting Go No Matter What!

890 Little Lucky Star

891 Can't Restrain It Anymore!

892 Precious Gem

893 Triggered with Jealousy

894 He Can't Get a Single Dime!

895 Being Cuckooed Openly!

896 I Will Show You!

897 It Is Very Pleasant to Hear!

898 Surprised! An Unexpected Finding

899 Messing with Hades!

900 Shy? Embarrassed?

901 The Entire World Is Inferior to You

902 The Unforeseen Event That Happened Three Year Ago

903 The Truth Is Close at Hand!

904 Mo Qian, the Mo Family's Eldest Son

905 You Must Be Mentally Prepared

906 Acting on Orders

907 Continue with Your Big Fat Dream!

908 Who Exactly Is the Doomed One?!

909 Why Is It like This?

910 There's a Backup, How Awkward!

911 Not Fit!

912 Treasuring His Daughter

913 Your Thoughts and My Story.

914 To the Mo Family!

915 The Little Vaul

916 It's Time to Have a Little Bit of Defense on Hand

917 A Trade Between Father and Daughter

918 I Couldn't Bear to See You Dead

919 Currying the Favor of a Local Tyrant!

920 That's Her Father?

921 Wife and Daughter

922 "Death Is Inevitable for You!"

923 My Name

924 Pledging Has Lost Its Magic

925 The Goddess Is Afraid!

926 The Most Extraordinary Existence in the Mo Family

927 The Prince and His Cinderella

928 That Sweet and Beautiful

929 An Avalanche of Memories

930 The Whole World Stinks of Public Affection

931 Fate. Meeting by Chance.

932 A Three-Year-Old Versus a Two and a Half-Year-Old

933 Jealousy Is Turning Me into Another Person

934 Repeat That One More Time and I'll Take It That I've Lost!

935 Not Only Witnesses, but Also Evidence!

936 Tattered Goods for Tattered People

937 My Face Hurts!

938 Stage a Show

939 Pretentious

940 A Boot-Lick Is Always Useful

941 A Gift or a Sin

942 It's All Life, You Can't Escape I

943 Secretly Kept a Little Vaul

944 Enemies Are Bound to Meet on a Narrow Road!

945 Seen It with My Own Eyes

946 Everyone Is the Same

947 I Am Yu Yuehan's Fiancée!

948 It Was Daddy's Hug

949 What Is Your Name?

950 Don't Take the Silent Tiger as a Good Target to Bully

951 He Doesn't Believe Her

952 Do You Know Me, Little Girl?

953 A Kind Reminder

954 Rather Gloomy and Depressed

955 Stalking

956 This Is Considered Overloading!

957 Nothing Must Happen to Him!

958 Her Eternal Heartthrob Couldn't Get Away

959 Your Idol Is Here

960 It's Time to Display Your Real Charms

961 Yu Yuehan, I Love You!

962 Emerging from the Deep Ends of Her Memory

963 Suffering from Terminal Illness vs. Losing One's Mind

964 She's the Target!

965 The Scapegoa

966 Friendly Reminder to Take Note of Affecting Others!

967 An Unexpected Gain

968 You're Back

969 My Brain's Heating Up

970 There's Someone Else!

971 Miss Nian, You Are so Impressive

972 Don't You Think That It Is Odd

973 Take Them Away!

974 Part of the Family!

975 Becomes a Stepdad

976 The Feeling Sucks!

977 I Did Not Tell You About It Because I Was Afraid That You Would React This Way

978 His Parents

979 Hold It In, Don't Laugh!

980 So Nice That I Want to Marry You!

981 That's Different From What We'd Agreed On!

982 The Procedures Are All Done

983 If You Can't Beat Her, Give In

984 Don't Regret the Past or Fear the Future!

985 Little Husband and Wife

986 I'll Only Be Your Bride

987 It Looked the Same as in the Dreams

988 Getting Punished for the First Time

989 A Freak Combination of Factors

990 If There Was a Next Life

991 Sweet Yet Sour

992 A Reward!

993 I'll Bring You to a Place

994 Simply Enrage Her to Death!

995 City Goers like You Indeed Know How to Have Fun. I Have Been Defeated!

996 Surprise! It's a Huge Parade!

997 Marry Xiao Liuliu!

998 Take Your Time to Remember, You Eventually Will

999 A Bunch of Big Moves One After Another

1000 I'll Marry You, I'll Marry You!

1001 Cheap and Affordable!

1002 Swearing upon His Morals

1003 Tears

1004 The Last Hope!

1005 Young and Insensible!

1006 A Large Scale Wedding

1007 Even You Are Lying to Me

1008 Mo Qian Is My Father!

1009 Don't Be Afraid, I Am Here

1010 A Casual Sentence Came True!

1011 Status Is Important!

1012 Destroy This Public Display of Affection!

1013 Suffering Will Be Present If You Do Not Listen to the Old Man's Advice

1014 A Sow Could Climb Trees If the Words of a Man Could Be Trusted

1015 Two Totally Different Personas

1016 Go To Your Lover's Side

1017 The Wedding of the Century!

1018 Elegant, Refined and Domineering

1019 The Number You Called Is Not Available...

1020 My Name Is Bengbeng, Tan Bengbeng

1021 Mysterious Phone Call

1022 Looking for Yu Yuehan!

1023 It was her loving fiancé!

1024 It Was All a Trap!

1025 Are You Getting Married Today?!

1026 Then She Cannot Live!

1027 Admit Your Fate, You Won't Be Able to Escape!

1028 It's All My Fault...

1029 I Can't Be Optimistic

1030 Tell Him About It Personally

1031 Eloping? Dying Together in the Name of Love?

1032 I Am Feeling Aggrieved, but I Will Not Say I

1033 For the Days to Pass Smoothly, One Must Deal with Some Cuckoldry

1034 Falling in Love with the Wrong Person Definitely Meant Getting Hurt in the Hear

1035 Wouldn't Her Ego Be Greatly Boosted?!

1036 Let's Have a Talk

1037 Everyone's Gone

1038 The King of Strategy Is Here!

1039 Isn't It Scary?

1040 It Was All Part of His Strategy!

1041 Mo Yongheng Must Know!

1042 Dying in Her Dreams

1043 Well Behaved for Less Than Two Seconds

1044 Surprise, Wedding Angbaos

1045 You Would Have Profited If You Had Managed to Bed Him

1046 Brilliant! Brilliant, Indeed!

1047 A Huge Change in Temperamen

1048 Getting Punished

1049 The Crazy Suitor

1050 Who Was She? Where Was She?

1051 She Could Not Die!

1052 The Man Who Resembled a Devil

1053 Blunt to a Frustrating Poin

1054 A Young Child's Mood Changes as It Wishes

1055 Provoke Him

1056 An Interesting New Toy

1057 Drink It!

1058 That Person Was Missing!

1059 The Parents of the Tan Family Are Toxic

1060 Don't Talk Reason with a Hooligan

1061 His Conditions

1062 A Terrifying Answer Machine

1063 A Totally Different World

1064 Found i

1065 Looking Forward to Meeting

1066 Women's Six Sense

1067 Amazing, Half Deity

1068 The Pas

1069 Suffer a Living Misery

1070 Shameless!

1071 Break the Rules and You'll Pay for It!

1072 He Controls Everything!

1073 Like Two Completely Different People

1074 Who on Earth Are You?

1075 The Game Has Ended

1076 He Has a Terrible Temper

1077 Leaving

1078 Philander

1079 Tempting

1080 The Tree in the Backyard

1081 I Won't Regret I

1082 Just for This Life, Not Thinking About Eternity

1083 Save Him If You Want!

1084 The King of Hell Is Here!

1085 Ghost Doctor DQ

1086 Fix His Marriage in Advance

1087 All Made For Him

1088 Have You Developed Some Feelings for Me?

1089 Aiyo, He's Born an Actor!

1090 Pushing His Luck

1091 The Only Flaw

1092 A Little Fierce and a Little Cute

1093 My Bengbeng

1094 Marriage

1095 She Operated Personally

1096 You Will... Agree to Any Condition?

1097 I Admit to Everything. Is There Anything Else?

1098 Pinky, pinky bow-bell, whoever tells a lie

1099 You Would Surely Regre

1100 It Was Too Late to Worry!

1101 He Was the Only Acciden

1102 What Are You Afraid Of?

1103 He No Longer Processes Any Integrity!

1104 The Arrogant Yet Delicate King of Hell

1105 As Virtue Rises One Foot, Vice Rises 10

1106 The Woman Around the King of Hell

1107 Absolutely Handsome!

1108 Whether to Save Him, She Makes the Call!

1109 The King of Shirking Responsibility

1110 Offend Anyone but Her

1111 Qi Yan's Legs!

1112 He's Catching Up!

1113 One Move Is Enough to Subdue the Enemy!

1114 From the Very First Glance...

1115 Do not believe a word

1116 Leader Meets Leader!

1117 Accepting Whatever Comes in the Way

1118 Unreal

1119 This Is My Wife

1120 Nian Xiaomu, Xiao Mumu!

1121 A woman more important than him

1122 Suddenly Became Valuable!

1123 Being Cuckolded Openly!

1124 It's Her, It's Bengbeng!

1125 I Want to Save Her!

1126 Such Great Acting!

1127 The Precepts of the Qi Family Needs to Be Changed

1128 Her Idol

1129 Spouting Rubbish Seriously

1130 This Feeling Is...Very Unfamiliar

1131 King of Hell's Woman

1132 Shock! Bengbeng!

1133 Who Dares to Touch Me!

1134 Hard Time Chasing

1135 Money Brings a Sense of Security

1136 His Eyes Were Full of Drama

1137 Humiliated; A Doctor Has a Heart of Selfless Dedication and Sacrifice!

1138 It's Too Late...

1139 Gleeful, It's a Turn-Around!

1140 Preg, Preg, Pregnant?!

1141 The Wish That Was Not Fulfilled

1142 A Face Full of Sincerity

1143 The Perfect Boyfriend

1144 Magnanimous VS Petty

1145 Pronounce Him Dead

1146 I'll Follow You Wherever You Go!

1147 This Is Preferential Treatment!

1148 Xiao Liuliu's Little Brother

1149 Who Let You In?

1150 His Bengbeng Was...Great!

1151 Who Is It?!

1152 Truth!

1153 The Sick One Eats the Medicine

1154 The Secret of the Mo Family

1155 During the Year You Were 13...

1156 Nian Xiaomu Isn't Nian Xiaomu

1157 The Dust-Filled Past 1

1158 The Dust-Filled Past 2

1159 Pass a Fake off as the Real Deal

1160 If Only It Was Just a Dream

1161 An Inherent Instinc

1162 Send Her over Personally!

1163 Xiao Liuliu, One Who Had Emerged from a Rock

1164 We Already Have Xiao Liuliu, Isn't Dashun's Arrival a Matter of Time?

1165 The Mo Family Warrant Which Had Disappeared for so Long

1166 The Queen Returns!

1167 Young Master Han

1168 Name a Condition!

1169 "Friendly" Reminder

1170 Hold Me, My Legs Are About to Give Way!

1171 She Was Unwilling~

1172 He Is Working Under Mo Kun!

1173 This...Is Just Too Strange!

1174 Fi, Fi, Fiancé?

1175 Bengbeng, You Have Changed!

1176 What Tricks Do You Have Up Your Sleeves?

1177 I Have Survived, and This Is the Greatest Mistake You Have Made

1178 None Would Give in

1179 The Legitimate Female Owner

1180 The Last Breathing Momen

1181 Why Are You Laughing?!

1182 They Are All, All Here!

1183 Her Mother Is Still Alive?!

1184 I Only Hope That My Precious Daughter Would Enjoy a Life of Happiness

1185 A Life For A Life!

1186 The Truth!

1187 Who Is the Fake?

1188 To Qi Yan!

1189 Not Even a Look

1190 Reunion!

1191 Turning Affectionate in a Single Second

1192 Give Me a Hint!

1193 Mo Yongheng Who Was Acting Strangely

1194 Famous for Being a Genius

1195 There Are so Many Traps, Every Step Must Be Gradually Advanced!

1196 A Medicine Pill

1197 Feeling Sorry for His Face!

1198 Bengbeng, I Am Afraid!

1199 Poking His Face

1200 Depressed and Lacked Energy

1201 Cannot Handle It...

1202 Gentlemen

1203 A Token of Appreciation!

1204 Speaking in All Fairness!

1205 The Most Tragic Two Men in the Entire World

1206 A Bunch of Trash!

1207 Victory or Defeat Has Not Been Determined Yet!

1208 Compromise

1209 Returning to the Mo Corporation!

1210 Is This an Attempt to Probe?

1211 Round After Round

1212 Don't Let Me Hear Those Words Ever Again!

1213 Majority of His Sentences Were Untrue

1214 Had She Discovered It?!

1215 She Would Forgive Him... Right?

1216 Draw Circles to Put a Curse on You

1217 A Chubby Little Baby

1218 He's Handsome as a Flower, She Earns Money for Their Family

1219 Secretly Attracted!

1220 You're Not to Cry for Anyone Else!

1221 Fulfilling the Orders of My Wife

1222 Something Wrong with the Brain

1223 Wife's Slave

1224 Speak, I Will Not Get Angry

1225 Jealousy

1226 Nian Xiaomu, We're Not Getting a Divorce!

1227 My Poor Husband

1228 The Secret Written on the Paper

1229 I'm Going out to Take a Breather!

1230 What Are You Feeling Guilty About?

1231 Kick with All Your Might!

1232 Love Is a Ray of Light, but the Jealousy Within Makes You Panic!

1233 A Special Feeling

1234 That Gentleness, That Pleasant Countenance

1235 I Don't Agree!

1236 Can't Be Stopped! Can't Be Stopped!

1237 The Abnormal Mo Yongheng

1238 You Are Dead Meat Then!

1239 Is He the Older Brother?

1240 No One Dared to Say Anything

1241 Bengbeng, Hurry and Come!

1242 A Girl's Reputation Is Very Important!

1243 My Good Bengbeng, Don't Cry

1244 Leave This Place With Me Firs

1245 Kisses, Hugs...And Hoisting Her up High?

1246 Am I About to Die?

1247 I Can't Give You!

1248 You Cannot Divulge a Single Word

1249 He Is Awake!

1250 He Is Not an Easy Target to Provoke Either!

1251 You’d Better Remember This!

1252 Let Me Feel Nervous for Awhile Firs

1253 Speak properly!

1254 You Are Pregnant!

1255 Stop Following Me!

1256 I Know Where It Is!

1257 Done For...

1258 One Against A Hundred

1259 The King of Hell Is Enraged!

1260 Don't Let a Single One of Them Off!

1261 Was Her Left Hand Crippled?

1262 An Unimaginable Conversation

1263 He Had Struck!

1264 You're Welcome Anytime

1265 Scapegoat!

1266 He Had Called on Them!

1267 It's Better If You Don't Provoke Me!

1268 That Scheming Thought! Those Unscrupulous Moves!

1269 The Drama Is Right Behind!

1270 Do You Know How to Speak?

1271 Silently Watch the King of Hell Seek His Own Death

1272 Speak Less, Sleep More

1273 Dug a Hole, Waiting to Jump Into It!

1274 Nibbling and Nibbling

1275 A Be

1276 Fiancée

1277 Revenge

1278 The Test of Acting Skills

1279 Who Fell for It?!

1280 Take a Look in the Mirror!

1281 100%

1282 Public display of affection in broad dayligh

1283 A Blow to the Face! the King of Strategy Is Here!

1284 Counterstrike!

1285 Get Lost, as Far Away as Possible!

1286 My King of Hell, You're Amazing

1287 Damned Face

1288 Quick, Praise Me!

1289 Why Are the Flowers so Red in Color?

1290 You Are Really My Nemesis

1291 Little Heng, It's Time to Leave!

1292 Was Being Alive Not a Great Thing?

1293 King of Hell, One Who Could Smash the Rock With Your Mega Chest—Can I Get to Know You?

1294 Brother Is Here With You

1295 Take It as a Festive Gif

1296 If It's Something You Like, I'll Give It All to You

1297 Awake! He's Really Awake!

1298 It's Someone's Name!

1299 Big Darling, Little Darling

1300 Send a Text to Drive Him Mad

1301 An Agreement Between Father and Daughter

1302 Objection Dismissed!

1303 Xiao Liuliu Has a Younger Brother Now!

1304 Reserve A Spot Firs

1305 I Can Raise Him in the Future

1306 It's Impossible for Him to Stay Calm!

1307 An Empty Background

1308 Settle the Old Stores and Establish Her Authority!

1309 Someone Is Looking for You!"

1310 A Man's Sense of Alarm

1311 Love Triangle? Two-timing?

1312 Are You Interested to Hear a Story

1313 Self-recommendation Can Be Used Like This?

1314 Beautiful Looks, Interesting Soul

1315 You Guys Are Making Me Sad Like This

1316 It's a Pity, There Are No What Ifs

1317 Why Are You Here?

1318 High-End, Luxurious, Of Good Grade

1319 Let Me Tell You a Scary Joke

1320 We're Not Close!

1321 Not This Older Brother

1322 The Most Gentlemanly and Reliable Man

1323 He Has a Strong Resemblance to Someone!

1324 What Is Your Relationship With Her?

1325 You Cannot Even Be Comparable to a Girl

1326 I Don't Like Sweet Food

1327 Got More Enthusiastic as She Spoke

1328 There's Public Display of Affection Everywhere

1329 Who Knows What He's Thinking?

1330 Here's the Problem...

1331 More intelligent!

1332 Worthless Things

1333 Monster!

1334 We Are Differen

1335 Everything My Wife Says Is Righ

1336 So Intimidated That She Called Him Daddy

1337 Using Your Authority for Personal Gain—Can I Get to Know More About It?

1338 Sudden Urge to Be Brothers With Mo Yongheng

1339 A Shocking Beauty!

1340 Rumours Arising