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Author: Nuclear Warhead Boiled in Alcohol

Latest update: 08-02-2020 22:12

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It is an era of artificial superintelligences, interstellar travel, gene medicine, and virtual reality worlds. Far into Earth's future, 15-year-old Gu Ding is a student of Cerulean Military Academy by day, and tavern waiter by night. His ambition: Become the space pirate with the highest bounty offered by the Universal Federation Government. With the help of Neptune, a neonate super-intelligence, Gu...

Table of contents - The Highest Bounty

1 My Name is Gu Ding

2 Encountering A Murder

3 The Infant Artificial Super-Intelligence

4 Rose Tavern

5 The Grand Entrance of ‘Auntie Roastbeef’

6 Ultimate Arts

7 Cell Enhancer

8 I Picked You Up From the Dumpster

9 The Lukewarm Assassin

10 Winning Streak in the Arena

11 Fight! Fight! Fight!

12 Facing A Formidable Opponen

13 Good News and Bad News

14 Prison Intern

15 Prison Break!

16 Deputy Chief Warden Pearson

17 I’m An Elite Lawyer

18 Start of the Hearing

19 You’re Late, Reid

20 I Didn’t Like His Face, So I Punched Him

21 I Want to Drop Out!

22 Eve of Departure

23 Medicine King Valley

24 Sa Ze, the Genius

25 The Perfect Quality Gene Medicine

26 I Want to Compete with You Again

27 To Encounter a Liked Madman

28 The Ultimate Showdown of Geniuses

29 Suddenly Everyone’s Favorite

30 Only Fools Don’t Do It for the Money

31 Unwritten Rules in the Arena

32 A Fist to Fist Battle

33 A Strong Victory

34 Terrifying Response Capabilities

35 A Sudden and Difficult Trial

36 Interstellar Storm

37 To Hell With Fengyuan

38 Ugly and Violen

39 Travelling Toward the Spacecraft Factory

40 Liliath

41 Can Someone Without a Bounty be Called an Interstellar Pirate?

42 Dangerous Journey

43 An Inevitable Battle

44 Liliath’s Terrifying Ability

45 Spirit Medicine

46 The Grey-faced Buzzard Grade Space Cruiser

47 Gu Ding Is Desperate For Strength

48 The Sudden Influx of Viruses

49 Awakened Ability

50 A 1 Versus 5 Game

51 An Interesting Prey

52 Gu Ding’s Unique Physique

53 Let’s Figh

54 Liliath’s in Danger

55 Gu Ding in the Lead

56 Liliath’s Figh

57 Gu Ding Went Ham

58 Neptune, Did I Win?

59 State of False Death

60 High-Speed Regeneration

61 Next Station, Fengyuan

62 An 8 Million Star Credits Bounty

63 An Easy Apprenticeship Process

64 No Matter How Powerful You May Be, You're Still Only An Individual

65 A New Crisis

66 Gu Ding, Flatten His Head Into An Idiot!

67 An Encounter At The Tavern

68 Who’s The Employer?!

69 I Want To Give Him A Cannon Shell As A Gif

70 Ter Must Die!

71 Made A Big Blunder

72 Gu Ding’s Dark Cuisine

73 First Time On Constlac

74 Continuously Getting Rejected

75 Battle No. 1

76 New Member—Rober

77 Dangerous Enemy

78 Senior's Abrupt Pullback

79 The Army's S-Rank Mission

80 The Mysterious Old Man

81 I Would Never Abandon My Partner!!!

82 The Perfect Player

83 Liberty Alliance

84 Roadblock

85 Blood Sac Pirates

86 Lex’s Purpose

87 The Calm Central Battlefield

88 The Main Battlefield Where The Order Fell Apar

89 Robert’s Plan

90 A Risky Decision

91 Escaping Death

92 The Remaining Superweapon

93 I Didn't Do Anything

94 Cheers to Gu Ding

95 Gu Ding's New Abilities

96 Derisis's Brief Interlude

97 Biggie's Pas

98 Actually, I’m Only Seventeen

99 The Best Ingredients in Honor of My Bestest Friends

100 Bye-Bye, Derisis

101 Backtracking Upon Space-Time

102 Encountering the Magic Race

103 Two Conditions

104 The Irreversibility of History

105 The Mighty Witch Tribe God

106 The Army's Meeting

107 A Bottle of Black Medicine

108 Taboo Energy that Frighten Even the Gods

109 You're My Hostage

110 Arrogant Food

111 A Major Crisis

112 Removing The Hypnosis

113 A 1 Versus 17 Figh

114 The End of Space-time Backtracking

115 The Best Newcomer

116 If You Want to Challenge Me, Then Provide Some Reward!

117 Complete Victory

118 What Are You Trying To Do?

119 The Awakened Rober

120 Meeting Senior Again

121 Gu Ding Versus The Army Senior Colonel

122 Double Rewards

123 Half A Sacred Objec

124 An Ax For Ten Billion Universe Credits

125 Raging In The Storm

126 An Unexpected High Bid

127 The Cursed Blade

128 Newcomers Get Together At The Food Stree

129 An Ominous Divination Resul

130 Preparation For Battle

131 Neptune’s Plan

132 The Aborted Emergency Backup Plan

133 Invitation From The Holy Gospel Tribe

134 Nisoth’s Prophecy

135 Damn It!

136 Walter’s Plans

137 The Arrogant Bar

138 Bart’s Special Ability

139 A Fallen General!?

140 Resurrection

141 Sharp Is Not Dead

142 The Army’s Raid

143 Gu Ding’s Plan For A Night Raid

144 Female Korazan Gorilla

145 Pirate Biggie VS General Sharp

146 Robert Turns The Tables On The Battle Outcome

147 Neptune’s Bad News

148 Destroy Every Interstellar Pirates’ Spaceship!

149 Goodbye, Grey-faced Buzzard…

150 What's Giving The Army Marshal A Headache

151 The War Begins

152 The Chaotic War

153 Crisis Everywhere

154 A Be

155 Gu Ding Vs Emily

156 The Target Of The Dark Sectors

157 Gu Ding The Local Tycoon

158 Biggie Has Awakened

159 You Look Really Weak

160 A Spiritual Healer Who Cures Others

161 The Addition Of A New Member

162 Liliath's Grandfather

163 Liliath's Dream

164 Lilliath's Dream 2

165 Lilliath, Let's Go Home

166 Gu Ding's New Ability

167 Gu Ding's Underrated Crew

168 Elsa's Horrifying Combat Effectiveness

169 The Battle Begins

170 Gu Ding VS Yarrow

171 Hostages Are Used For Making Money

172 Closed Deal

173 Queen Of The Border River

174 Bonita’s Evaluation

175 A Kitten

176 Into the Nature Reserve

177 The Vipers And The Cat Look At Each Other In The Eye

178 The New Member Tagore

179 The Queen's Dinner Party

180 Gu Ding's Crew's Real Strength

181 The Angry Gu Ding

182 The Illegitimate Child Of A Higher-up

183 Faye Cosmic Nation’s Highest Bounty

184 The Amazing Effects Of The Black Crystals

185 Bumping Into The Army’s Hunters

186 The Army’s Plan