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Author: 烽火成林

Latest update: 03-29-2020 12:25

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Yo, Hi! I’m Frank, I made a deal with a demon to pay me some money for receiving a guest for a few days every week.I had no idea about what I have done.On May 1st, Conan ‘the God of Death’ came to my house. I was forced to let him in and we get involved in a criminal case.On May 8th, Bruce Wayne ‘Batman’ came to me. I was forced to follow him to fight crime.On May 16th, Hannibal Lecter, The...

Table of contents - My Inseparable House Guests

Chapter 1: Hello, I am Edogawa Conan!

Chapter 2: Come and Help Me!

Chapter 3: Solidified Blood!

Chapter 4: Full of Doubts!

Chapter 5: Four Years Ago!

Chapter 6: Things Went Wrong

Chapter 7: Finding Evidence

Chapter 8: Interception!

Chapter 9: Provide the Murder Weapon

Chapter 10: The Decryption Time Comes

Chapter 11: Decryption in Progress!

Chapter 12: Abnormal Self-esteem!

Chapter 13: Captain Xin!

Chapter 14: His Watch!

Chapter 15: Screwed Up!

Chapter 16: What! Conan?

Chapter 17: Legal Lolita!

Chapter 18: I’m in shock!

Chapter 19: Pepper Spray!

Chapter 20: Strawberry!

Chapter 21: Let’s go!

Chapter 22: Ranked 3rd Rich Man

Chapter 21: Let’s go!

Chapter 23: Wuling Hongguang s5 Batmobile

Chapter 24: Let’s Follow Him!

Chapter 25: Interrogation Master

Chapter 26: Yuhua Warehouse

Chapter 27: Dealing with luxury cars!

Chapter 28: The Private Bilderberg Club

Chapter 29: India’s Medicine

Chapter 30: It Has Nothing To Do With Me!

Chapter 30: It Has Nothing To Do With Me!

Chapter 31: Food Stalls

Chapter 32: Picking Up Girls!

Chapter 33: Money!

Chapter 34: You Slept!

Chapter 35: Gray!

Chapter 36: Doctor’s Professional Habits

Chapter 37: That’s faith.

Chapter 38: Batman and Iron Man

Chapter 39: Building Construction

Chapter 40: the simplest evaluation

Chapter 41: I am not, I am no

Chapter 42: Forcibly

Chapter 43: Replica

Chapter 44: Bruce is gone

Chapter 45: Language Master

Chapter 46: Infiniti

Chapter 47: Raising Dog Food

Chapter 48: Zipper, Hook

Chapter 49: Sports Car Party

Chapter 50: the Periphery

Chapter 51: pilgrimage

Chapter 52: Naughty Kid

Chapter 53: Car accident scene

Chapter 54: Women Figh

Chapter 55: People in the city can play

Chapter 56: Pig Teammates

Chapter 57: Mixed Food Chain

Chapter 58: GTA V

Chapter 59: Who Are You?

Chapter 60: the nursery king

Chapter 61: Nutrition is in the mind

Chapter 62: My name is Lecter.

Chapter 63: Life lost combination

Chapter 64: Bundle

Chapter 65: Cat and Hannibal

Chapter 66: you are probably

Chapter 67: Thought Collision

Chapter 68: Indirect Suggestion

Chapter 69: wonderful habits

Chapter 70: Suspects are never

Chapter 71: Another case

Chapter 72: Lin Xiaoxin sing

Chapter 73: Violence Can’t Solve All Problems

Chapter 74: 1 small gif

Chapter 75: Breeding fish.

Chapter 76: Upstairs Bad Neighborhood

Chapter 77: Opening the door

Chapter 78: Gambles

Chapter 80; Art of Bundling

Chapter 81; Preparation

Chapter 82: Hannibal’s Little Gif

Chapter 83: Cautiously Entering The Circle

Chapter 84: Close Relative Of The Ca

Chapter 85: White Tiger’s Returns

Chapter 86: Lin Xiaoxin

Chapter 87: Big Liar

Chapter 88: Baoji Mountain

Chapter 89: he doesn’t believe what he asked

Chapter 90: Eating Eggs

Chapter 91: Sleigh 3 Silly

Chapter 92: Raising Dogs

Chapter 94: 3rd Par

Chapter 93: Not for Me.

Chapter 95: Contradiction

Chapter 96: Is Remembered.

Chapter 97: the tongue

Chapter 98: Open your mouth.

Chapter 99: this is inexplicable

Chapter 100 : Voyeur

Chapter 101: is still not a dog.

Chapter 102: Yong Miao

Chapter 103: The Majesty of the King of the Fores

Chapter 104: Love Heart Black Chicken Soup

Chapter 105 : Concentration Camp

Chapter 106 : Online, etc.

Chapter 107: A game that enhances feelings

Chapter 108: Roommates

Chapter 109: Stimulation, Waves

Chapter 110: does not have a false propaganda

Chapter 111 : Sadness and Succession

Chapter 112 : Evil

Chapter 113: kills

Chapter 114: Anecdote Escape

Chapter 115 : Photo

Chapter 116: 0 Knife, and Thunder

Chapter 117: Pro-Aun

Chapter 118: Are you a man? 1411

Chapter 119: Lollita version of Wonder Woman

Chapter 120: Cross-Sex Taboos

Chapter 121: What are you kids doing?

Chapter 122: Liu Shan

Chapter 123: Buying Skin

Chapter 124: Things that can be solved

Chapter 125: is mistaken for me

Chapter 126: bent into 1 circle

Chapter 127: catches traffickers

Chapter 128: Deaf 3

Chapter 129: you have a real skin

Chapter 130: The Field of Mom

Chapter: 131 Shielding Failure.

Chapter: 132 only digging holes, no matter buried

Chapter 133: Italy.

Chapter 134: Caption Group

Chapter 135: Old Driver’s Science Class

Chapter 136: Li Yunlong.

Chapter 137: Cycling Pants

Chapter 138: Addicted to alcohol

Chapter 139: Yibolu watch.

Chapter 140: Woman accident.

Chapter 141: This White Hair

Chapter 142: Old Chief

Chapter 143: Relevant Regulations

Chapter 144: Farewell Party

Chapter 145: Unnamed

Chapter 146: The Old Man’s Way of Making Friends

Chapter 147: female body is a dish food.

Chapter 148: washed and disinfected container

Chapter 149: Little Treasure.

Chapter 150: Military Parade and Movie

Chapter 151: Parting

Chapter 152: Swear Master

Chapter 153: Cousin

Chapter 154: Taobao job

Chapter 155: Six God

Chapter 156: Cute Cat Broken Egg

Chapter 157: Blue-pink Double-ponytail

Chapter 158: I Am A Bad Guy

Chapter 159: Harley Quinn

Chapter 160: Doll machine.

Chapter 161: Your Enemies

Chapter 162: You Know Nothing About Strength 1

Chapter 163: Teacher

Chapter 164: So Cute Ca

Chapter 165: I can’t suck the ca