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Author: Thousand Birch Shedding

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With his engagement at hand, the most terrifying and legendary person of the legal world, Fu Huai'an, returns with a son.Before the engagement…He asks, "Since you love Wen Moshen, why are you in my bed?"She says, "Because I cannot watch idly as Wen Moshen's woman enters an engagement with you."With a cigarette in Fu Huai'an's mouth, he crosses his legs. Across the light cloud of smoke...

Table of contents - Mr Fu, I Really Love You

1 A Love That Couldn’t Be Touched

2 Is It Necessary for You to Plan Such a Huge Trap?

3 Jealousy With a Hidden Motive

4 You Must Let Me See Your Sincerity

5 First Kiss?

6 He Calmly Accepts

7 Give You A Presen

8 Sit Beside Mama!

9 In Haicheng... Everyone Knows

10 Troubled on Both Ends

11 Don't Lose Yourself to Money

12 This Child Is Particularly Close to You

13 A Marriage With Fu Huai'an?

14 So You're Willing to Come Back Now?

15 It's Either Me... or Her!

16 What Right Did She Have to Look Down on Fu Huai'An?

17 You Have an Engagement With the Gu Family

18 It Was That Simple?

19 A Long-Term Strategy

20 What Lin Nuan Said to Fu Huai'an

21 The Speculations

22 Lin Nuan Knew Better Than Anyone

23 Tuan Tuan Was A Quiet Boy

24 Lin Nuan Was Searching

25 Hungry?

26 When Lin Nuan Was About 17 or 18 Years Old

27 Open My Arms For You

28 A Corner Of Her Heart Softening

29 You're Really Getting Married to Lin Nuan?

30 I Heard That She's a Beauty?

31 A Call From the Pet Shop

32 Mother and Child

33 He'll Probably Never Come Back

34 Moshen's Return

35 Who Didn't Want Their Hands on The Information?

36 Like an Eternity Long

37 But You Have No Idea That I Liked You

38 Lin Nuan Doesn't Settle for a Relationship

39 Those Who Know Nothing, Fear Nothing

40 Piece Of Cake

41 We Both Know the Reason

42 The Cat Was Supposed to Be Lin Nuan's Gif

43 Don't All Kids Like It?

44 What Would Fu Huai'an Think?

45 Really Burned My Eyes!

46 Lin Nuan Who Had Just Arrived

47 Not A Slap Instead?

48 No One Owes Anyone Anything!

49 How Did This Happen To You?

50 Do You Know How To Drive?

51 Really Treating Her As An Assistant?

52 Why Make Life Harder for Yourself, Fu Brother?

53 How Could Lin Nuan Ask About the Issue?

54 She'll Be Downstairs in Twenty Minutes

55 Is There Tea in the House?

56 What's the Panic For?

57 A Sudden Confession

58 Fu Huai'an Gave Lin Nuan a Lesson

59 Lin Nuan Felt Both Panic and Fear in Her Hear

60 Why Not Come Out To Get To Know Each Other?

61 Didn't You Have Some Feelings Too

62 What Right Do You Have to Accuse Others of Acting Frivolous?

63 Don't Bet on Your Body

64 I Won't Buy It If You Say There's Nothing Going on in Here

65 How Many More Years Do You Want to Stay Inside?

66 Don't Blame Me for Not Warning You

67 That Sounds Too Intimate

68 Directly Calling On Lin Nuan

69 The Show Would Be Crashed!

70 Isn't It Rather Interesting

71 You Should Be Familiar Acquaintances With Miss Lin

72 Old Fu's Childhood Friend

73 Won't Trouble a Lady

74 A Streak of Vanity Surfaces

75 Which Hospital?

76 Miss and Son-in-Law Are Here

77 Only You Don't Have the Righ

78 Then Do Your Best to Pursue I

79 Do You Want to Be Drenched?

80 If I Said I Was Waiting For You

81 Once More Entering Fu Huai'an's Embrace

82 Who Let You Make It?

83 Do You Want To Try?

84 I Don't Have Suitable Slippers Here

85 A Stab To The Hear

86 What Is This?

87 I'll Accompany You Up

88 We Didn't Meet for a Few Years and We're Distant Now?

89 Why Didn't You Come?

90 Have You Called The Police?

91 Unwilling Compromise for the Greater Good

92 Make Me Broke From Paying Compensation

93 Didn't Get Injured?

94 Why Was He Like That?

95 Caller Was Liang Mulan

96 Leave It for After Dinner

97 Don't Throw a Tantrum Like a Kid

98 A Sudden Conclusion

99 The Temperature Suddenly Rose

100 The Pride in His Bones Forbade Him From Doing So

101 No Different From What Those People Did

102 I Can Also Cooperate

103 Go Back and Think About I

104 Can I Get Drunk Once at Your Place?

105 There Was Just Not Enough Temptation

106 Tuan Tuan Is a Bit Upse

107 The Kid Came to Find Me

108 As If He Was Afraid of Being Abandoned

109 That Pr*ck, Lu Jinbei!

110 Good Boy Tuan Tuan

111 A Love Gone Too Far

112 Ask Her What She Was Hiding From

113 Tell It Was Fu Huai'an at First Glance

114 Pretended to Reply Honestly

115 Am I Right?

116 This Is Our President?

117 Ideal Rich and Beautiful Lady

118 It's Papa!

119 Sit in the Back With Tuan Tuan

120 No Knowing Whether I'm Used to I

121 What Anger?

122 You Won't Be Blamed for Any Issues

123 Ears Turning Unbelievably Red

124 What Girlfriend?

125 You Are Clear About My Feelings for You

126 Only You Will Believe

127 Respectful as Though Facing an Elder

128 Old Fu Is Very Protective of Her

129 I Still Have Shame!

130 This Woman Was Planning To Ditch Old Fu And Escape!

131 Her Heart Beat Quickly

132 Fu Huai'an Would Not Drive in the Opposite Lane

133 Awkwardness in the Air

134 What're You Panicking For?

135 How Many Women Wanted Him?

136 You're Shooing Me Away Right After the Kiss?

137 I'll Pick You up for Dinner

138 Were You Interrupted by Tuan Tuan?

139 You're Still Not Admitting You're Developing Feelings for Fu Huai'an?

140 Looks Like Your New Show Is Going to Get Popular

141 Games

142 Who Do You Think Is More Charismatic?

143 Just Waiting for You

144 It's Good to Have Such a Caring Daughter

145 I Thought it Was Ridiculous

146 This Matter Has to Be Settled Sooner Better Than Later

147 A Little Gigolo Is Trying to Steal Your Woman!

148 Clearly Not the Same Type as Him

149 Let Me Drink Some Water to Calm My Shock!

150 What Does This Old Man Want?

151 Should She Reply the Text?

152 So Hung up over Something

153 Why Didn't You Reply the Text?

154 She Would Not Be Able to Clear Her Name

155 Definitely Look at You in a New Ligh

156 Lin Nuan Waited in Place

157 You're Not Satisfied With Me Cooking?

158 Don't Come Too Close to Me

159 You Came Down Wearing a Skir

160 Delicious

161 Fu Huai'an Wouldn't Believe I

162 Who Are You Kidding?

163 Take It Easy

164 They Both Were Still Single

165 Are You Going to Take My Flowers or Not?

166 Even to the Extent of Falling for Him

167 Blocked All I Had to Say!

168 The First Time I Saw You

169 The First Time He Saw Lin Nuan

170 Your Gun Is Locked

171 Follow Behind Me

172 Please Take Good Care of Him for Us!

173 Tuan Tuan as in Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan!

174 Lin Nuan Couldn't Fall Asleep

175 Unable to Calm Down

176 Give Me the Water

177 Don't Move!

178 Did Your Nose Bleed Again Afterward?

179 I Still Have Stuff to Discuss With You

180 Do You Want to Try It?

181 Seen by My Colleagues

182 Pretending You Don't Know Me Anymore Once You Pull up Your Skirt?

183 For Example, Last Nigh

184 Are You Planning to Find Someone From Your Line of Work?

185 I'm Addicted to You

186 Lin Chen's Schoolmate

187 How Bored Are You

188 Nuan Nuan, We Can Continue

189 Collapsing to the Point Where Not Even a Tile Was Spared

190 I'm Not Going to Be a Third Party

191 Wen Moshen Was Confessing to You on the Show!

192 I Only Believe in Interests

193 Sneak out to Secretly Meet Lin Nuan?

194 Old Fu Will Feed You the Tiles You Need!

195 Whose Temper Was Bad Along With Old Fu's?

196 I'm Afraid That He Will Think So of Me Too

197 Can't Handle Plain Marriage Life

198 Wait Outside for Me for 15 Minutes

199 I'm Staying Tonigh

200 Retire!

201 Tuan Tuan's Teary Eyes Lit Up

202 Fu Huai'an Seldom Called Tuan Tuan by His Full Name

203 But I Am Tuan Tuan's Mother!

204 I Could Bring You With Me

205 He Can't Possibly Force Himself on Me!

206 Why Here?

207 Feeling Guilty Like Never Before

208 What If My Mother Finds Out?

209 Leave Ms. Lin Behind for Me

210 Let Me Help You Take Care of It!

211 Aren't You Going to Dress My Wound?

212 I Will Be There Once I've Changed

213 I Think This Is a Great Idea

214 I Really Love You

215 Do You Mind Having Noodles?

216 Or Are You Doing This on Purpose?

217 The Water Will Boil Over!

218 Eat Something Before You Sleep

219 Mama No Longer Dares To Be Crazy

220 Unchanging Even as Time Passes

221 Why Seek From Afar What Lies Close at Hand?

222 It Was a Fair Transaction

223 The Key Was Fu Huai'an

224 You've Got the Girl Wrapped Around Your Finger, Haven't You?

225 He's a Good-Looker and Can't Be Friends With Those Who Are Ugly

226 Why Don't I Accompany You?

227 This Is Nice!

228 He Had to Clear up the Mess

229 Where Is Fu Huai'an?

230 Nobody in Haicheng Dares to Offend Them

231 Do You Have the Capital?

232 Start a Relationship With Love and Become Family Eventually

233 I Want to Hear the Truth

234 Miss Lin, You're Awake!

235 Did I Know You?

236 Where Did This Thing Come From?

237 He Owes Him a Favor

238 It All Depends on Your Word

239 What Else Did He Say?

240 Did She Tattletale?

241 I Really Miss You

242 Do You Miss Me?

243 It Was Obviously Prepared by Someone Else!

244 The Slippers Are Right There

245 The Other Reason

246 Good Acting

247 Aren't You at the Cloud Condominium?

248 Fu Huai'an Would Be Proud of You!

249 Top Three

250 I Don't Trust the Rumors, I Only Trust You

251 This Post Has Been Deleted

252 My Brother Likes Lin Nuan

253 Chu Xun Felt Lin Nuan Was Manipulative

254 How Could You Bear to Be Alive?

255 Are You Going to Let Wen Moshen Feel Guilty?

256 I'm Happy You Miss Me

257 I'll Go Myself!

258 I Bought Two Along the Way

259 What's the Panic For?

260 What Do You Want to Know About Me?

261 Why Are You Getting Upse

262 I Know!

263 Afraid to Trouble Him

264 Are You in Love?

265 Are You Intending to Become Stepmother to His Son?

266 It Tasted Bitter

267 Best Actor, I Want to Have Your Baby!

268 The Husband That Sings the Wife's Tune

269 Why Don't You Move to the Condominium

270 Why Not Choose a Proper Date

271 On Earth!

272 Speaking Recklessly

273 Do you like Lin Nuan?

274 She Is Your Lucky Star!

275 She's a Handful!

276 I am a wicked person in your world

277 Who Should I Resent?

278 Was It Fu Huai'an?

279 Are You Hurt?

280 Papa Was a Bad Guy!

281 How Shameless Are You?

282 What Was All My Waiting For?

283 Temporary Satisfaction

284 How About Saturday?

285 It's Really Nothing

286 Nowhere to Be Found!

287 Who Could Beat Brother Fu at His Own Game?

288 What Are You Looking At?

289 Why Is He Here?

290 Where Is Nuan Nuan?

291 Wen Moshen... You're Already Married!

292 Crushing Him Mentally Rather Than Punishing Him Physically

293 I Have a Son!

294 Won Over the Beauty

295 Too Perfect a Match

296 What's Up? Mrs. Fu.

297 She Has a Home

298 When Will You Make the First Move?

299 You Gave Me a Shock!

300 This Is Her Underhanded Tactic

301 Please Give Me Your Guidance and Advice in the Future

302 Shall We Go to the Room

303 Let's Go to the Room!

304 Is This Kid Testing Me?

305 How Could He Fall Asleep Like That?

306 It Drove Lin Nuan Crazy!

307 Good Morning, Mrs. Fu!

308 Always Be Together!

309 A Visit to Chu Xun's Office

310 A Dead Woman Resides in His Hear

311 To Be in Such Pain?

312 A New Lease on Life?

313 She Was Ashamed!

314 To Provide Love and Care for Tuan Tuan!

315 Nobody Cares Except Your Fu Huai'an

316 Listen to Your Hear

317 That Afternoon I Confessed to You

318 I Can Try to Cooperate!

319 Thank You, Lin Nuan!

320 That's I

321 I Can Do I

322 Know Everything

323 Happy to Listen to Him

324 He's Adorable!

325 You're Already Ugly, yet You Still Keep Injuring Your Face!

326 His Son?

327 You Shouldn't Want Another Child Yet, Right?

328 Why Did You Bring This Over!

329 Why Don't You Have the Slightest Sense of Being In Charge of the Household?

330 Which Part of Me Isn't Yours?

331 A Tranquil Time

332 Chu Xun Smiled at Fu Huai'an

333 Some Kind of Unspoken Understanding

334 Bring Her Relationship With Fu Huai'an Up on to the Table

335 So Cold That Chu Xun's Heart Hur

336 I Feel Wronged!

337 How in the World Could Someone Be So Unabashed?

338 Will You Love Me Like You Loved Wen Moshen?

339 Tuan Tuan Was Deeply Troubled

340 I Am Just a Secretary

341 Her Father Is Here

342 They Intended to Fight!

343 Lu Jinnan Was in Love With Fu Huai'an?

344 Amazing Gossip

345 The Feeling of Like Knows Like

346 Terrible Headache

347 Don’t Be Reckless!

348 I'm on Your Mind

349 Lin Nuan's Intentions Regarding Fu Huai'an

350 What's Your Problem?

351 He Really Got It Right!

352 Mrs. Fu... Lin Nuan!

353 Sis-in-Law! You've Been to Iraq Before?

354 Start on a Long, Dangerous Journey to Find Their Loved Ones

355 Been Tainted Worldly-Wise

356 It Was Lin Nuan Who Saved Tuan Tuan

357 Even My Life Is Hers

358 I Can't Bear to See Her Upse

359 She Was Not a Remarkable Person!

360 Nuan Nuan, I Love You!

361 Lin Nuan, Are You Even Deserving of This?

362 Truly Detrimental

363 What Are You Doing?

364 Say It Again!

365 Who Wouldn't Like It?

366 Can I Get My Lin Nuan Back?

367 I Can Give Up My Life!

368 That Slut, Gu Hanyan, Deserves to Die!

369 Why Are You Following Me?

370 Lin Nuan Trusted That He Wouldn't Go Back on His Word

371 She Thought She Had a Good Grasp of What Was Important to Him

372 There's Nothing Slutty About That!

373 There's Blood on My Hands Anyway

374 I Wanted to Make Amends!

375 Don't Look So Pleased With Yourself!

376 You Need to Change Your Perception!

377 This Is Fu Huai'an's Wallet, Right?

378 What Did Lin Nuan Have to Do

379 Completely Unaware of Fu Huai'an's Entry

380 Learn From Her!

381 Decided to Visit Lin Nuan

382 She Deduced Lin Nuan Received a Noble Education

383 Do You Still Want It?

384 Can We Get Married

385 Don't Beat Up Boys in Kindergarten From Now On!

386 You Have to Come Back Today

387 She Saw Lu Jinnan Seated on the Couch

388 It Was Clearly a Face So Beautiful It Brought Disaster

389 Now You Have a Chance to Be With Him

390 Stay Away From Lin Nuan

391 We Can Buy It Anywhere!

392 Mrs. Fu Is Right!

393 You Shouldn't Be Like This

394 How Could She Bear to Just Let Go?

395 Where Did the Courage From That Night Disappear To?

396 I Don't Want to Listen!

397 Huai'an, I love you

398 She Got His Hin

399 You Take Such Good Care of Her

400 It's Okay, I Only Have Eyes for You!

401 Is This How You Should Treat a Pregnant Lady?

402 You Need to Learn How to Act Coquettish!

403 He Gradually Came to Accept It!

404 The Kindergarten Gang Leader, Little Candy

405 Where Was Mama?

406 Drinking Makes One Brave

407 Fu Huai'an and His Art of Talking

408 Better to Know the Limits

409 Osmanthus Dock

410 Fu Huai'an's Skills Weren't Bad

411 How Could That Be?

412 Meeting the Girl Who You Love and Loves You Back

413 I’ll Never Meet Someone Who Loves Me More Than You Do in My Life!

414 Made You Blush So Much?

415 Secretly Tell Mama You Want a Brother!

416 Mrs. Fu Was Doomed for Eternity!

417 I’ll Give You Everything You Want!

418 Satisfy Tuan Tuan’s Wish for a Younger Brother!

419 Dare Not Guarantee He Wouldn’t Blab It to Tang Zheng and the Gang

420 He’s Not Planning to Marry You in Secret, Is He?

421 I Hope Miss Lin Can Understand

422 You’re Saying the Most Hurtful Words

423 Not Even a Business

424 Lin Nuan Opened the Bottle

425 Lin Ran Has Left the Lin Home

426 Why Be Hard on Yourself and Everyone?

427 She Gazed at Fu Huai’an’s Back View

428 This Is the Last Time

429 What Trouble Am I Afraid of Getting Into?

430 Have Your Parents Never Taught You to Respect the Dead?

431 Am I Mere Decoration to You?

432 Drilling Into the Depths of Fu Huai'an's Hear

433 What Is Crayon Shinchan?

434 What Can I Learn From Her?

435 A Smile With a Hidden Motive

436 Too Troubling!

437 All Sorts of Emotions Welling Up in Her Hear

438 Fill You Up With Warmth!

439 Bending Over In Tears

440 She Could Disregard Her Life for Fu Huai’an!

441 My Apologies

442 That Clueless Uncle!

443 Not Even Realizing That Fu Huai’an Had Entered the Kitchen

444 Why Is Fu Huai’an So Energetic?

445 That's Right, I'm Jealous!

446 Ran Into You Nainai!

447 I Lost My Hear

448 I Get Scared Too

449 Would She Mind Something Like This?

450 It’s in a Woman’s Nature to Act Coquettish

451 I'm Her Sister!

452 Call the Cops!

453 I Am Your Husband

454 Let's Have a Good Cha

455 Lin Nuan's Achilles Heels

456 Are You Going to Help Me Like the Previous Time?

457 Loved Him With His Life

458 He Came Clean With Everything

459 Tell Us About It!

460 Hitting It Off Instantly

461 What Could Be More Important Than Staying Alive?

462 Some Friends Enter Your Hear

463 In a Rush to Coax Your Mr. Fu?

464 Like I Can’t Afford to Raise You?

465 Be More Proper

466 Isn’t She Kidding Around?

467 What Could Be Better Than This

468 Are You Wearing It?

469 Extraordinarily Reliant on Him

470 What Nonsense Are You Spewing?

471 Doted on Him for Nothing!

472 Feeling Bad for Himself

473 Can You Bring Me Along?

474 Do You Think I’m Afraid?

475 Ridiculously Laughable

476 The Book Is Not As Good-Looking as Me

477 Not Resort to Using a Kid As Cannon Fodder!

478 What's Wrong With Your Face?

479 Committing a Crime During the Height of a Crackdown?

480 Sheltering Him From the Storm

481 This Was a Crisis, and Also an Opportunity!

482 My Mrs. Fu

483 You Must Make a Good Showing!

484 A Gamecock That Had Just Won a Figh

485 Lin Nuan's Husband

486 Although He Was Somewhat Prepared for This Handful of Dog Food

487 Fu Huai’an Is My Husband!

488 Truly Detailed

489 For Fu Huai'an and Tuan Tuan!

490 This Is Called Flying Into a Rage Out of Humiliation!

491 Whatever You Want to Play, I’ll Play It With You!

492 Hardened Her Heart and Didn't Reply to Them

493 You Were Obviously the One Who Kissed Me Firs

494 Fu Huai'an, You're So Annoying!

495 Seemed to Have Dissipated in an Instan

496 But I No Longer Have a Home

497 Committing Mistakes Repeatedly

498 Having a Face Cramp?

499 A Lifetime of Regre

500 Guess Who the Paratrooper Is?

501 Mister, Are You in Need of a Girlfriend?

502 Held Up From Being a Mega Celebrity by His President Position

503 What Are You Laughing At?

504 Don't Wish for Her to Suffer Any More Grievances

505 You're Here

506 Fu Huai'an Had Already Arrived

507 Wouldn’t Let Them Live a Day in Peace!

508 Not Looking at All Guilty

509 You Can Try and See What Happens!

510 Chu Xun Was Also There!

511 Save Chu Xun From the Embarrassmen

512 Fu Huai'an Was Backing Lin Nuan Up!

513 Throwing a Tantrum?

514 Why Should She Be Calculative Over This?

515 No One Treats Me Better Than He Does

516 Successfully Pleased Fu Huai'an

517 Take Her Away From Cen Mo

518 Their Final Route of Retreat in This World

519 Does It Feel Good to Be Slapped in the Face?

520 Mrs. Fu Is So Smart!

521 Lin Nuan Got Cold Fee

522 Do You Want to Eat?

523 Fu Huai'an, Aren't You Annoying!

524 Why Did They Come to the Guest Room?

525 Don’t Let Yourself Get Hur

526 As If Fu Huai'an's Lingering Influence Was Still Presen

527 Is Old Master Fu Trying to Send Away a Beggar?

528 How Do You Think We Should Settle This?

529 Tuan Tuan and I Will Accompany You

530 Bring Over Papa's Present for Mama!

531 Just Have Another Child!

532 It Can Only Be a Boy

533 I Wish to Have a Chat With Tianci

534 I Have Never Cared So Much for a Person Before!

535 How High a Standard Do You Expect?

536 Where Do I Go to Heat Up the Milk for Your Wife!

537 Lin Nuan Was Unhappy About the Fact That She Called You

538 All Sorts of Emotions in Her Hear

539 You Have to Make Fu Huai’an Responsible for the Rest of Your Life!

540 Perspectives and Values Crumbled

541 So You Aren't Mute!

542 Redress

543 For You As the Wife to Talk to Him

544 Go On and Tell Me What My Granddaughter Is!

545 How Astonishing!

546 Lin Nuan Admitted Her Loss!

547 It’s All for Getting the Kaide Corporation!

548 She Can’t Be the Only One Enjoying All the Good Things on Earth!

549 Fu Huai'an, Can You Be More Serious?

550 There's Nothing That We Can't Speak About in Front of Lin Nuan

551 Don’t Do Business by Pushing Your Customers

552 Lin Nuan Felt Especially at Ease

553 Weren't You Very Brave?!

554 So Long That the Return Date Was Undecided

555 Have You Gotten in Touch With Huai’an?

556 Survived a Calamity

557 The Fear That Was So Great That It Brought Despair

558 Should We Call the Police?

559 I Love You... I Really Really Love You!

560 If There Is a Next Life

561 Mama! Want Younger Sister!

562 Right Now He Would Already Be a Dead Man

563 I’m Not Done Preparing Your Proposal Gif

564 Lin Nuan Was Indeed Popular Now

565 Wife Protecting Demon!

566 In Any Case, I Will Definitely Not Turn Around to Graze on an Old Pasture

567 His Skin Was So Pale He Looked Sickly

568 Let’s Have a Child

569 You Really Fell for It!

570 Fresh and Tender Young Ladies Are Constantly Appearing

571 Had Some Dirty Means at Their Disposal!

572 Plan to Set Up An Agency for Her

573 It’s Really Different to Have a Rich Husband!

574 Using Astonishing Beauty to Describe Lin Nuan

575 How Was He Supposed to Meet People in This State?

576 Extremely Naive and Innocen

577 I’m Young, So Can You Give In to Me?

578 Lin Nuan’s Words Were Spot On

579 Then Stay Hungry and Eat Nothing!

580 Do You Feel That I'm Gloating?

581 Bed Him!

582 It’s Enough That I Give My Passion to One Person—Mrs. Fu!

583 Wasn’t He Too Good at Saying Romantic Words?

584 My Nuan Is Still Too Innocen

585 My Wife Gets Jealous Easily

586 Huai’an’s Charm Is Grea

587 How Is She Different From a Retard?

588 One Can’t Be Too Good-Tempered!

589 Are You Shameless or What?

590 Your Taste Is the Best When It Comes to Picking a Husband!

591 Lin Nuan Again!

592 His Expression Was Deep and Unfathomable

593 But This Woman Was Already Someone Else’s Wife

594 Except Fu Huai'an's Safety

595 Are You on Familiar Terms With Her?

596 Indeed Your Style!

597 Did He Look So Scary?

598 Lin Nuan Was Already a Little Tipsy

599 Forced Herself Into a Dead End

600 Why Are You So Likable?

601 Insomnia Again?

602 Solely on the Receiving End of the Punches...

603 Fu Huai'an You're So Annoying!

604 Standing There With Her Ears Reddened

605 They Knew Each Other Well!

606 I'll Give Chase Firs

607 Where Fu Huai'an Was Concerned

608 Let President Chu Never Be at Peace in This Lifetime!

609 Lin Nuan Who Had Her Head Rested on His Laps

610 Whose Lackeys Are These

611 This Wasn't Fu Huai'an!

612 Void of Temperature

613 Let Me Do It Myself

614 Her Mind Was Very Clear!

615 Only Made Her Feel a Chill in Her Back

616 Lin Nuan Only Wanted to Keep a Respectful Distance

617 If You Want to Leave With Him, I Will Absolutely Not Stop You!

618 Is It Still Going to Take Very Long?

619 I'll Definitely Give It My All!

620 I'll Wait for You Here!

621 Not Wanting to Wait a Moment Longer

622 Had to Be Powerful

623 I Don't Have Any Special Gifts

624 Lin Nuan Was Even More Afraid!

625 You Really Had a Place in Fu Huai’an’s Heart!

626 How Frightened Would They Be

627 She Really Wanted to Beat Him Up!

628 Kaide Corporation's Woman!

629 No One Had Ever Tried to Pull Tricks Behind His Back

630 Led Many to Speculate

631 What Delicacy Does Mr. Fu Have to Offer?

632 I Feel Attached to a Familiar Man!

633 So Passionate It Made One Feel Delighted

634 Congratulations

635 He'll Never Lower Himself To Others

636 Personally Made for Mr. and Mrs. Fu

637 Great Eye!

638 What Was More Important Than His Life Was Lin Nuan

639 Yet to Walk Out From the Delicate Woman Definition

640 Was This Really Common Sense?

641 That’s Why I Can’t Do Without You!

642 Why Is Your Husband Here Too?

643 Then Stay Far Away From Her!

644 So She Liked This!

645 That’s Why I’m Living More Blissfully Than You!

646 The World's Happiest Mrs. Fu

647 Making It Seem As if Other People Didn’t Have Some Kind of Background

648 Worried That Li Muyang That Lunatic Would Act Recklessly!

649 She Was Afraid That the Person Who Comes Up the Stage Would Be Li Muyang

650 She Already Viewed Fu Huai’an As Being More Important Than Herself

651 How Could One Not Be Agitated?

652 Let Me Do It Myself

653 Go Home

654 How Fu Huai’an Had Managed by Himself

655 Tuan Tuan Seemed to Be Getting Better at Acting Cute!