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Author: Half-Drunk Wanderer

Latest update: 09-26-2019 19:43

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Description The youngest Wiseman of the continent, Chu Tian, has traveled 30,000 years back in time to the age of antiquity due to an accident. This is a prosperous era. Rare herbs, minerals, treasure relics and monsters can be easily found throughout the land. However, this is also an undeveloped era. Communications, traffic, martial arts and technology are in its early stage of development. Prosperous cities lack lighting while its citizens are uneducated. Magic powered light bulbs, magic powered telephones, magic powered cannons, magic powered computers, artificial intelligence, psyche internet. 30,000 years worth of knowledge allows him to create miracles and shine brightly in this era. Allowing him to conquer the land and sit firmly on the throne of the 10 realms. Kỳ Tích Vương Tọa 奇迹王座

Table of contents - Miracle Throne

Chapter 1: Mysterious Boy

Chapter 2: Meng Qing Wu

Chapter 3: Expelled

Chapter 4: Master Shocked

Chapter 5: Master Shocked

Chapter 6: The Grand Moneymaking Scheme

Chapter 7: The Violent Chu Tian

Chapter 8: You Don’t Have Long to Live

Chapter 9: The Mayor’s Miscalculation

Chapter 10: Super Drug Refinement Array

Chapter 11: A Gamble

Chapter 12: A Big Slap to the Face

Chapter 13: Self-Humiliation

Chapter 14: The Ashamed and Enraged Da Xiao Jie

Chapter 15: Too Late For Regret

Chapter 16: Vicious Scheme

Chapter 17: Turning the Tide

Chapter 18: Finding the Real Culprit

Chapter 19: Counter Attack

Chapter 20: Eradicating the Han Family

Chapter 21: The Birth of Miracle Commerce

Chapter 22: Help Me Kick His Ass

Chapter 23: Encountering Dangers

Chapter 24: You’re Already Dead

Chapter 25: Nine Deaths, One Life

Chapter 26: Spring of Life

Chapter 27: Family Meeting

Chapter 28: Big Cousin Brawl

Chapter 29: Crisis Contract

Chapter 30: Before the Summit Meeting

Chapter 31: Tian Nan Summit Meeting

Chapter 32: Disabling Your Two Hands

Chapter 33: The Three Talents

Chapter 34: Diamond Vein Slashing Finger

Chapter 35: Madman Chu Tian

Chapter 36: One Versus Three!

Chapter 37: Emergence of Miracle Commerce

Chapter 38: Product Release

Chapter 39: End of the Summit Meeting

Chapter 40: Chu Tian’s Dream

Chapter 41: The Crystal Treasure

Chapter 42: Luring the Mayor

Chapter 43: The Mayor’s Shock

Chapter 44: Magic Battery

Chapter 45 : Meteorite Grass

Chapter 46 : Arrogant Domineering

Chapter 47: Central State Chu Family

Chapter 48: Source Energy Hot Pot City

Chapter 49: Popular Business

Chapter 50: Starlight Immortal Body

Chapter 51: Curing the Chronic Injury

Chapter 52: Openly Conspiring to Steal

Chapter 53: Came looking for trouble

Chapter 54: Interrogation

Chapter 55: Competition of poisons

Chapter 56: Symbol arrangement techniques

Chapter 57: Heavenly Thunder is billowing

Chapter 58: Competing in martial arts

Chapter 59: Standing still to let you chop

Chapter 60: A large harvest

Chapter 61: Lying low until the dust settles

Chapter 62: Hunting and killing Yin Corpses

Chapter 63: Hundred Year Old Corpse

Chapter 64: Escaping from danger

Chapter 65: Black market

Chapter 66: Birth of a Source Spirit

Chapter 67: Birth of dual source spirits

Chapter 68: Ten thousand corpses ancient tomb

Chapter 69: Abyss of Death

Chapter 70: Successfully obtaining the treasure

Chapter 71: Wraith Palace

Chapter 72: Nether Spirit Palace

Chapter 73: Spirit King

Chapter 74: Netherworld Sword

Chapter 75: Soul Controlling Bell

Chapter 76: Stuck in a dilemma

Chapter 77: Black Jade Coffin

Chapter 78: Chaotic fight in the Corpse King Palace

Chapter 79: Fox faced Corpse King

Chapter 80: Mysterious little fox

Chapter 81: Returning to the Black Market

Chapter 82: Leaving

Chapter 83: Reaching the limits of one’s patience

Chapter 84: Tearing one’s face to pieces

Chapter 85: Cutting to kill

Chapter 86: Chu Tian’s anger

Chapter 87: My clan will prosper not die

Chapter 88: Who is Lu Ren?

Chapter 89: Guest Official

Chapter 90: The Central State vanguard

Chapter 91: Heavenly Book Source Spirit

Chapter 92: Acquiring the basin

Chapter 93: Negotiations

Chapter 94: Comparing notes in martial arts

Chapter 95: Forcing to buy and sell

Chapter 96: The value of the hidden sound stones

Chapter 97: The anger of the Heavenly Wolf Young Master

Chapter 98: Super speaker

Chapter 99: Mirror Source Spirit

Chapter 100: Conflict breaking out

Chapter 101: The phoenix family

Chapter 102: Eighteen trapped dragon array

Chapter 103: Annoy the King of Hell, do not annoy Chu Tian

Chapter 104: Forcing one’s soul awake

Chapter 105: Ten thousand cavalry pressuring the city

Chapter 106: Comparing to see who’s more ruthless!

Chapter 107: Stealing the goods

Chapter 108: Black Wind camp bandits

Chapter 109: Trap

Chapter 110: Heavenly Demon Art

Chapter 111: Demon’s lair

Chapter 112: Heavenly Demon Cult

Chapter 113: Fusing with the Netherworld Flame

Chapter 114: Harvest

Chapter 115: Being questioned

Chapter 116: Flickering Netherworld Flames

Chapter 117: Successful return

Chapter 118: Electromagnetic broadcast tower

Chapter 119: Radio

Chapter 120: Lighting up South Sky City

Chapter 121: Ten thousand houses lighting up

Chapter 122: Advancing into Central State

Chapter 123: Heavenly Sword Young Master

Chapter 124: Causing a stir in Central State

Chapter 125: Wanting to become stronger

Chapter 126: Mechanical Insect

Chapter 127: Enemies often meet on a narrow path

Chapter 128: Magnetic sound tower plan

Chapter 129: Challenging the Yun Sect

Chapter 130: A shocking talent

Chapter 131: Letting them lose together

Chapter 132: Causing trouble at the Yun Sect

Chapter 133: Yun Family’s young master

Chapter 134: Bringing you to pretend

Chapter 135: The devil’s special training

Chapter 136: Enhancing one’s strength

Chapter 137: Storms arising in the academy

Chapter 138: Wild challenging demon

Chapter 139: Flood smashing the dragon king’s palace

Chapter 140: Chu Tian’s new business

Chapter 141: The advent of the phonograph

Chapter 142: The most broken class in history

Chapter 143: Qilin Hall

Chapter 144: Popular

Chapter 145: Large trouble

Chapter 146: Chen Bingyu coming for a lecture

Chapter 147: Killing with a borrowed knife

Chapter 148: Snowflake source spirit

Chapter 149: Participation

Chapter 150: Selection round

Chapter 151: Breakthrough

Chapter 152: The first fight

Chapter 153: Luo Jinshi and Ye Hen

Chapter 154: Blue Luan versus the Fire Phoenix

Chapter 155: Ranking tournament

Chapter 156: Who is crazier?

Chapter 157: A shocking fight

Chapter 158: The Chu Family’s bastard!

Chapter 159: Critical moment!

Chapter 160: Conclusion

Chapter 161: The abduction plan

Chapter 162: Two young misses coming by cart

Chapter 163: Yingying’s brand of delicious canned food

Chapter 164: The canned food raid

Chapter 165: Eternally lost problem

Chapter 166: Beginning of the trial

Chapter 167: Knowledge is power!

Chapter 168: Giant’s labyrinth

Chapter 169: Dangerous trial space

Chapter 170: The giant’s hard work

Chapter 171: Escaping in a secret passage

Chapter 172: Hidden map

Chapter 173: The life stealing bridge

Chapter 174: Honeycomb

Chapter 175: Mind Energy

Chapter 176: Mind’s Lamp

Chapter 177: Secret puppet room

Chapter 178: Craftsmen palace

Chapter 179: Raging Flame Craftsman God

Chapter 180: Treasure room

Chapter 181: Mirror and demon

Chapter 182: The fisherman’s benefit

Chapter 183: The hidden door

Chapter 184: Decisive battle with Chu Xinghe

Chapter 185: Full force fight

Chapter 186: Some families are happy and some are worried

Chapter 187: Miracle!

Chapter 188: Ancient God’s remains

Chapter 189: The tenth eye

Chapter 190: Exchanging for rewards

Chapter 191: Sending out a challenge

Chapter 192: Setting a time to fight

Chapter 193: Preparations

Chapter 194: Live broadcast

Chapter 195: A fierce confrontation

Chapter 196: Going from weak to strong

Chapter 197: The winner is the king!

Chapter 198: Being attacked once again

Chapter 199: Divine Blood Yin Corpse

Chapter 200: Chu Tian secret research facility

Chapter 201: Press conference

Chapter 202: Blood drinking sword

Chapter 203: Using money to buy strength

Chapter 204: New Yun Sect

Chapter 205: Emergency mission

Chapter 206: Abyss Demon

Chapter 207: The cursed lake

Chapter 208: Mysterious pirates

Chapter 209: Giant Shark Gang

Chapter 210: Deep in the enemy’s nest

Chapter 211: Boss Yu

Chapter 212: Father has money

Chapter 213: Thunder State

Chapter 214: Instantly killed with a fist

Chapter 215: Fighting Wu Yang

Chapter 216: Abyss Demon Soldiers

Chapter 217: Demon Flame Soldier

Chapter 218: The city of death

Chapter 219: Unbeatable

Chapter 220: Luring the enemy

Chapter 221: Killing the demon with an array

Chapter 222: Swallowing the Abyss Flame!

Chapter 223: Demon lackey

Chapter 224: Duel

Chapter 225: The saviour of Thunder State

Chapter 226: Becoming famous once again

Chapter 227: Returning to Central State

Chapter 228: Accepting the duel (extra)

Chapter 229: A storm approaches

Chapter 230: The final fight

Chapter 231: Sword and flame

Chapter 232: Golden Flood Dragon versus Flame Demon

Chapter 233: Chaos in Central State

Chapter 234: Still in chaos

Chapter 235: Confiscate their possessions! Confiscate their possessions!

Chapter 236: Full force expansion

Chapter 237: Giving help to the Heaven’s Alliance

Chapter 238: Royal proclamation being sent

Chapter 239: The appearance of the Source Energy Weapons!

Chapter 240: Rewriting the history of inventions

Chapter 241: Miracle Airship

Chapter 242: Returning to South Sky City

Chapter 243: Qing State

Chapter 244: Beast crisis

Chapter 245: One can’t touch an old tiger’s butt

Chapter 246: Qing State’s difficult situation

Chapter 247: Mister Qiu

Chapter 248: True expert!

Chapter 249: Vaccine

Chapter 250: Gold coin invasion

Chapter 251: Four directional lightning array

Chapter 252: A large success

Chapter 253: Imperial City

Chapter 254: Convincing the Calm Martial Ruler

Chapter 255: The Calm Martial Ruler’s excitement

Chapter 256: The great scholar’s rage

Chapter 257: Great scholar entering the city

Chapter 258: Press conference

Chapter 259: Use of the Hidden Image Stone

Chapter 260: Photograph technology

Chapter 261: Trap

Chapter 262: This old man hurting me!

Chapter 263: Southern State’s army!

Chapter 264: The invading army reaches the city

Chapter 265: City assault battle!

Chapter 266: The reinforcements that fell from the sky

Chapter 267: Capturing the Southern State army

Chapter 268: The Calm Martial Ruler arrives

Chapter 269: A large misunderstanding

Chapter 270: Submachine gun

Chapter 271: Coming to an end

Chapter 272: Imperial City vanguard

Chapter 273: Leaving Central State

Chapter 274: Leaving

Chapter 275: Remnants

Chapter 276: Ambush

Chapter 277: Scarlet blood headquarters

Chapter 278: Various experts

Chapter 279: Scarlet blood leader

Chapter 280: Scarlet Swamp

Chapter 281: Sitting on the mountain watching tigers fight

Chapter 282: Three way melee

Chapter 283: Scarlet blood temple

Chapter 284: Plundering at will

Chapter 285: Scarlet blood head venerate

Chapter 286: Cleaning up the mess

Chapter 287: Dying together

Chapter 288: Arriving in Imperial City

Chapter 289: Consequences of being arrogant

Chapter 290: Yingying was angry

Chapter 291: Royal court heated debate

Chapter 292: Chu Tian and the Mad Dog Party

Chapter 293: Movies

Chapter 294: Production complete

Chapter 295: Begin broadcasting

Chapter 296: Complete success

Chapter 297: Prince

Chapter 298: Flame Demon Transformation!

Chapter 299: Severely wounded prince

Chapter 300: Series

Chapter 301: Additional income

Chapter 302: Elven guest

Chapter 303: Northern attack plan

Chapter 304: Participating in the royal banquet

Chapter 305: Family’s internal battle

Chapter 306: Rising From the Ashes

Chapter 307: Battle Dragon Army

Chapter 308: Heroic Martial Marquis

Chapter 309: A bet

Chapter 310: Divine Blood Yin Corpses’ strength

Chapter 311: Ruthlessly trampled

Chapter 312: Urgent military development

Chapter 313: Going to battle

Chapter 314: Transcounty communication

Chapter 315: First battle’s victory report

Chapter 316: Frontline fortress

Chapter 317: The worries of an old soldier

Chapter 318: Sudden situation

Chapter 319: The War Hounds attack

Chapter 320: Crisis

Chapter 321: Danger approaching

Chapter 322: Putting down rebels

Chapter 323: Fang King

Chapter 324: Completely being fooled by the enemy

Chapter 325: Chased down

Chapter 326: Giving up one’s life to save another

Chapter 327: The complex young miss

Chapter 328: Malim charging in

Chapter 329: Endless Purgatory

Chapter 330: Going all out

Chapter 331: Large crisis

Chapter 332: Large army sieging the city

Chapter 333: Great war begins

Chapter 334: Imperial City siege

Chapter 335: Falling again

Chapter 336: Flames of war raging across the land

Chapter 337: Starting to prepare for battle

Chapter 338: New king succeeds the throne

Chapter 339: Little princess Vivian

Chapter 340: Another worshipper

Chapter 341: Important decision

Chapter 342: Giving medicine

Chapter 343: Trading cultivation technique for medicine

Chapter 344: New world

Chapter 345: Officially joining

Chapter 346: The Fang King’s premonition

Chapter 347: Space Warehouse

Chapter 348: Decisive battle starts

Chapter 349: Chu Tian heads off to battle

Chapter 350: Indiscriminate bombing

Chapter 351: Demon of war

Chapter 352: Completely crushed

Chapter 353: Central State’s siege battle

Chapter 354: Vivian makes her move

Chapter 355: Void Escaping

Chapter 356: Testing the Space Warehouse

Chapter 357: Unexpected calamity of the barbarians

Chapter 358: Subduing the barbarians

Chapter 359: Barbarians’ autonomous region

Chapter 360: Berserker

Chapter 361: Forerunners

Chapter 362: Forest of Chaos

Chapter 363: Little town

Chapter 364: Hotel

Chapter 365: Spider count

Chapter 366: Oldman mines

Chapter 367: Spider people

Chapter 368: Assassination

Chapter 369: Oldman Small Town

Chapter 370: Communication airship

Chapter 371: Preparing to battle

Chapter 372: Crushed

Chapter 373: Mayor Chu Tian

Chapter 374: Forest Alliance

Chapter 375: Alliance prototype

Chapter 376: Initial results

Chapter 377: Elves coming to take people

Chapter 378: Tree of Life Tribe

Chapter 379: Flower Fairies

Chapter 380: Forest court

Chapter 381: Argument

Chapter 382: Protector of the forest

Chapter 383: Lost Woods

Chapter 384: Fairy Wine

Chapter 385: Spiritual technology

Chapter 386: Alliance with the Flower Fairies

Chapter 387: Demanding compensation

Chapter 388: Safely returning

Chapter 389: Great results

Chapter 390: Encountering trouble

Chapter 391: Marauders

Chapter 392: Technological combat

Chapter 393: Forest conference

Chapter 394: Clone Slash

Chapter 395: Heaven’s Punishment

Chapter 396: Eternal Forest

Chapter 397: The Elven King’s gift

Chapter 398: Accept

Chapter 399: Going to Green City

Chapter 400: Monkey

Chapter 401: Demonic God’s arrival

Chapter 402: Religion

Chapter 403: Minotaurs

Chapter 404: Trade

Chapter 405: Condition

Chapter 406: Bought

Chapter 407: Union

Chapter 408: Green City

Chapter 409: Set goal

Chapter 410: Shaman witchcraft

Chapter 411: Lobbying

Chapter 412: Green Protector

Chapter 413: Druids

Chapter 414: Poisoned

Chapter 415: Battle begins

Chapter 416: Surrounding the Shaman temple

Chapter 417: Shaman’s internal war

Chapter 418: Acting City Lord

Chapter 419: City Lord’s troubles

Chapter 420: Research base

Chapter 421: Underground world

Chapter 422: Starlight Mine

Chapter 423: Eye of the Star

Chapter 424: Necromancers

Chapter 425: Slash to kill

Chapter 426: Abomination

Chapter 427: Self destruct

Chapter 428: Death ruins

Chapter 429: Beginning the attack

Chapter 430: Fierce battle

Chapter 431: Divine Servant

Chapter 432: The Druid’s support

Chapter 433: Bone Dragon

Chapter 434: Seizing the altar

Chapter 435: Miracle City

Chapter 436: Transport Tower

Chapter 437: Large conscription

Chapter 438: Virtual arena

Chapter 439: Trial Field

Chapter 440: The second stage

Chapter 441: Searching for star ore again

Chapter 442: Hunting Star Elementals

Chapter 443: Star Marrow Pill

Chapter 444: Falling into a trap

Chapter 445: Subduing the Druids

Chapter 446: Miracle Banking!

Chapter 447: Steady earning, no losses

Chapter 448: Forest Production Park

Chapter 449: Artificial intelligence

Chapter 450: The world is a small place

Chapter 451: Super intelligence

Chapter 452: Casually destroying

Chapter 453: Forest guests

Chapter 454: Rocket missile

Chapter 455: Taking back land

Chapter 456: Damage control

Chapter 457: Let’s get married

Chapter 458: Divine swindler

Chapter 459: Great Zhou Kingdom

Chapter 460: Meeting old friends

Chapter 461: Wild provocation

Chapter 462: Yingying’s strength

Chapter 463: Great Zhou Princess

Chapter 464: Hostage

Chapter 465: Yin Spiri

Chapter 466: Yin Spirit’s despair

Chapter 467: Discussions

Chapter 468: The side effects of bloodlines

Chapter 469: Zero’s strength

Chapter 470: Strategy and planning

Chapter 471: Young miss

Chapter 472: Miracle City’s changes

Chapter 473: Cell phone

Chapter 474: Crisis in the city

Chapter 475: Threa

Chapter 476: Negotiations

Chapter 477: Blown away

Chapter 478: Completely falling ou

Chapter 479: Undead radar

Chapter 480: Ambush

Chapter 481: Wiped ou

Chapter 482: Large crisis

Chapter 483: Seed of hope

Chapter 484: Cutting off relations

Chapter 485: Attackers reaching the city

Chapter 486: City attack

Chapter 487: Germination

Chapter 488: Large matter of the Eternal Fores

Chapter 489: Showdown

Chapter 490: Fierce fight in the garden

Chapter 491: The Elven King makes a move

Chapter 492: Work after the battle

Chapter 493: Death Wing

Chapter 494: Four giants

Chapter 495: Confrontation

Chapter 496: Crisis solved

Chapter 497: New weapon

Chapter 498: Deep cooperation

Chapter 499: Biochemical weapons

Chapter 500: Five mountains’ cultivators

Chapter 501: Heavenly Yin Mountain’s battle

Chapter 502: Completely captured

Chapter 503: The situation has been settled

Chapter 504: Death Ice Field

Chapter 505: Ice Spirit Frozen Spring

Chapter 506: Swallowing and counter swallowing

Chapter 507: Turning misfortune into a blessing

Chapter 508: Vision Domain

Chapter 509: Large Phaseless Sword

Chapter 510: Rising paradise

Chapter 511: Miniature matrix

Chapter 512: Problem

Chapter 513: Moonshine Town

Chapter 514: Elven Bank

Chapter 515: Mutual benefit cooperation

Chapter 516: Assassination

Chapter 517: Threatening but not dangerous

Chapter 518: Firearms are a good card

Chapter 519: Opening their business

Chapter 520: Mass fervor

Chapter 521: Underground creatures

Chapter 522: Exploration

Chapter 523: Underground

Chapter 524: Demon Ants

Chapter 525: Captured

Chapter 526: Purgatory World

Chapter 527: Entering Purgatory

Chapter 528: Rare species

Chapter 529: A war initiated by a single person

Chapter 530: Invincible human!

Chapter 531: Great leader Chu Tian

Chapter 532: Dark gnomes’ tragedy

Chapter 533: Tyrant Barracks

Chapter 534: Spatial crystal mine

Chapter 535: Crack

Chapter 536: Void Beas

Chapter 537: Succubus

Chapter 538: Duel

Chapter 539: Change with the Devil’s Gate

Chapter 540: Escaping from danger

Chapter 541: Five Coloured Immortal Tree

Chapter 542: Great ancient demon

Chapter 543: Netherworld Clone

Chapter 544: Demon Burial Cave

Chapter 545: Trap

Chapter 546: Eastern Territory King

Chapter 547: Idols

Chapter 548: Tentacle monster

Chapter 549: Abyss Gate

Chapter 550: Returning to Miracle City

Chapter 551: Giant change

Chapter 552: Miracle Academy

Chapter 553: Dragon City

Chapter 554: Alliance

Chapter 555: Extravagant lineup

Chapter 556: Heaven Domain Realm

Chapter 557: Time Hourglass

Chapter 558: Atu’s fortuitous encounter

Chapter 559: Special farming field

Chapter 560: Ancient demon remains

Chapter 561: Setting laws

Chapter 562: Forest Alliance

Chapter 563: Pill refining

Chapter 564: Progressing suddenly!

Chapter 565: All kinds of danger

Chapter 566: Showdown on the prairies

Chapter 567: Showdown

Chapter 568: Chu Tian’s strength

Chapter 569: Blood Eagle King

Chapter 570: Spilling the beans

Chapter 571: Priorities

Chapter 572: Heading to the Western Sea

Chapter 573: West Sea City

Chapter 574: Bidding

Chapter 575: Deep Blue Empire

Chapter 576: A be

Chapter 577: Betting again

Chapter 578: Lobbying

Chapter 579: Forced marriage

Chapter 580: Outer Space plan

Chapter 581: Wall Breaker

Chapter 582: Ambush

Chapter 583: Space Gate

Chapter 584: Alexis

Chapter 585: Successful capture

Chapter 586: Spider Crystal

Chapter 587: Peace talks

Chapter 588: Discussion break down

Chapter 589: Kingdom alliance

Chapter 590: Outer Space plan

Chapter 591: Lunar base

Chapter 592: Moon God

Chapter 593: Officially joining

Chapter 594: To the Western Sea again

Chapter 595: Alliance

Chapter 596: Le He’s luck

Chapter 597: Giant star’s rising

Chapter 598: Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom

Chapter 599: Tearing off all face

Chapter 600: The mastermind behind everything

Chapter 601: Miracle Summi

Chapter 602: Showdown

Chapter 603: Attacking Miracle City

Chapter 604: Great victory

Chapter 605: Cede territory! Surrender!

Chapter 606: Great characters

Chapter 607: Conference site

Chapter 608: Spiritual Helme

Chapter 609: Placating

Chapter 610: Additional function of the helme

Chapter 611: Planning a wedding

Chapter 612: Moon God’s Palace

Chapter 613: Divine Sense Crystal

Chapter 614: Showdown

Chapter 615: Eye of Destiny

Chapter 616: Undying

Chapter 617: Divine Herb

Chapter 618: Gains

Chapter 619: Federation plan

Chapter 620: Crazy plan

Chapter 621: Royal Palace Hotel

Chapter 622: Performance

Chapter 623: Released

Chapter 624: Auction sale

Chapter 625: Undead Sages

Chapter 626: Cooperation

Chapter 627: Preparations

Chapter 628: Trouble

Chapter 629: Being butchered

Chapter 630: Preparations

Chapter 631: New weapons

Chapter 632: Battle begins

Chapter 633: In chaos

Chapter 634: Weak battling the strong

Chapter 635: Going back to get married

Chapter 636: Wedding

Chapter 637: Rich gifts

Chapter 638: Released

Chapter 639: Miracle Continent opening

Chapter 640: Virtual world

Chapter 641: City Lord’s wife

Chapter 642: Inflated ambitions

Chapter 643: Spiritual Shackles

Chapter 644: Snatching territory

Chapter 645: Lord

Chapter 646: Breakthrough

Chapter 647: Surrender

Chapter 648: Causing a stir

Chapter 649: Peace conference

Chapter 650: Joint council

Chapter 651: Federation

Chapter 652: Presidential selection

Chapter 653: President Chu Tian

Chapter 654: Abyss crisis

Chapter 655: Planar Gate

Chapter 656: Great Abyss Demon

Chapter 657: Striving to turn the tide

Chapter 658: Plane opening era