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Author: 萌萌哒的铁匠

Latest update: 04-01-2020 01:54

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Follow Chen Ming as he accepts disciples, establishes a sect, and fights his way in a world that deems him a cannon fodder.He goes against any common sense using his wits and novel knowhow to finish missions and arm himself against his cruel fate.万道仙师

Table of contents - Master of Untold Daos

Chapter 1: Accepting a Disciple

Chapter 2: Master is Evil

Chapter 3: Nine Nines Mysteries Ar

Chapter 4: Fairy Sword Art and the Bamboo Sword

Chapter 5: How to Mistreat Your Disciple

Chapter 6: This Bully is Lacking

Chapter 7: Fate: Go kill yourself…

Chapter 8: These Two Geezers Are Really Good

Chapter 9: Don’t Tell Me He Understands When Even I Don’t Understand

Chapter 10: With the General Away, the Lord’s Order is Delayed

Chapter 11: Who Said Anything About Defending?

Chapter 12: Blazing

Chapter 13: Standing Before the Blaze, Killing Behind the Fire

Chapter 14: Thousand Man-Slayer

Chapter 15: Dao Canon

Chapter 16: Dire Straits

Chapter 17: New Mission

Chapter18: Feels like he’ll die in one hit!

Chapter 19: Bye!

Chapter 20: A Thousand Merits!

Chapter 21: Mindless

Chapter 22: Pitfall Mountain

Chapter 23: Archfiend Azure Lion’s Secre

Chapter 24: Whoops, My Hand Slipped

Chapter 25: Advancement Mission

Chapter 26: The Great Bandit Era

Chapter 27: I’m Not, I Never Was

Chapter 28: No Main Character Treatment for Me

Chapter 29: Leaning on a Fellow Spy

Chapter 30: Stalwar

Chapter 31: The Classic Wall-bashing Technique

Chapter 32: First-hand Knowledge of the Mind-numbing Aura

Chapter 33: The Most Intense Look of a Lifetime

Chapter 34: Jade Void Temple’s Secret Domain

Chapter 35: Danger Rating: Demon God!

Chapter 36: This Is Such a Sad Story

Chapter 37: Because You Can’t Beat Her

Chapter 38: Urgent Mission

Chapter 39: You Have the Right to Remain Silen

Chapter 40: Finger From Beyond

Chapter 41: Ten Thousand Slaughterer

Chapter 42: The Weakest Acting

Chapter 43: Wait, Where’s Ling Xian?

Chapter 44: Poking Death

Chapter 45: Is Living too Hard for You?

Chapter 46: The Same Way He Fought His Senior Sister

Chapter 47: Waiting to Happen

Chapter 48: Battle of Kings – Beginning

Chapter 49: Battle of Kings – King Slayer

Chapter 50: Battle of Kings – Four Elements Array

Chapter 51: Battle of Kings – Ultimate Control

Chapter 52: Battle of Kings – Demonic Blood Saber

Chapter 53: Battle of Kings – Curtain Fall

Chapter 54: Control Aura

Chapter 55: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Prelude

Chapter 56: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Seven Archfiends’ Figh

Chapter 57: Battle for Pitfall Mountain - Great Ac

Chapter 58: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Saber Hear

Chapter 59: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Intense Figh

Chapter 60: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Evisceration

Chapter 61: Li Suyi

Chapter 62: Villain Deaths and Excessive Talking

Chapter 63: Little Sister of Different Parents!

Chapter 64: B Ranked Mission

Chapter 65: What Selling Fake Pill? Can an Alchemist Even Sell Fakes?

Chapter 66: You Must Stand Strong

Chapter 67: Honing Oneself

Chapter 68: Why Didn’t You Say So?

Chapter 69: We Want Peace

Chapter 70: The Peach and the Plum Do Not Speak, Yet a Path Is Born Beneath Them

Chapter 71: With Ling Xian Taking a Seat, You’ll End up Repenting

Chapter 72: A Bunch of Broken Toys

Chapter 73: I Don’t Know Why, But I Feel Like Throwing Up Blood

Chapter 74: You’ll Die, You Know

Chapter 75: Wy Are You All Looking at Me With Sympathy?

Chapter 76: Is There a Need to Be so Excited?

Chapter 77: Chicken-Flavored, Very Crispy!

Chapter 78: Yan Mountain’s Fiend Alchemy House

Chapter 79: Marking the Boat to Recover the Sword 1

Chapter 80: Wooden Puppet: I’m All Out of Luck

Chapter 81: There's No Need

Chapter 82: We Have the Pill Eating Contest!

Chapter 83: A Master Must Pay Their Disciple a Home Visi

Chapter 84: Battle of Experts

Chapter 85: Didn’t You Say You Could Take It?

Chapter 86: To Battle

Chapter 87: Try a Thirty-meter Long Broadsword for Size

Chapter 88: Title Challenge Mission

Chapter 89: All I Want Is the Whole Mountain

Chapter 90: A Lesson to Remember

Chapter 91: Less Robbing

Chapter 92: Taking a Huge Loss

Chapter 93: Since They’re Useless, It Falls onto Me

Chapter 94: The Dirt-poor Yan Mountain

Chapter 95: Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Ar

Chapter 96: A Brilliant and Ingenious Plan

Chapter 97: To Respond in Kind

Chapter 98: I’ve Seen Six of Your Kind Already!

Chapter 99: All Are Forced into Poverty

Chapter 100: Just Follow Ling Xian

Chapter 101: Power, Speed, Taunting or Temptation?

Chapter 102: En, Not Bad at All!

Chapter 103: Great Venerable’s Excellent Strategy of Bringing Peace on Earth

Chapter 104: The Chopsticks Were Too Fragile

Chapter 105: The Blue Bamboo Above Ten Thousand Swords

Chapter 106: That What They All Said

Chapter 107: I Didn’t Invite an Actor!

Chapter 108: Heavenly Tribulation Arrives

Chapter 109: Strongest Beneath the Heavens

Chapter 110: Danger Value Hurricane

Chapter 111: I Have a Bad Feeling About This

Chapter 112: We’ll Play for a Couple of Rounds

Chapter 113: Fighting Moon Fiend

Chapter 114: The Problems the Fist Can’t Solve

Chapter 115: You Have a Great Wife!

Chapter 116: Your Master’s Grave Already Has Two Inch of Grass!

Chapter 117: Lifting the Seal on the Bones of the Taotie

Chapter 118: I’m Truly Sorry for Letting You all Down

Chapter 119: I Don’t Know My Own Strength

Chapter 120: Ah, Such Regret!

Chapter 121: All Are Equal Beneath the Array!

Chapter 122: Speaking of it Brings Disgrace!

Chapter 123: Understanding a Fraction of the True Yan Mountain

Chapter 124: Yan Mountain’s Rules

Chapter 125: An Auction Can Be a Good Destination

Chapter 126: I Seem to Hear Someone Calling Me

Chapter 127: This Daoist Robe is Waterproof

Chapter 128: I Suddenly Got in the Mood

Chapter 129: A Single-minded Sword Dance

Chapter 130: The Sunset is Really Beautiful Today

Chapter 131: I’m Worried About my Useless Son

Chapter 132: Wind Fiend Patriarch

Chapter 133: Playing Around

Chapter 134: You Have such a Narrow View of the World

Chapter 135: The Twelve Obscure Gateways

Chapter 136: That also Works?

Chapter 137: Moving House is a Troublesome Matter

Chapter 138: Warmonger

Chapter 139: An Eventful Year

Chapter 140: How Can Archfiends Flying on Swords Lose?

Chapter 141: Am I a Commander?

Chapter 142: You Said What?

Chapter 143: How Peculiar

Chapter 144: What Gave You the Courage?

Chapter 145: Disciple Snatching

Chapter 146: How Are You all so Damn Poor?

Chapter 147: Weren’t Your Eyes Dry?

Chapter 148: Entering the Nine Frozen Springs

Chapter 149: I Refuse… Ah, so Comphy!

Chapter 150: There’s Something Wrong with this Scene!

Chapter 151: Too Slow

Chapter 152: His Eminence is Here

Chapter 153: I Want to be the First Women Under Heaven

Chapter 154: Flood Dragon's Warm Greeting

Chapter 155: He is Chen Ming!

Chapter 156: Disaster Rank

Chapter 157: The Arrival of a Blood Dragon

Chapter 158: Don’t Look Since You Can’t Copy It!

Chapter 159: Right and Wrong

Chapter 160: Proud Geniuses

Chapter 161: Killing to Affirm One’s Dao

Chapter 162: Hope

Chapter 163: The Light Piercing the Darkness

Chapter 164: Demonic Sect's Methods Are Shameless

Chapter 165: Ripples of Demonic Energy

Chapter 166: Ambush!

Chapter 167: Spreading Seeds to Raise an Army

Chapter 168: Grasping the Meaning of Endless Pills

Chapter 169: Heavenly Tribulation: Just You Wait!

Chapter 170: Attack by Starlight!

Chapter 171: Eight Sacred Powers Aura

Chapter 172: Missed I

Chapter 173: Zealot Aura

Chapter 174: This Immortal Master Doubts Your Origins

Chapter 175: This Again?

Chapter 176: Entering the Heavenly Tribulation

Chapter 177: Killing a Sovereign

Chapter 178: Honing a Dull Saber

Chapter 179: You Want to Murder Your Master?

Chapter 180: Control Aura lvl 2

Chapter 181: Massacre Board

Chapter 182: Storm is Coming

Chapter 183: Scarlet Tide

Chapter 184: Why Are You Here?

Chapter 185: Bringing Children

Chapter 186: You're Lucky You Ran Into Me!

Chapter 187: He Ain't Afraid of Turning into a Fake Immortal

Chapter 188: Conning Skill

Chapter 189: This Place Will Bore the Name of Yan Mountain!

Chapter 190: How Dumb Do You Thing We Are?

Chapter 191: Can We Change the Lines?

Chapter 192: Swarm of Ten Thousand Swords

Chapter 193: Fighting a Battle of Wits and Brawn with Air

Chapter 194: Rise of the Scarlet Tide

Chapter 195: Ghost Immortal Is Out of Service

Chapter 196: You Say We're Even, But I Have yet to Reply

Chapter 197: If One Could Turn Back, What Would Be the Point of Boundless?

Chapter 198: Spit Image

Chapter 199: Rush

Chapter 200: Forest of Origin

Chapter 201: Only Fierce?

Chapter 202: Actually, Liu Xuancha Is Quite Reliable

Chapter 203: Taking Advantage of Immortal Master Chen

Chapter 204: Soaring Wildly Through the Clouds, Master and Disciple Leave Streams of Tears

Chapter 205: Just a Bit More, but I Can't Cultivate It Anyway

Chapter 206: Immortal Rage

Chapter 207: Enlighten Aura

Chapter 208: The New Title Challenge Mission

Chapter 209: There Are no Spirit Stones I, Immortal Master Chen, Can't Spend

Chapter 210: Heaven Spirit Vein

Chapter 211: War Escalates

Chapter 212: Your Friend, Yan Mountain, Is Here

Chapter 213: Yan Mountain Financial Group Will Arrive in 30 Seconds

Chapter 214: Fighting a Sovereign is a Blessing

Chapter 215: You're one Damn Smooth Talker

Chapter 216: Danger Rating: Cataclysm

Chapter 217: Wait a Sec!

Chapter 218: Words Aren’t Needed, Goodbye!

Chapter 219: The Strongest Summon!

Chapter 220: Is this Called Somewhat Close?

Chapter 221: Can't Use the Same Move Twice

Chapter 222: Come See the Treasure!

Chapter 223: Crab Related

Chapter 224: Strategy’s Menace

Chapter 225: Movement From all Sides

Chapter 226: Immortal Master Doesn't Walk!

Chapter 227: Breaking the Law

Chapter 228: Ravenous Ghost Sovereign

Chapter 229: The Book of Life and Death

Chapter 230: You're Too Late in Figuring Out!

Chapter 231: All Kings Are for Nurturing my Sword

Chapter 232: The Sky Rumbles, a Light Descends

Chapter 233: As a Fully-Grown Chives

Chapter 234: I Can Raise Even a Pig to Be King

Chapter 235: Heart Enlightenmen

Chapter 236: Flying Pigs

Chapter 237: Can I Eat It? Is It Tasty?

Chapter 238: You Already Paid

Chapter 239: Quack? No, I'm a Scientist!

Chapter 240: Child, Master Is Very Disappointed in You

Chapter 241: Grave Matters

Chapter 242: Dear Son-in-law!

Chapter 243: Bingo! No Reward Though

Chapter 244: World-shaking Battle I

Chapter 245: World-shaking Battle II

Chapter 246: World-shaking Battle III

Chapter 247: World-shaking Battle IV

Chapter 248: World-shaking Battle V

Chapter 249: World-shaking Battle VI

Chapter 250: Is Chen Ming an Autarch?

Chapter 251: What's the Best Way to Do this?

Chapter 252: The Complete Eight Sacred Powers Aura!

Chapter 253: Without Immortal Master Chen, the Land Will Never Find Peace!

Chapter 254: Assembly

Chapter 255: Are You Guys Ganging up on Me?

Chapter 256: Hear, Hear, Is that How a Human Speaks?

Chapter 257: Everlasting Valor Aura

Chapter 258: Yan Mountain's Financial Group Standing By

Chapter 259: Power Overwhelming, Strength Unleashed

Chapter 260: An Assassination per Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Chapter 261: A Red Flower!

Chapter 262: The Grass Seen from Afar

Chapter 263: You're not Angry?

Chapter 264: Ten Thousand Swords Subdue Demons I

Chapter 265: Ten Thousand Swords Subdue Demons II

Chapter 266: Ten Thousand Swords Subdue Demons III

Chapter 267: Eating and Singing

Chapter 268: Clash of Giants

Chapter 269: You Must Have Worked Hard for Your Cultivation to Reach thus Far

Chapter 270: Now Do You Understand the Farmer God Sword Art?

Chapter 271: Victory or Defeat, Winning or Losing, it’s all Based on Acting

Chapter 272: Skill Shouting!

Chapter 273: Preparation for the Decisive Figh

Chapter 274: Decisive Battle I

Chapter 275: Decisive Battle II

Chapter 276: Decisive Battle III

Chapter 277: Decisive Battle IV

Chapter 278: Decisive Battle V

Chapter 279: Suyi’s Assassination

Chapter 280: From the Moment I Saw You

Chapter 281: A New Beneath Immortal

Chapter 282: Going to the Demonic Sect, Aiming for the World!

Chapter 283: Let the Sword Fly a While Longer

Chapter 284: As Luck Had It, So Am I

Chapter 285: You Gave me the Sword Spring and Autumn

Chapter 286: I'll Return You this Saber Called Grass Cutter

Chapter 287: Battle for the Crown

Chapter 288: In a Time Without Heroes...

Chapter 289: Ruler's Presence

Chapter 290: Vanquishing Demons

Chapter 291: Pff!

Chapter 292: You've Got a Star!

Chapter 293: Pill Cauldron: I-I-I Can't Speak

Chapter 294: The Path to Immortality

Chapter 295: Just Hand that Damn Punk Over!

Chapter 296: Showtime!

Chapter 297: Besieged by Eight Corpses

Chapter 298: Those who Wavered Are Already Dead

Chapter 299: The Tree of Martyrs

Chapter 300: Strife

Chapter 301: The Reaper Has Come to Reap!

Chapter 302: The Origin of the Hall of Martyrs

Chapter 302: The Origin of the Hall of Martyrs

Chapter 303: Grabbed a Baldy, I Mean a Monk

Chapter 304: Headless Assembly

Chapter 305: To Immortality!

Chapter 306: Star Lord Lingyu

Chapter 307: Master's Grace Is a Foot Taller than Heaven

Chapter 308: Expansion Star

Chapter 309: That’s a Long Story

Chapter 310: Grandpa Always Warned Me…

Chapter 311: Faceless

Chapter 312: A Monk Lies in a Temple that Lies on a Mountain

Chapter 313: Who Could Have Seen It Coming?

Chapter 314: Eight Dragon-ascending Steps

Chapter 315: No Faceless Around

Chapter 316: Isn't It You?

Chapter 317: Willing to Grasp Sire's Blade

Chapter 318: Myself Is Shan Liuyun!

Chapter 319: Star Dragon

Chapter 320: Aw, What an Adorable Girly

Chapter 321: Yes, I'm a Thief. And?

Chapter 322: Jade Lake's Nursing Home!

Chapter 323: You Are Now

Chapter 324: More or Less a Retard

Chapter 325: Kicking Heavenly Court's Kindergarden!

Chapter 326: Pulling a Sword, With the Wrong Scrip

Chapter 327: My Sect Has a Tree

Chapter 328: Why the Bra Then?

Chapter 329: These Aren’t Enough for Me to Help You

Chapter 330: The Immortal World Trembles!

Chapter 331: Went Cold Before Entering the Limelight!

Chapter 332: That's the Same as Saying as if I Lost Respec

Chapter 333: How to Make a Complete Immortal Toy

Chapter 334: Not Nearly Enough!

Chapter 335: King Ranked Pills Developmen

Chapter 336: Why Always Me?

Chapter 337: Don't Go Drinking with Third Senior Brother!

Chapter 338: Bottle Popping Art!

Chapter 339: Randomness Is First Under Heaven!

Chapter 340: Fate Is Here!

Chapter 341: Learning it Fills Me with Joy!

Chapter 342: I can!

Chapter 343: That's not What I Mean

Chapter 344: My Patience's Wearing Thin

Chapter 345: My Power Goes Beyond Imagination!

Chapter 346: Habit is good!

Chapter 347: Don't Ask or You'll Deviate

Chapter 348: To Hell with Your Altruism!

Chapter 349: Barely Living

Chapter 350: The Daily Refining on Scarlet Tide Continen

Chapter 351: Peace in the Galaxy

Chapter 352: How Refreshing!

Chapter 353: Shedding Mortality Project!

Chapter 354: I Only Thought of Killing Everyone

Chapter 355: Dark Tide

Chapter 356: Have I, Chen Ming, Been Scared of my Disciple?

Chapter 357: I Urge You to Stay True

Chapter 358: Damn! The Qilin Arm Is Acting up Again!

Chapter 359: Outlining Exper

Chapter 360: Archeological Breakthroughs

Chapter 361: All Immortal Kings Are Lunatics!

Chapter 362: To Boost Morale, One Words Is Enough!

Chapter 363: Night Raid

Chapter 364: A Spirit Stone as Comfort!

Chapter 365: I Don't Know Them Now, But Soon Will

Chapter 366: Let Me See You Write Fear

Chapter 367: This Immortal Master Sells at -201% Off!

Chapter 368: Sealed Paths

Chapter 369: A New Expansion Order

Chapter 370: Yan Mountain Astray

Chapter 371: War for Pill Domination I

Chapter 372: War for Pill Domination II

Chapter 373: War for Pill Domination III

Chapter 374: Chain Assassinations

Chapter 375: Mind the Funeral

Chapter 376: Perfect Escape

Chapter 377: Ah, so Tiring

Chapter 378: Daily Slip in Talen

Chapter 379: Here's to a Long Life. Here's to the Glorious Dead

Chapter 380: Roar, Roar

Chapter 381: Invitation to a Duel

Chapter 382: You Shouldn't Have

Chapter 383: Unrealistic

Chapter 384: Sudden Battle I

Chapter 385: Sudden Battle II

Chapter 386: Sudden Battle III

Chapter 387: Sudden Battle IV

Chapter 388: Sudden Battle V

Chapter 389: Sudden Battle VI

Chapter 390: Sudden Battle VII

Chapter 391: Sin Searing Book

Chapter 392: Improvemen

Chapter 393: Obvious Tricks

Chapter 394: Here’s a Return Gif

Chapter 395: I've Seen Three Hundred Like You Already

Chapter 396: Done!

Chapter 397: Southern Gate Monastery

Chapter 398: Rather be Empress than Consort!

Chapter 399: Immortal Kings’ Love Life

Chapter 400: Hidden Emperor

Chapter 401: Dragon Race's Tale of Abstinence

Chapter 402: Wherever I'm From, Wherever I Shall Go

Chapter 403: If not I, who then Shall Enter Hell?

Chapter 404: Grandmaster's Skill Is Divine

Chapter 405: Hopeless

Chapter 406: I Love Studying

Chapter 407: The World Trembled

Chapter 408: Ninth Crown Prince

Chapter 409: Compete then Eat! And You'll Never Go Cold!

Chapter 410: Scaring Bian Canwang Silly

Chapter 411: What Did I Say?

Chapter 412: The Problem Is, this Is the Fourth Day

Chapter 413: Grasping Four Domains

Chapter 414: I Want to Burn Incense for Sage Ran Zui

Chapter 415: I'm Close to Bursting

Chapter 416: I'm too Poor

Chapter 417: This Must Be 'Like'

Chapter 418: People Long to Call out King Wordless