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When the orphaned Yun Bei Fen becomes a disciple of the Teng Yong Sect and meets his senior martial brother Mei he finds a new goal in life: He wants to become a cultivator just as great as him!But unbeknownst to him, Mei Chao Bing is torn between the loyalty to his sect and to his master who betrayed it. Faced with the disgust of all his fellow disciples it's only that sweet little junior of his...

Table of contents - Like a Ray in My Night

1 A Visitor in a Stormy Nigh

2 The Expectations of the Dead

3 Accepting a Master

4 Cute Disciple, Dashing Master

5 A Big Family

6 A Much Better Role Model

7 Good Things Don’t Las

8 Unreserved Loyalty

9 He Might Get Implicated

10 A Skittish, Little Bunny

11 Frightened the Little Rabbit Away

12 For His Sake

13 Become Strong Enough to Love Him

14 Come Out Here Now!

15 A Beautiful Young Man

16 An Old Rival

17 A Turning Point for the Teng Yong Sec

18 Why Would I Need to Worry?

19 I’ll Teach Him How to Fly

20 Promise to Protect Him

21 No Room to Maneuver

22 The Time to Wait Is Over

23 Who Is the Shameless One?

24 A Man in His Best Years

25 Frozen in Shock

26 Reward His Effort a Little

27 I Love You

28 The Moon Wouldn’t Fall from the Sky

29 Maybe There’s an Array?

30 Anything That’s Important to Me … Is You

31 I Didn’t Do It on Purpose!

32 You Are My Strength

33 Let’s Spend More Time Together

34 A Strong Cultivator

35 Just … Mei Chao Bing

36 Can You Feel It?

37 Sensing Spiritual Energy

38 Stooping That Low

39 A Thousand Questions

40 I Remember Everything You Said

41 A Treasured Sword

42 Imbuing His Spiritual Energy

43 A Righteous Cultivator

44 A Big Failure?

45 A Valley with Spiritual Energy

46 His Little Bunny

47 Let’s Give It a Name

48 If Anything Happens … Scream!

49 A Spiritual Wolf

50 To the Border Region

51 Spread the Message

52 You Dare to Show up Here?

53 This Boy Was Pretty Good

54 Let’s Stay Together!

55 What Type Would You Like?

56 It Was Better If He Was Prepared

57 He Would Be Sad

58 It’s What My Father Said

59 I Should Have Done It Earlier

60 Old and New Suspicions

61 A Nasty Rumor

62 I’ll Keep an Eye on You

63 A Busy Person

64 You Said Nothing about Tha

65 This Didn’t Make Sense

66 You Don’t Need to Pretend

67 Was I Tricked?

68 Too Devious!

69 No Morality to Speak of

70 So Mad!

71 Completely Wrong

72 That Isn’t What a Righteous Cultivator Should Do

73 Owing an Apology

74 Luring Him into a Trap

75 A Good Addition

76 Familiar Faces

77 The Demonic Sects’ Territory

78 The Stone Deser

79 A Strange Place

80 A Bright Melody

81 A Smokescreen

82 Just Gossiping

83 Would You Like To?

84 Being Hones

85 It Worked Even Better

86 Some Relationship

87 Some Progress

88 The First Clues Were Found

89 How to Search for Arrays

90 Causing Some Trouble

91 No Time for Idle Gossip

92 Somebody’s Luck Was too Good

93 A Tragedy

94 They Couldn’t Let This Slide

95 What Happened?

96 The Most Likely Suspec

97 Pointing in His Direction

98 The Key and the Ribbon

99 Can’t Fault Him for Tha

100 Think About I

101 Don’t Make the Same Mistake

102 Not a Nice Person

103 Playing His Part Well

104 What If?

105 We’ll Have to Take That into Consideration

106 Human Nature

107 Let’s Get to Know Each Other

108 Make Them Trust Him

109 No Talent at All

110 Something Similar

111 The Answer to Their Questions?

112 Traces in the Sand