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Author: Azza

Latest update: 03-31-2020 03:07

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Table of contents - Genius Detective

Chapter 1: Wang Yueche Murder Case

Chapter 2: Lin Dongxue

Chapter 3: Bumping into the Suspec

Chapter 4: Assumption of Guil

Chapter 5: Honesty is to Leniency as Resistance is to Harshness

Chapter 6: A Drop of Ink in the Case, a Thousand Drops of Blood Amongst Society

Chapter 7: Clairvoyan

Chapter 8: The Murderer is a Woman

Chapter 9: A Promiscuous Woman

Chapter 10: The Second Boyfriend

Chapter 11: Accidental Reward

Chapter 12: Revealing the True Murderer

Chapter 13: Best Friends

Chapter 14: A Person I Admire

Chapter 15: Matchmaking

Chapter 16: Uncle with Meticulous Thinking

Chapter 17: I’m Most Afraid of Places Like This

Chapter 18: On-site Reasoning

Chapter 19: The Details are the Devil

Chapter 20: Be

Chapter 21: Acquaintances Commit Crimes

Chapter 22: Flaws

Chapter 23: Petty Brother

Chapter 24: The Murderer Who Disappeared Into Thin Air

Chapter 25: Old Master of the Neighbourhood

Chapter 26: Misappropriation of Funds

Chapter 27: Emergency Mission

Chapter 28: Heroic Xu Xiaodong

Chapter 29: No Matter How Much You Struggle, Fate is Fate

Chapter 30: Chen Shi's Progress

Chapter 31: The Astonishing Truth

Chapter 32: Those who are Meant to Come, Finally Came

Chapter 33: Arresting the Real Murderer

Chapter 34: Selfish Men

Chapter 35: Concer

Chapter 36: Hunting for Wanted Criminals

Chapter 37: Why Can’t I Control?

Chapter 38: Worrying Aimlessly; Overprotective Brother

Chapter 39: Two Big Men Book a Room

Chapter 40: Disagreements

Chapter 41: Officially Opening the Case

Chapter 42: Autopsy

Chapter 43: Repeated Times

Chapter 44: Left my Leather Gloves in Your Home

Chapter 45: Special Days

Chapter 46: Wolf-like Company

Chapter 47: Jia on the Run

Chapter 48: Jia’s Secre

Chapter 49: Attacking the Defence

Chapter 50: Keeping Your Mouth Shu

Chapter 51: The Truth

Chapter 52: Human Nature

Chapter 53: Peng Sijue's Doubts

Chapter 54: Campus Dismembered Body Case

Chapter 55: Post-mortem Examination

Chapter 56: Brother and Sister Conflic

Chapter 57: Private High School

Chapter 58: Suspicious Teacher

Chapter 59: Lin Dongxue's Investigation

Chapter 60: White-haired People Send-off Black-haired People

Chapter 61: Visits

Chapter 62: Obstructed Investigation

Chapter 63: The God’s Pen

Chapter 64: Conclusive Evidence

Chapter 65: Advisor Behind the Scenes

Chapter 66: Modern Version of Jin Pingmei

Chapter 67: New Lead

Chapter 68: Evidence of the Affair

Chapter 69: Cheating Couple

Chapter 70: Wu Dalang’s Fraudulent Marriage

Chapter 71: Suspicious Informants

Chapter 72: Chen Shi's Reasoning

Chapter 73: Reverse Scale

Chapter 74: Strict Defence

Chapter 75: Stay With Me

Chapter 76: Dog Jumping the Wall

Chapter 77: Xu Xiaodong Arrested the Murderer

Chapter 78: Wu Hao's Confession

Chapter 79: Closing the Case

Chapter 80: Celebration Banque

Chapter 81: Corpse Hidden in a Cave

Chapter 82: Autopsy

Chapter 83: Breaking Apart Lovebirds

Chapter 84: Rich Second Generation

Chapter 85: Restoring the Scene of the Crime

Chapter 86: Kiss

Chapter 87: The Real Murderer Revealed

Chapter 88: Heavenly Luck

Chapter 89: Tao Yueyue’s Recovery

Chapter 90: Temporary Detectives

Chapter 91: Body Hidden in Wastewater

Chapter 92: Abandoning the Body

Chapter 93: Really Like a Policeman

Chapter 94: Locking-in on the Victim

Chapter 95: Father and Son Disputes

Chapter 96: A Money Pit of a Game

Chapter 97: Hidden Motivation

Chapter 98: Jianghu Revenge

Chapter 99: Catching the True Murderer

Chapter 100: Adult Fairy Tales

Chapter 101: Revenge on Society

Chapter 102: Locking onto the Targe

Chapter 103: Gifts

Chapter 104: Xiaodong's Confession

Chapter 105: Friends are Good too

Chapter 106: Who Would Create a Family with You?

Chapter 107: Christmas Night Dance