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Author: Tangcu Yu

Latest update: 04-07-2020 09:56

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In an inaccessible village, there were a few houses on the hillside. People from far away were attracted here and the mountain road was crowded with luxury cars, because, in this town, there was a young man with incredible medical skills who could cure all kinds of illnesses!

Table of contents - Elixir Supplier

1 Helping Someone; Surprising Magic

2 One Bottle of Water, Two Acres of Herbal Fields

3 Rich Handsome Men Chase after Rich Beautiful Women

4 All of These Are Rubbish

5 The Smell of Jujube

6 King of Dates

7 Things Are Going Crazy

8 Money Was Dancing

9 The Plants That Only Existed in a Fairy Tale

10 Herbs on the Hill. Fate Brought People Together No Matter How Far Apart They Were

11 Good Medicine is Hard to Ge

12 A Fish Leaping Over the Dragon, But Gaining No Bright Future

13 All Kinds of Jealousy and Envy

14 Magic Herbs Detoxify All Poisons

15 A Hen Doing a Catwalk

16 One Bowl of Water Cures Severe Poison

17 Moonflower Herb and Anshensan

18 Several Herbs Made One Formula

19 There Was a Wonderful Old Chinese Medical Practitioner

20 Catalog of Magic Herbs

21 In the Meeting, I Just Smile

22 36 Lattices

23 One Promise Is Defeated by Thousands of Yuan

24 The Mountain Path Is Rugged. It Is Hard to Beg for Medicine

25 One Promise Made by a Woman

26 All The Rare Illnesses Can Be Cured

27 Have to Be Shameless

28 Nourish the Heart and Soothe the Nerves

29 About an Extremely Pretty Girl

30 A quack doctor; a foolish young man

31 Not Jesus

32 Wait for a Guest with One Cup of Tea

33 One Dose of Medicine to Ease the Mind

34 It’s a Fantasy

35 A Thriving Business, That Is All

36 A Brave Movement: Going to the Hill in the Mid of Nigh

37 Autumn Rain, Quiet Hill

38 Requesting Medication

39 A Girl Who Was Graceful and Slim, But Noisy

40 Nothing Can Be Traded for the Hill

41 Why Are You Staring at Me?

42 You Are from a Wealthy Family, but So What?

43 Embattlemen

44 An Ordinary Man Is Innocen

45 One Pine Tree, One River

46 Cold Wind, Tea Aroma

47 A Young Man Who Could Tolerate the Loneliness on the Hill

48 On and Off the Hill. People Come, People Go

49 One Person, One Family, One Formula

50 Garden of Herbs

51 They Are Different, My Man

52 Of Course He Can!

53 The Decline of Life is Unstoppable

54 The Exceptional Worthy Woman

55 Ziyu, Wuteng

56 A Sleepless Nigh

57 The Money Should Not Be Touched

58 Handling Matters Properly by Arranging a Suitable Time

59 Clover and Centennial Ginseng

60 As Calm as Still Water, as Furious as the Rolling Waves

61 Water of Spring, Nature Is an Advantage

62 The Tea Is Good

63 Classmate Gathering, Blind-Dating

64 Flowery Beauty, So Charming to All

65 For Money or for Beauty

66 Blue and White Porcelain and Vintage Wine

67 Water Flows by, Regardless of the Will of the Flowers

68 An Injured Eagle

69 Compliments from a Beauty, Silly Herb Grower

70 A Garden Full of Green, A Room Full of Dancing Plants

71 Great Passion in the Past but Now It Is as Quiet as Water

72 Rob and Make a Fortune

73 Persuade Parents to Get Pregnant Before Marriage

74 God Bless You So Much

75 The Subtlety of Taoism Is Unique and Special

76 One Should Always Stand Up Against Injustice

77 Cheating Is a Disease

78 The Hardest Thing Is to Return Someone’s Favor

79 A Sad Dog

80 A Weird Disease

81 Chinese Medicine Should Be Decocted by People

82 Stone Flower Irony Plum Blossom

83 Gather Nimbus of All Shapes to Form a World

84 Sighing Admirer

85 Curing Seriously

86 A Hero Beaten by a Piece of Paper

87 A Bird Called Da Xia

88 Elixir, Third Grade Standard

89 Full of Hur

90 A Bowl of Glossy Ganoderma Soup

91 Ring Out the Old Year and Ring in the New Year

92 To Survivors Who Worry Too Much

93 Cold Evil Went into Internal Organs

94 Gold in the Sands, Moon in the Clouds

95 Virtuous Hearts Were Dying as Time Went by, How Would People Keep a Solemn Promise?

96 The Murderous Tibetan Mastiff

97 Turn to Any Doctor One Can Find When Critically Ill

98 Excellent Chinese Medical Practitioners Were Like Saints

99 A Distinguished Gues

100 A Hundred Days, a Hundred People

101 Illness Begone Like the Unreeling Silk Thread

102 Blazing like a Fire

103 Calm the Nerves and Reduce Pain

104 Arriving with the Wind, Leaving with the Rain

105 Aniseed Tree Roo

106 Simple, Yet Powerful Medicine

107 An Uncured Illness, a Wildfire Still Ablaze

108 Saying Thanks, Sighing in Obedience

109 A Small Shop with a Lot of Hear

110 Give and Take, a Lasting Relationship

111 Stars were High Up in the Sky, Like Integration of Knowledge

112 Six Untreatable Types

113 Born from a Rock, Grown from a Rock

114 Flower Scent Treats Illnesses, Gossip Calms Minds

115 Some Food Could Worsen the Illness; the Battle Array was in Basic Shape

116 Instability Arises in a Mixed Company of Good and Bad People

117 To Deliberately Provoke, Start from People Close By

118 Blocked Collaterals Are Like Blocked River Streams

119 Anger in the Heart, Roar Like a Lion

120 Deep at Night, Swaying Knife

121 A Couple of Greetings, a Cup of Tea

122 An Invitation to a House Call

123 Car Racing was Like Asking to be Killed.

124 The Rustling Wind Rises and the Remote Array Is Made

125 Hidden Real Immortals

126 No More than Three in a Month, No More than Nine in a Year

127 Method of Attacking and Killing

128 Nine Yangs and One Yin

129 National Divine Physicians—A Rarity

130 Money may be Easy to earn, but a Beautiful Woman is Difficult to Obtain

131 Learning a Skill

132 Making a Scene and Arguing Daily

133 Smell the Tea

134 Some Disease Could Only be Cured By a Gynecologis

135 Kang Wood and a Miserable Rooster

136 A Kind Family May Not Have Good Fortune

137 If the Heavens Didn’t Help, I’d Help

138 Highest Grade of Color, Aroma, and Shape

139 Work Too Much, Too Tired, Too Hard

140 Internal Qi was Like Running River, Achieving the Great by Doing Little

141 This Lady Is So Pretty

142 Life was Like a Movie, But I was not a Good Actor

143 Delivering Medicine that was Neither Cold nor Mild

144 A Knife Hiding Behind the Smile

145 An Unexpected Invitation

146 You Can Choose to Believe or Disbelieve, But I Can Choose to Treat or Not to Trea

147 The Deities in Heaven Transferred Their Skills to Me

148 Seven Star Herb Cabinets and Sanyang Powder

149 Shocked by the Price

150 Monarch, Minister, Assistant, and Guide

151 Accomplish a Great Task with Little Effort Using Clever Maneuvers and Fists that Represent Justice

152 Why Should I be Afraid When I was Right?

153 This Array is Activated

154 Blooming Flowers were Like Fire, the Nature of Herbs was Pure Yang

155 Happiness Hits the Roof

156 Nimbus in All Directions, a Stream of Spring Water

157 Perfect Supplement and Harmonization of Yin and Yang

158 The Money was Still There, But the Person Had Gone

159 The Living Dead Opium Addic

160 Why Do You have Tears in Your Eyes

161 Doing the Best One Could in Matters of Life and Death

162 No Vows, but Chit-chats

163 Prolonged Illness Spells Death. No Desire or Demand

164 Messing Around for No Good

165 Light a Lamp in The Midst of Hopelessness

166 Proud to be a Gossip

167 Panicking All Day Had Become the Order of the Day

168 Beautiful Night, but Disgusting Couple

169 A Pill That Could Avoid Death and Prolong Life

170 Inviting a Well-Known Doctor from Thousands of Miles Away

171 The Boat Met with A Storm. On the Verge of Death

172 The Flashes and Shadows of Swords Created Jianghu

173 A Bowl of Medicine, Multiple Needles

174 It was Dangerous in Jianghu, One Must Be Careful

175 My Sassy Aun

176 Small Disease, Desperation

177 Treating Disease and Checking Feng Shui

178 Qi Bo Classics, Tui Na Massage Therapy

179 A Book of Hundreds of Years, A Profound Kung Fu Scripture

180 A Guest from the North, Travelling South over the Mountains

181 A Weird Hill and A Person in Trouble

182 Challenge, The Interesting Things That He Has Yet to See

183 Acupuncture Could Save a Life Which Couldn’t Be Saved by God

184 20 Years of Extravagance, Three Years of Living like the Dead

185 Living in Hell

186 First meeting in Beijing

187 Harmonizing Internal Organs and Unblocking Meridians

188 Meeting Familiar Faces in a Distant Place, a Fortuitous Encounter

189 It was not Easy to Make a Living, Only Limited Assistance could be Offered

190 Calling Out, Who’s That Beside Me?

191 Pie Falling from the Sky and a Free Meal

192 Ascending The Great Wall at Night, One Fist to Split the Air

193 Gift from the God, Return to Nanshan Hill

194 Plain and Simple, Drop by Drop

195 Soft Wind and Mild Rain, Nothing Was Like Before

196 Acupuncture to Prolong Life, Drinking Poison to Quench Thirs

197 When Will You Return, Leisurely Nanshan Hill

198 Listening to the Sound, Smelling the Odor, and Making a Diagnosis

199 Single Man and Single Woman Separated by a Single Door

200 Showing Off One’s Strength, Draining One’s Body Dry

201 Unblocking Blood Vessels to Activate Blood, Smoothing the Ligaments and Unblocking the Meridians

202 Rohdea Japonica and Lingshanji

203 Overpowering medicinal strength, expelling the poisons

204 Establishing after Breaking, Going Beyond the Limit Was as Bad as Falling Shor

205 A Bumpy Road, and Love at First Sigh

206 Drinking Tea, Appreciating Music, and Learning Martial Arts

207 A Pot of Tea and A Glass of Wine

208 A Woman’s Blood and Tears, Is She Crazy or Stupid

209 Wait a While Longer

210 Sometimes We Were Far Apart, but Our Hearts Were in Close Proximity; Sometimes We Were Close, but Our Hearts Were Far Apar

211 Rushing for Time

212 Time to Get Serious and Teach Them a Lesson

213 Sighs

214 The fame of the doctor

215 Magical Monk

216 Leaving the World of Mortals, Getting out of the Miserable World

217 Trivia

218 Natural is the bes

219 Wonderful Time with a Fine Scenery, but Where were the Flowers Looking Like Snow

220 Nothing to do with Medicine

221 A Guest Coming from Thousands of Miles Away Wanted a Meeting

222 Stealing Dogs and Children

223 Not Good Enough

224 A Shabby Cottage

225 Visiting Beijing Again

226 These Luxuries Seem Fancy, But It All Means Nothing

227 Bring a Skeleton Back to Life

228 Mentored by the Gods Above

229 There Was No Immortal Person in This World

230 Making Body Light but Not Old

231 The Illness was Beyond Cure

232 What I Thought of Mental Illness

233 Generous Gif

234 Snatch a Little Leisure from a Busy Life

235 Chores

236 Completely Harmless

237 All Is Good

238 Leisurely

239 Get-together

240 Nanshan Hill Was Burn

241 Unforgivable By Principle, I Am Kind By Blood

242 Went for Wool and Came Home Shorn

243 Tonight Had Nothing To Do With Affairs

244 A Gentle Kiss

245 The Rain in the Hill

246 Evolving Sky, Evolving Ground

247 Vicious Inciden

248 Drinking at Nigh

249 Roundup, A Sleepless Nigh

250 Night War, Demons

251 An Exper

252 Distant Relatives, Close Neighbors

253 Cave Heaven and Blessed Land, Promoting Longevity

254 Cutting All the Temptations

255 Blessed Relationship

256 I Could Heal This Disease

257 Family Affection

258 Licorice Roots

259 An Inseparable Couple

260 Some Chores, Friends were More Important than Family

261 What a Pity That His Kindness Went to Waste

262 The Sky of Beijing Was Not Nice

263 No Humans Were Immortal

264 It Was Not the Right Time for a Sensual Romance

265 It Was Cool Outside but Hot Inside, the Organs Were Burning

266 Acting Had Nothing to Do With Age

267 A Teenager Should Not Be Too Arrogan

268 Frost Grass

269 Blazing Like a Fire

270 Destroying Thousands of People in Order to Save One Person

271 Home Cooked Dishes and Beauty

272 A Place Full of Trouble

273 Mountain Wilderness

274 Two Skies On a Mountain

275 Holding the River with One Stick

276 A Good Day to Begin the Construction

277 Bringing a Teapot from Thousands of Miles Away

278 I Had a Method, There Was No Harm in Trying

279 Once the Medicine Was Used, the Illness Disappeared

280 It Was So Hard to Live

281 Two Cassia Trees In Front of the Door With A Bunch of Flowers in the Courtyard

282 A Collection of Acupuncture Prescriptions

283 Could There Be Kindness in This World?

284 A Gentleman on the Outside with a Heart of a Scum

285 Thinking About Life While Staring at Someone’s Crotch

286 Let’s Be Heroes For Once?

287 Okay, I’m Here to Look for Trouble.

288 I Felt Like Crying

289 Complicated Things, New Medicine

290 Nine Herbs Pill

291 Spread the News a Hundred Miles Away

292 Initial Clinical Assessmen

293 Graveyard, Feng Shui?

294 Sexually Transmitted Disease

295 A girl Who Used to be Pretty

296 You Were a Quack

297 Your Crotch was Bleeding

298 Big Pill

299 Everything Was Dry

300 Acting Under the Sun

301 I Wanted to Get You

302 A Very Beautiful Woman

303 Turning For No Reason

304 A Villa in the Mountains

305 One Should be Cautious When Cheating

306 Herbs of Southern Yunnan

307 Who Was Arrogant? Who Was Frivolous?

308 Trouble Had Arrived

309 Law? Hah!

310 A Leisurely Scumbag

311 Be Aggressive, Not Stupid

312 Non-stop Life, Non-stop Burping

313 Here Because Of Fame

314 The Conscience of a Doctor

315 Being Laughed at by Other Gangsters

316 Conspiracy

317 Can You Treat Infertility?

318 The Rapidly Growing Wormwood

319 No More Grudge After a Glass of Wine

320 You Were Loved By the Gods

321 Peeping at the Doctor over the Wall

322 Erectile Dysfunction

323 Sang Yao Medical Book

324 Plant It Yourself

325 Burn Some Spiritual Money to Communicate with the Dead

326 One Decoction, Immediate Effec

327 Have Diarrhea for Another Two Days

328 So Ordinary

329 Spot Checked

330 Come Back Here Right Now

331 A Man’s Tears

332 You Were A Dog

333 See A Doctor In A Group

334 Where Was Your Direction, Mr. Tumor

335 Dying and at Death’s Door

336 Knowing the Tricks

337 Initial Effect of the Medicine

338 It Could Be Yin and Yang, It Could Be Strong and Gentle

339 Formless

340 Lived Up to the Expectations

341 Thrombosis

342 Geniuses Exist in This World

343 Limpid and Coquettish Eyes of a Woman

344 A Wish to Live Longer

345 Was This Not Crazy

346 Shameless

347 Soft and Fragran

348 How Amazing It Was to Treat Illnesses with Neigong

349 Being Weird Was Also an Illness

350 Blowing of the Wind

351 Getting Mad as Usual

352 Fire

353 Going to the Toilet Without a Toilet Roll

354 A Big Show

355 Funeral

356 Justice Had Been Served

357 Stubborn, Docile, and Obedien

358 Wind and Rain

359 Striving for Vindication?

360 Queueing up to Wai

361 Telling Life or Death by One Glance

362 A World Three Feet Away from His Body

363 Having Diarrhea to the Extent of Holding the Wall for Suppor

364 Surprise! Someone Was Able to Stand Up

365 A Stream in the Fire

366 It Was Destiny

367 Zhou Yi References

368 Jade

369 Kung Fu Dream

370 Water in Beihai

371 Multitasking, Contradictory Dual Skill

372 Forgive Me, Buddha

373 Capturing Bullets

374 A Cunning Person

375 Holding Wind and Rain in Hands

376 Changing the Secretive Scripture

377 Old Shop

378 No Title

379 You Were Really Shameless

380 This Slap

381 One Would Never Feel Lonely Here

382 One Slap, One Wall

383 Fine, I Was Wrong

384 Ganodermalucidum

385 Vigorous Blood

386 Had to Do Something

387 Was It Not Awesome to Not Have Any Injections and Medication?

388 Worship the Buddha in the Middle of the Nigh

389 Chores

390 Great Benevolence

391 The Village and the Beauty

392 Dancing Ethereally Under the Peach Blossom Tree

393 Losing Money on Treatmen

394 Two Families Had Collapsed

395 A Roar in the Sky and the Shattering Earth

396 Qi was Flowing All Over the Body

397 The Panic Spread

398 Running at Nigh

399 Chores and Disasters

400 Why Not Be Shameless When People Get Old?

401 Bow to the Sky

402 Having Soup

403 A Person Shouldn’t Be too Shameless

404 White Swallow Landed on the Beach, Dog Ate Its Own Shi

405 What Was the Situation?

406 A Condition That Couldn’t Be Found

407 It Was More Nerve-Wracking to Stay at Home

408 Coming for the Fame

409 Planning a Charity

410 An Unwilling Compromise

411 The Wind Was Rustling and It Was as Warm as Spring

412 A Guest from Beijing

413 Purchasing a House in the Village

414 Face the Terrible Illness

415 A Formula Containing a Big Variety of High Quality Herbs

416 Timing and Destiny

417 When to Visit the Ancient City

418 Call Him Sir

419 It Didn’t Make Any Sense

420 Who Was Silly? Who Was Naive?

421 Having Meat with Soy Sauce

422 A Dead Man

423 Becoming Deaf

424 No Title

425 A Guest Came in a Snowy Day

426 Strange Disease, Amazing Herbs

427 Stealing Patients from the Hospital

428 One Road, Half for Self, Half for the Others

429 Surging Waves

430 Seeing Again Without Smiling But Hatred

431 Less Than a God

432 Parasites, All Parasites

433 A Leaky Boat Unfortunately Sailed Against the Wind

434 There Was a Master Hiding Behind a Village

435 He Must Be a God

436 Rain Brought By Spring Breeze

437 The Opening Ceremony On a Lucky Day

438 A Skyrocket to the Sky

439 A Mix of Winter and Spring

440 Bits and Pieces

441 Coming in a Snowy Day

442 Do I Have to Take Medication?

443 A Grave in the House

444 A Stone with an Herbal Effec

445 Strange Diseases and Addiction

446 Taking a Trip Far Away from Home for Peace of Mind

447 Where There Was a Soft Mother, There Was a Useless Son

448 Enough Money to Seek Trouble, but No Money for Medical Treatmen

449 I was Swinging on the Road

450 Peace of Mind Leads to a Healthy Body

451 The Gift Might Be Small, but the Goodwill Was Deep

452 Getting into the Role Fas

453 Asking for Trouble

454 Some People Deserve Punishmen

455 Acupuncture and Moxibustion

456 The Situation Was Different Now

457 She Was Tied to See the Doctor

458 See a Ghost in the Daytime

459 Failing to Tell the Good From the Bad, and Ungrateful

460 Some Strange Changes

461 Feeling Helpless

462 I Wanted to Learn Medicine from You

463 Almost an Apprentice

464 Poisonous Insects

465 A Piece of Grass to Eradicate Poisonous Insects

466 Messy Hair in the Wind

467 Take Him as My Teacher

468 Couldn’t Stand Excessive Hea

469 Chaos

470 Overwhelmingly Controlled and Targeted All without Any Difference

471 Raging Like a Storm

472 Losing Your Soul at the Sight of Her

473 There Were Flies

474 Tai Shang Qin Scripture

475 Found a Moment of Leisure in a Busy Day

476 Guru

477 Completely Unprepared

478 You Should Know It. Professional!

479 Storm at Nigh

480 The Dropped Blood Was Silen

481 A Person with Astonishing talent, A God Living on the Earth

482 It Was the Angry Fist after the Rainstorm

483 It Did Not End Ye

484 Lion or Dog?

485 Where Did the Insects Come from?

486 A Young Man Who Failed to Control Himself

487 Hanging Out with Blood

488 Treat Patients in a Capricious Way

489 Insects in the Stomach

490 The Taste of Marrow Was Addictive

491 Only Oneself to Blame

492 Could Not Live

493 Patrolling at Nigh

494 Go Up to the Mountain to See a God

495 Xian Qiuluo

496 Wave

497 You Had to Wai

498 What a Busy Day

499 Expecting Death

500 See Blossoms Again in a Warm Spring

501 Loads of Nonsense

502 Looking for Treatmen

503 Pursue Benefits and Reputations

504 A White Tiger Had Beaten the Green Dragon

505 Watch Qi to Know He Was Like a God in the Sky

506 Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine

507 A Strange Place

508 A Decaying Body Without Vigor

509 Paying for Life

510 No Plan

511 Who Could I Speak to?

512 Respectable Guests Paid a Visit on a Lucky Day

513 A Monk in a Mountainous Temple

514 As Long As She Was Happy

515 A Prosperous Place Might Be a Big Cage

516 Visiting Again

517 The Wind

518 Promotion Could Only Be Got by Righteousness

519 Testing a New Formula

520 Look Around

521 Talking about an Outstanding Young Man

522 Gifts in the New Year

523 It Was Too Trivial

524 Traveling Far from Home

525 Dry Grass in Winter, Chirping Cicadas in Autumn

526 Almost There

527 The Joy of Surprise

528 First Meeting

529 The Person Making Too Much Effort Was Untrustworthy

530 Youngsters Should be a Bit Conceited

531 Ten Wicked Diseases and Connection Ointmen

532 Plain as Water

533 It Was a Medical Center, Not a Martial Arts Museum

534 The Best Kung Fu Master Was Here

535 In a Hurry

536 An Unfilial Son

537 Drunk at Nigh

538 A Benign Father Was Like a Mountain

539 A Bad Person Will be Punished

540 Nemesis

541 Who Was Impressed by the Rockhenge?

542 It Was a Mountain and a Battle Array

543 Adding Insult to Injury

544 It Was too Late for the Prodigal

545 The Decoction Was as Precious as Jade

546 You Were So Manic

547 It Was Up to the Doctor to Treat the Patient or no

548 The Older the More Shameless

549 Extending Life Expectancy with Money

550 Regaining the Name of Traditional Chinese Pharmacis

551 The First Time to Hear the Name of King Pharmacis

552 A Bird Was Dead the Other Day

553 Leaving with Determination

554 Intruder

555 A Black Snake as a Housekeeper

556 Stealing the Decoction

557 Meeting the King Pharmacis

558 Famous but Weird

559 The King Pharmacis

560 Dreaming too Much

561 Ghos

562 He Was a God

563 I Am Not the Buddha

564 Alcohol Is No Good for Health

565 The Old Man

566 Was It Great? Did It Hurt?

567 Painful, But Have to Live

568 Prolonging One’s Life

569 Happiness Lies in Contentmen

570 Big But Trivial Matters

571 Hurriedly Seeking Treatmen

572 Precious

573 Unbelievable!

574 Sweat like Oil

575 The Hill Had a Soul

576 Fraud

577 Are You Joking? I’m not Afraid of Anyone!

578 A Dead Man

579 Guardians of the Mountain

580 A Mad Sheep in A Horrible Nigh

581 Someone Cares About Nothing

582 Chaos

583 Be Bewitched at Nigh

584 Fierce

585 Living Dead

586 Arrival

587 Rising

588 Coming in the Rain

589 Jumping, Skipping, and Gnawing

590 A Compliant Rabbi

591 Rats

592 The Test at Nigh

593 Collapse

594 A Prescription to Kill the Deadly Bacteria

595 Let Me Do I

596 The Decoction Was Effective

597 Escaping

598 Receiving the Praise with Shame

599 Where Is Home?

600 The Village Would Almost be Empty

601 Pine Trees

602 Pests Together with the Mice

603 External Power

604 Anorexia

605 What to Do

606 Bear the Hurt by Myself

607 What Would You Do?

608 Even Buddha Needed a Donation

609 A Rare Nice Dream

610 Guests

611 New Tea Leaves and Old Friends

612 A Woman from Jiangnan

613 The Wind Blew Again

614 Inspection

615 Playing with Him

616 Hard to Control

617 Feeling Bored

618 Background? So What?

619 Trembling Hearing the Roar

620 Enough Was Enough

621 Planting Trees as a Wall

622 Disability Caused by Longtime Mobility Problems

623 Getting Better in Three Days without Taking Medication or Injection

624 A Sleeping Person Awakening Every Three Days

625 Rain on the Empty Hill

626 As Happy as a Twittering Bird

627 The Clouds Were Gathering

628 Versatile Tonic

629 Calm but Poten

630 Craving for Pain

631 What a Coincidence!

632 The Kindness of Saving a Life Might Not Be Remembered

633 Seeing the Light Again Overnigh

634 I Like You

635 I Will Be Fine

636 One Needle

637 Incised Wound

638 Nightmare

639 Poisonous Insects Reappeared

640 The Fantastic Doctor Watching Qi

641 Moving Ou

642 Xiaowei

643 Black Clothes in the Dark Nigh

644 Personal Relationship

645 The Copper Skin

646 The Growing Mountain

647 Burn My Own Fingers

648 The Master Was So Capable

649 Money Could Even Bribe God

650 Sir, Compete With Him

651 Resentment Rose from Now On

652 What Was It For?

653 What Was the Point of Living?

654 Pursue Death When the Heart Is Dead

655 Medical Troublemakers Engaged by a Bad Son

656 Enclose the Land

657 This Hill, This Place

658 I Want to Marry Her

659 Pharmaceutical Company

660 Get-together

661 A Sincere Invitation

662 A Guest in the Rain

663 I Miss You

664 Escaping Lectures

665 Dating

666 Cold Wind at Nigh

667 Having a Good Time in Beijing with A Beautiful Girl

668 Being Angry as the Night Came

669 No Turning Back, No Regre

670 Distinguished Feng Shui of Tianshou

671 OK, My Princess

672 Take Action When in Good Favor

673 Kind People Always Have Good Luck

674 Time Passed Quickly

675 Two Hearts were Getting Closer

676 Nanshan Medicine

677 A Strange Patien

678 A Person Died in the Clinic

679 Repent! Scumbags!

680 Cut Off All Old Ties

681 The Gangsters Who Had Been All Over China and Experienced All Sort of Things

682 Being Drugged

683 The Great Thieves Hang the Little Ones

684 Three Men Were Killed by A Peach

685 Appeal in the Cour

686 We Were Going to Succeed

687 What Was More Important? Money or Life?

688 Regre

689 At That Moment, He Was the Buddha

690 Drunk Talks

691 A Stubborn Old Man

692 Could Not Be Cured

693 Whoever Disrespected Life Would Receive Karma

694 Dreams

695 Water

696 Pleaded Guilty

697 What a Shame!

698 Recognized the Defea

699 Chose the Location

700 Surveying and Mapping Event on Nanshan

701 Fixing the Road, Crossing the Hill

702 Miss You Again

703 Sorry to Disappoint You

704 Soft and Cool

705 Using Public Property for Personal Purpose

706 Diarrhea

707 One Should Stay Away from the Hea

708 The Stranger in the Rain

709 Although the Death Penalty Was Spared, Severe Punishment Needed to Be Carried Ou

710 I Wanted to eat his heart and liver

711 Too Easy

712 Kill Them

713 It was Quiet on Nanshan Hill at Nigh

714 As High as Several Floors

715 Evil Souls

716 A Capricious Reason

717 Evil Ghost and Buddha’s Warrior

718 Lifeless

719 Asking for Trouble

720 Pain Was not the Worst Thing

721 You, Be Careful

722 Professional Masters

723 It Would Be Better to Have a Few Deaths

724 Professional and Strange

725 Everyone Could Be Selfish

726 Kung Fu and Magic Arts

727 Nothing Was More Important than Life

728 Defeat the Devil

729 Second to None

730 Something with 400 Years of History

731 The Scary Zombies

732 Soul Repressing Tower

733 Everyone Had Their Own Agenda

734 Xyster

735 An Experienced Womanizer

736 Lion Roar

737 The Pharmacist’s Order

738 Worm-stone

739 Teaching Boxing

740 Having Only Yourself to Blame

741 A Lot of Rules

742 Very Difficult to Look for You

743 I’m the One Who Caused His Illness

744 Remember the Favor

745 The Smell on You

746 Poison Concep

747 Borrowing Feng Shui

748 It Was Easier to Meet than Saying Goodbye

749 Flying Over the Hill with You

750 So That’s I

751 What Is the Door?

752 Money Worked

753 As Long As You Are Happy

754 Feeling Refreshing After Smelling

755 Cartilage Fragrance

756 Why Was It Me?

757 Never Take Promises Too Seriously

758 Too Exciting

759 A Night Snake

760 Depends on My Mood

761 Give It A Try

762 Special Taste

763 Miscellaneous Stuff

764 Knife-bearing Friend

765 Huge Third Wheel

766 Ruins and Broken Walls

767 Honey, You’re Finally Back

768 Slapped to Death

769 Try I

770 Talking to a Wall

771 Medication That Didn’t Taste Bitter

772 Prepare for the Figh

773 Encounter

774 Fake Death

775 How Is He?

776 Brave Winds and Waves

777 A Pill, Rushing 1,000 Miles to the Rescue

778 Walking Dead

779 Don’t Worry, I’m Here.

780 A Little Shor

781 Looks Good on the Surface

782 I’ve Agreed to Your Sincere Invitation

783 Of Course He Can Be Saved

784 Queuing Up Early in the Morning

785 What an Unpleasant Person!

786 Very Busy

787 I Don’t Accept Defeat, but I’m Scared

788 How Arrogant, but I Like I

789 Amazing

790 Knowing Medicines

791 I'm Just Joking

792 Let’s Have a Cordial Working Relationship

793 What an Old Fox

794 Magnanimity

795 You’re so Talented