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Table of contents - Birth of a beauty

1 Such an ugly duckling!

2 Why am i so unlucky?!

3 She wasnot alone

4 It looks like Staue of Liberty!!

5 You are the most beautiful girl

6 I was born like this!!

7 I am sorry again

8 "Won't you say goodbye to your father?!"

9 Bro San is so ho

10 They are like bees buzzing over a sweet flower.

11 I even didn't know i had so many favourite things.

12 What is so good in him?!

13 They bumped into eachother.

14 Are you fine?!

15 You look cute when you make that face..

16 Fell into his trap!!

17 Not again..Not anymore..

18 You almost got us to death just now

19 Virus-Free

20 The biggest mystery of our school.

21 Lu San and Li Seulbi.

22 Your lion is coming for you.

23 Take help from your father,Ok?!

24 What on earth is wrong with him

25 I am really guilty.

26 A responsible father.

27 Sansan, You came dear.

28 Listen to your brain than to your heart..

29 Wake up, child..

30 Face the reality..

31 Treat her like he always did..

32 Father snatcher..

33 My Little Dumplings..

34 First one to taste my first cooking..

35 Jesus help me..

36 Modern goddess descending from Lamborghini..

37 Cool or Cute?

38 Studying with a criminal..

39 You will pay for it..

40 Not a witch but very rich..

41 Pour the garbage..

42 He Left Just Like That..

43 Right now, I am single

44 The frog and The prince..

45 We could have gone together.

46 You reap what you sow..

47 Go away..Your breath stinks.

48 Beloved Bully boy is in love!

49 Great chance to get close to Lu San

50 True Love is indeed blind..

51 I will protect her

52 Am I a gay?

53 He really disliked calculating b*tch like her.

54 Lin Xueqing and Quan Long 1

55 Lin Xueqing and Quan Long 2

56 Lin Xueqing and Quan Long 3

57 Quan Long and Lin Xueqing 4

58 Sending her men over rather than calling him..

59 This is gonna be really fun..

60 Too Biased Towards Li Seulbi

61 Su Yumi's Birthday

62 The Megamax Fashion Show 1

63 The Megamax Fashion show 2

64 The Megamax Fashion Show 3

65 The Megamax Fashion show 4

66 The Megamax Fashion show Final

67 I want to marry you

68 Don't look at me like that!

69 I'll leave this house with you

70 I have faith in you.

71 What actually happened..

72 Our Dear Bro San is injured!!

73 The work is messed up.

74 He destroyed the trust.

75 Go and break your another leg.

76 It was truly an accident..

77 Why are you so late?

78 Nanny Sui's Granddaughters

79 Don't make a small matter big.

80 The whole school is aware about that!

81 Mind if i join you?

82 Don't bother with their words..

83 Maybe he likes her..

84 Don't get happy too soon