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264 – A Sword Strike to the Belly  - Mechanical God Emperor

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When the star-like sword rays lit up, it seemed as if countless stars carrying an aura of destruction fell into the secular world. Everyone at the scene was shocked when they saw the star-like sword rays, and they couldn’t help but feel a sense of dejection.

The frightening star-like sword rays had just emerged, when a sword gently pierced into the midst of the star-like sword rays, and broke the countless sword rays.

The star-like sword rays kept lighting up and collapsing.

Every time Edith’s swordsmanship was broken, he would be forced a few steps back, spit a mouthful of blood, and look paler. Even though he was a peerless genius and had exceptional swordsmanship, yet he still could not withstand a blow from a Sacred Swordsman.

Faldina’s beautiful eyes were cold, as she silently recited an incantation. She gathered her spirit, when suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her head. With the splitting headache, she was not able to conjure the spell. Her gaze fell on Yang Feng, and she saw Yang Feng smile at her contemptuously.

Faldina wanted to say something, but when she saw that Edith was in a desperate struggle, she fell silent again. She was a very intelligent person, and knew that she could not disturb Edith right now.

The other members of the sword of justice secret force in the room stood quietly aside, they had no intentions to go arrest Faldina. Only when he personally captured Faldina, could Edith get rid of the accusation that the Hansen Family colluded with the witch of the Titan Empire.

Edith’s sword rays were broken 24 times in a row by Dassault. There was more and more blood covering his body, and his vision grew more and more blurry.

When the star-like sword rays lit up for the 25th time, the countless sword rays carried a trace of the power of law. The countless star light glimmered and instantly gathered into a star sword surrounded by star light, and clashed with Dassault’s sword.

Ding!! With a loud noise, the sword of the Sacred Swordsman Dassault was deflected.

“Sacred Swordsman boundary!! He actually had a breakthrough amid battle and reached the Sacred Swordsman boundary!!” Dassault’s eyes flashed with shock, and he exclaimed.

Ever since he was little, Edith, the first successor of the Hansen Family, was a genius at treading the martial path, and even more so at the sword path. Even Dassault did not expect that the former would get promoted to a Sacred Swordsman so quickly, that he would have a flash of insight amid battle and advance to a Sacred Swordsman.

Even on the Feisuo Plane, people who could have a breakthrough amid battle were considered to be geniuses among geniuses and freak-like existences.

Although Edith forced Dassault back, but he didn’t continue to pursue the other party. His eyes flashed with a killing intent as deep as the sea. He had star-like sword rays light up, as he mercilessly stabbed at Yang Feng, who stood aside with a smile on his face. He didn’t have to guess to know that the reason why the sword of justice special force came here had something to do with Yang Feng.

Dassault’s eyes flashed a few times, as his thoughts revolved lightning fast. He placed a hand on his chest and forced himself to spit out a mouthful of blood. He watched the star-like sword rays stab towards Yang Feng, and a glint of delight was revealed in the abyss of his eyes.

The area within 10 meters was the domain of a Sacred Swordsman!

Once a Sacred Swordsman closed the distance to within 10 meters of their opponent, even Legend Wizard and Great Warlock rank powerhouses would be instakilled if they didn’t prepare some spells beforehand!

In Dassault’s view, Yang Feng, a Great Wizard (others had yet to find out that he already promoted to an ‘Archwizard’), was a dead man!

Yang Feng looked at the star-like sword rays, and praised sincerely in secret: “Amazing! So this is a genius among genius, a born leading character! He actually managed to break through a major realm amid battle, so badass!”

The way Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane and beings from other planes practiced cultivation was different. Every time the cultivation of Wizards advanced by a major realm, they had to find a safe place to absorb countless magic energy and condense an even more powerful spell model in their spirit sea. It was impossible for them to gain a flash of insight amid battle and break through a major realm.

Just at the moment when everyone thought that Yang Feng was a dead man, a brilliant lightning-like sword ray pierced at the star-like sword rays from behind Yang Feng.

Boom!! With a loud blare, the star-like sword rays were shattered directly and Edith took a few steps back with a look of incredulity on his face

All eyes focused on the space behind Yang Feng.

A person slowly walked out from behind Yang Feng! It was the Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius!

When Dassault saw Cassius, his pupils constricted slightly, and he whispered: “Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius! He sided with Ian!!”

When the members of the sword of justice special force present saw the Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius behind Yang Feng, their complexions suddenly changed dramatically, and their eyes were filled with fear and graveness.

The Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius was definitely one of the top Sacred Swordsmen in the St. Tulan City, and his achievements on the sword path were terrifying and even slightly better than Dassault’s.

Edith had a look of incredulity on his face. As if he had seen his idol get corrupted, he said grievously: “Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius, you sided with Ian. A grand Sacred Swordsman sided with Ian and became his hunting dog. What about the integrity of a Sacred Swordsman!!”

“Integrity of a Sacred Swordsman!” Cassius chuckled to himself and looked at Edith as if he was looking at an innocent child. Previously, he never agreed to side with other aristocrats because the price they offered was too low.

The Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius was born into an ordinary commoner family. By relying on his talent in swordsmanship and paying countless blood, tears, and sweat, he treaded the sword path until he became a Sacred Swordsman.

In the Morrince Empire, where the hierarchy was paramount, the status of a Sacred Swordsman was only slightly higher than that of an ordinary aristocrat. However, there was no comparison between the status of a Sacred Swordsman and that of a greater aristocrat.

Aristocratic children like Edith naturally didn’t know that what many commoner Sacred Swordsmen desired the most was to become hereditary peer greater aristocrats. Of course, very few Sacred Swordsmen could achieve this goal.

Now that Cassius got an opportunity to become a greater aristocrat by using his matchless swordsmanship, he naturally wouldn’t let it slip past his fingers.

Cassius said plainly: “I am Earl Ian’s retainer. Anyone who wants to harm Sir Ian must ask the sword in my hand first!”

Edith’s eyes flashed with despair.

Against 2 Sacred Swordsmen joining hands, Edith, who was an injured newly promoted Sacred Swordsman, didn’t stand a chance.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with killing intent, and he said coldly: “Sir Dassault, Edith is stubbornly resisting arrest and shields the witch of the Titan Empire. I think that he should be executed on the spot. Otherwise, I will report to His Majesty everything that happened today.”

Edith was able to have a breakthrough amid battle. Such a person was absolutely a genius among geniuses, and could be rated as a freak-like powerhouse. Since this powerhouse was an enemy of Yang Feng’s, it would be best to have him die as soon as possible.

Dassault’s complexion changed slightly, his eyes flashed with a look of struggle, he turned to stare at Edith, and his gaze became more and more gloomy.

Dassault had made a name for himself a long time ago and was a Sacred Swordsman at his prime, after all. If he hadn’t been lenient, Edith would have already died 10 times over.

Although Dassault was one of the 5 tycoons of the sword of justice, but he could not hide the truth from others, after all. If Edith continued to resist, for the sake of his future prospect and his family, Dassault could only go against his wishes, arrest Edith and Faldina together, and make a truthful report.

“Edith, what are you doing? Why haven’t you captured the witch of the Titan Empire and offered her to His Majesty yet?” Isere stepped into the room unhurriedly. His gaze brushed past Yang Feng as well as Cassius standing beside him and ultimately fell on Edith, and he said sternly.

Edith’s eyes flashed with a trace of fear and he said loudly: “Father, she is my…”

Isere glared at Edith and barked: “Shut up! She is a witch of the Titan Empire, and she was judged to be a criminal by His Majesty. If you don’t capture her, the Hansen Family may likely get destroyed!! Think about your mother, your sister, your uncle, your aunt, and your adorable little nephews who love you the most. Do you want them to lose their lives just because of you?! Do you want to destroy our Hansen Family because of this witch?!”

When he heard that, Edith immediately felt cold all over his body, as if he had fallen into an ice cave. His face was pale and his body was trembling nonstop. The smiling faces of his relatives in the Hansen Family swept past his mind, and he felt a mountain-like pressure. The sword in his hand tremble, and he no longer had the resolve and strength from before.

Faldina silently looked at Edith with a pale face. She didn’t plead or express anger, but just looked at her lover and awaited his judgement.

Isere snapped: “The life and death, honor and disgrace of the over 100,000 people of the Hansen Family can be decided by a thought from you. Capture her, this is the only glimmer of hope for the Hansen Family!! Edith, capture her!!”

Edith’s mind was in a state confusion and his body trembled nonstop.

Isere barked: “Think about your mother, Edith, think about your mother!!”

Edith thought of his mother, who showered him with love ever since he was little and paid god knows how much blood, tears, and sweat for his sake. His mind was in a turmoil. His sword shook and pierced into Faldina’s belly.

Drops of scarlet-red blood flowed down from Faldina’s belly, and, like scarlet-red flowers, bloomed with a desolate beauty.

Faldina’s beautiful, big eyes became clouded and were completely swallowed by despair, only leaving a deathly stillness behind.

Edith looked at the scarlet-red. The sword in his hand fell to the ground, and he screamed with a look of dismay: “No, dear, no, it wasn’t me!”

Isere snapped: “Edith, grab her.”

Isere’s voice seemed to carry a magic power to it. As if hypnotized, Edith inconceivably grabbed Faldina by the shoulder.

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