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"Let's go your lessons will start soon." Scarlet said standing up lending me a hand.

"Yeah, thanks." I replied taking her hand and standing up.

"Same time tomorrow???...." Scarlet asked with a giant smile.

"Sure!!!" I smiled in return.

"Ohhh about your friend Caroline..... I talked to Paul.... he said he will try and do something for her.... if he can't at least save her.... he will try and make her stay there as comfortable as possible." Scarlet said quietly.

"Really???!!" I gasped I shock wondering how long his reach was.

"Yeah he has a few contacts there that owe him a favour." Scarlet nodded.

'.... Ummm do you think I'm too much of a burden on him....??... I keep asking him for things." I asked quietly feeling a little guilty.

"Ohhh.... Emilia... you'll never be a burden..." she chuckled giving me a small nudge.

"I feel like he doing so much for me and I'm doing nothing." I replied quietly to her feeling guilty.

"Don't feel guilty.... you of all people should know that he's a good soul and will help anyone in need. Besides his ability to teleport anywhere he wants means he can get alot done in little to no time." Scarlet explained.

"How do you open portals??... Can you do it??...." I asked curiously.

"I can only teleport to certain locations where an exit rune is setup. Whereas Paul's unique ability allows him to teleport anywhere he wants as long as he's been there and remembers the location." Scarlet answered.

"So no one else has the ability to portal?..." I asked.

"So most spell casters normally have something they are more attuned to.... making them a little stronger at one thing but weaker in another..... Then even rarer is when a spell caster manifest a unique ability.... such as Paul's ability to portal.... there has only been one person with a powerful ability such as that..." Scarlet explained.

"How do you realize you can do something unique like his??...." I asked.

"Hmmm not sure... I haven't got one myself so I wouldn't really know..... That's why the individual that attacked you was so dangerous..... She possessed a unique ability to phase through things.... and there was only one other person in history to show that ability....." Scarlet answered.

"I see.....that sounds extremely dangerous." I replied.

"Yeah it was.... we did learn a lot in the battle though." Scarlet replied.

"What is it's weakness?.." I asked curiously unable to even imagine that ability having a weakness.

"Well... they can only phase their whole body... so they can either let things pass through them or let her interact with things... so if she wanted to hit you…. She would have to make herself tangible so she is now vulnerable to attacks. Also the fact that she retreated from Ashley's Electric grenade might imply that she's using something from Artificing and the fact I can slice her with my blade means that she isn't truly phased into another plane." Scarlet explained.

"Also I saw her Hand dissipate into a black particles." I added.

"Yeah.... we've never seen that before..... Our best bet was something bestowed that to her….. It's common when individuals worship certain Gods the Gods bestow a gift on them…. We assume it was a gift Deity…. But not entirely sure…" Scarlet answered.

"By the way why does Paul and Travis dislike each other?.... wouldn't it better if they both got along?.." I asked.

"Yes it would greatly benefit Atlantis if they did….. but it will never happen." Scarlet replied.

"How comes?.." I questioned

"Hmmmm Paul just dislikes him as a person.... how does Paul describe him..." Scarlet pondered. "Ohh yeah Egotistical, Smug, Born with a silver spoon, looks down on people..... Basically everything Paul despises..... He also see's defeating Paul as a goal rather than a comrade." Scarlet replied.

"What do you think about him?.." I asked.

"Yeah pretty much same as Paul to be honest...." She answered.

"I'm sure he's not so bad once you get to know him..." I questioned.

"Nope... he's a womanizer..... And worst yet for some stupid reason all the girls try and get heart broken and upset... Believe me stay away from him" Scarlet warned me sounding serious.

"They say that he's only staying here because he can't defeat Paul and he's not allowed to return till he beats him.... is that true?.." I asked.

"Yup.... we believe so.... every week without fail for years he's been Challenging Paul for a Duel but Paul refuses until he reaches Rank two position. Also both his sister and brother did that so we assume he would as well." Scarlet answered.

"He can't take Rank two position off you I assume?.." I Asked.

"Yup… he tried once…. It was a no contest…. So I guess he doesn't want to try again to save face." Scarlet answered with a grin.

"But if he can't beat you how on earth does he think he can beat Paul?.." I asked curiously.

"Well Paul beating me doesn't mean that Paul will defiantly beat him….. There are many factors that determine a victory." Scarlet explained.

"Do you think Paul can lose to him then?.." I questioned.

"No way in the nine hells….. Paul would cream him easily if Paul would fight him seriously." Scarlet chuckled.

"Then why would Travis think he has a remote chance of winning?....." I questioned.

"He believes Paul is a coward for not accepting his challenge… so he believes Paul is a weakling because Paul didn't fight his way up to Rank One….. He was placed there by the Headmaster after the previous S-Ranked students graduated and went on to the Kings Guard. So a lot of the previous A+ Ranked students are bitter with Pauls 'Placed' Rank One position." Scarlet clarified.

"He's also known at the Black Dragon Slayer......…" I said still utterly perplexed.

"Well…. Some people argue… that it was a Young Dragon…. And there was no corpse so they also believe he didn't kill it." Scarlet explained.

"Do you think he killed it?.." I asked.

"The truth is he didn't, he merely talked it into doing something else….. Black Dragons are the vilest and evil natured of all the dragon colours… so even that alone is an accolade as Black Dragons will kill lesser foes without remorse." Scarlet explained.

"So he really didn't kill it?.." I asked making sure I understood her answer.

"Nope….. He didn't but if he wanted to I think he would be able to defeat an Adult Dragon easily… maybe even an Elder Dragon." Scarlet added.

"Woah..." I responded in awe imagining how strong Paul has become in such little time.

As we exited the room the alarm sound began ringing in my head. "Ohhh looks like it time to start the day." Scarlet smiled.

"Woah.... that room really is in another dimension...." I replied.

"Dimension???...." Scarlet asked looking confused.

"Where me and Paul come from.... that's what we would call ..... A plane of existence..." I replied but still slightly confused what a plane of existence is...

"Ohhh I see..... Well I'll be heading off got some important things to do..... Take a snack or two from the kitchen...." Scarlet offered.

"Okay" I replied with a smile.

"Ohhh and I'll put in an application for you to join one of the Sporean teams." Scarlet said before leaving the room.

Being alone in the room all the exhaustion hit me like a tidal wave.... every inch of my body aching feeling extremely exhausted. My clothes were drenched in sweat smelling strongly of body odour. Walking into the kitchen I began searching for a snack or two eventually finding some healthy flapjacks and a protein bar. "I guess this can't hurt.... I know all gym junkies eat protein bars...." I said to myself taking them both and a drink bottle before making my way to meet the others.

Stepping out of Paul room towards the exit I hear the gasp of a girl behind me. Quickly turning around dredging the gossip that will come out of this.... the girl was just as shocked and fearful as I was.

She quickly sped past me towards the exit looking extremely scruffy clutching her top close to her chest, looking down trying to hide herself.

Taking a quick check where she came from, Travis leaned was leaning on his door with a cheeky devilish grin ogling his most recent triumph while she scuttled away, wearing nothing but his boxers his entire body resembling a statue of a Greek God.

As he noticed me he quickly turned his gaze and began slowly walking to me with a curious grin his eyes fixated on mine. I could feel my legs weakening the temperature of air rising with each step. "Hey." He said walking extremely close to me forcing me to take a step back into the wall.

"Hi..." I nervously replied my voice quivering in his presence.

"So you're Emilia...." He said scanning my body from top to toe.

"Ummm... yes..." I answered.

He leaned over me his left arm resting on the wall. "Been training????...." he asked and with his right arm picked up a small piece of loose clothing feeling it between his two fingers.

"Ummm... yes....." I replied again.

His head dropped down to my neck. I instinctively moved my head away from him. "You smell nice." he whispered into my ear his warm breath caressing down my neck.

My eyes closed and biting my lip in anticipation as his right hand gripped my waist pushing me into the wall holding me firmly causing me to let out a small muffled moan.

'What are you doing!!!!' I thought to myself remembering the girl earlier and everything the others said about him.

"Stop..." I struggled to mumble fighting my inner urges, my left hand feeling up every ridge up to his chest before gently trying to push him away a little.

"Are you sure??..." he whispered exuding with desire his nose gently grazing up my neck making me hum in pleasure forcing me to relax a little.

My mind and selfishly considered it for a moment.... like an itch yearning to be scratched starving for his touch. I couldn't even remember the last time I was with someone. My leg eased up opening slightly to welcoming the warmth of his body.

Before long I felt my hand pulling him closer to me holding onto him like my life depended on it, his body grinding me up against the wall getting rougher and rougher with each pass sending me into a deeper into a carnal lust. My hands began to glide down every inch of back making him hum in excitement.

Aching to be kissed I pulled his head back, he looked at me craving for more knowing I'm drowning in his desire, entangled in his web of lust.

"Inside." he instructed peeling himself from me and began leading me into his room my body helplessly following his instructions walking behind him towards his room.

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