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I woke up to the sound of knocking on my door. "What the hell?.." I said to myself groggily getting up my body still feeling a little weak.

Sitting up and turning to the side of the bed got up walking to the door opening it. Instantaneously several people came barging in pushing me aside and slamming the door.

"Emilia!!!!" Daisy's familiar voice called out to me quickly.

"Yes?..." I replied still trying to wake up rubbing my eyes.

"Who's the girl in the other room?..." Helen asked.

"Huh?.." I said.

"There's a pale girl with jet black hair in Paul's bed!" Helen said.

"Ohh I think that's Morgana..." I answered her rubbing my eyes a little more to clear up my vision... "What time is it?.." I asked.

"It's early morning... we woke up with her sitting on the bed watching us." They all replied.

"Hmmmm....." I replied now fully wake, pressing on my badge. "Ummm Scarlet are you awake?.." I asked.

"Good morning Sis wassup?.." She replied.

"Umm what do we do with Morgana?.." I asked.

"Ohhh she's awake?... one moment Paul told me to show her around." She said.

"Let's go introduce ourselves to her." I suggested.

"Are you sure?.. She looks a little creepy..." Helen said.

"Yeah I've talked to her a little she's not bad.." I said opening the door.

Walking out I realized that I could walk again. It felt so good to be able to walk on my own again..... but I had to contain my excitement....Morgana was sitting on the Sofa staring into the wall, noticing us she quickly turned her head to look at us.

"Hi... Morgana..." I hesitantly greeted her.

"Hello Emilia." She replied with a weird smile making her look even creepier.

"Had a good sleep?.." I asked taking a seat opposite her.

"Yeah it was so so..." She replied.

"Sorry that my friends rudely ran into the room....." I apologized for their behaviour.

"It's okay I totally understand, it was probably partly my fault anyways I don't get to meet other people at the Bog." She replied.

"You do?..." I said in surprise...."Anyways meet. Grace, Helen, Daisy and Jay." I said pointing to each of them they all still standing beside me. Morgana greeted each one of them with a hello and a smile. "Guys you can take a seat." I said to them causing them all to bunch up beside me on a couch the five of us fitting on one sofa made to fit three or four.

"Are you also a first year?...." Grace asked.

"I think so...." Morgana replied.

"Did you enrol late?.." Helen asked.

"Yes I did.." She replied with a smile.

"No offense but why do I get some bad vibes off you?.." Daisy asked.

"Maybe it's because I spent most my childhood growing up in a Bog." Morgana replied causing Helen and Daisy to let out a loud gasp.

"But but... only Hags and monsters lives in bogs and swamps...." Daisy said.

"Yeah... my mum's a Hag." Morgana answered her with a smile this time all four of them gasped in shock.

"Don't worry I'm alot nicer then mother.... I'm here to make friends." She said with a smile.

"But but.. Hags can't have children..." Grace asked.

"Yah.. I was adopted, and technically they can…. They need to eat a baby to give birth to a baby" she said causing them to gasp again.

"But Hags normal eat children..." Daisy said.

"No idea... but Mother didn't and she took care of me." Morgana replied.

"That's very unusual behaviour for a Hag" Grace said.

The door suddenly opened and Scarlet s strange aura came along with her causing all of us all to sit up straight.

"Morning all..... Morganna I've comes to take you on a tour of the schools facilities" Scarlet said.

"Sure no problem...." She said standing up and stood beside Scarlet.

"Ohhh and remember to give your equipment back to Ashley. He said he's waiting for you guys in his Lab." Scarlet told us.

"Sure we'll head around there now." I replied to her.

"Sure.... I'll meet you guys later." Scarlet said, "But pop by the main hall for breakfast first, or help yourself in the kitchen." she said before leaving with Morgana.

"So breakfast here or main hall??..." I asked everyone.

"Ohhh let's have some breakfast here and explore Paul's room." Daisy answered.

"Yeah.... I'm interested what your people eat for breakfast." Jay said.

"Ohhh yeah yeah!!!" Helen agreed.

"Hold on lemme see what he has first." I said walking into the kitchen.

Ever one else also followed me in the kitchen extremely intrigued in what they might find. Slowly they peeked in, their heads popped through the door looking into the kitchen.

"Come in." I motioned to them as I checked out his fully equipped kitchen.

Everyone walked in instantaneously looking around opening draws and cupboards. "What is all this stuff..???..." Helen asked.

"Cooking ingredients....I guess." I said walking to her cupboard. "Ohhh this is spices... and baking ingredients." I said noticing many jars filled and labelled with all sorts of spices located around from earth. Everyone quickly huddled behind us peering into the cabinet intrigued.

"Ohhh ohhh we have spices here as well." Jay said, they all began reaching out trying to read the label opening the jars to give then a smell.

Moving over I opened next cabinet discovering that they were all filled with plates and bowls. Another filled with all sorts of cooking equipment and even cleaning products. Opening some draws I found towels, cloths, cooking and eating utensils.

Walking to what seemed to be a chest freezer I lifted it open to see a freezer full of ice creams..... "Omg you guys would love these." I said to them causing them all to rush over to see what it was.

"This machine produces ice???...!!!" Jay said both fascinated and confused.

"Fascinating....." Grace said placing her hand into it.... "How does it produce temperatures similar to the frozen north??...." Grace asked.

"Your world is amazing!!!!" Helen said looking deep inside the freezer.

Daisy went to grab a tub if ice cream. "Hold on guys we can't have this for breakfast..."I said to them, causing Daisy to let go of the tub.

Opening the huge fridge beside it, the under compartment was a freezer filled with all sorts of different meats, the top filled with everything I could think of.... eggs, fruits, vegetables and condiments. "Okay.... looks like I can make a decent breakfast." I said to them.

Opening some containers on the kitchen work top there was sugars, cornflakes, tea bags, coffee beans and other incidents. Checking the overhead compartments there were all sorts of cooking equipment. Paul really has everything here....

"Right.... Helen can you grab me a couple of pans from that cabinet over there??...." I asked her.

"Pans???.." she asked.

"Yeah the circular ones with handles...get me three please" I asked.

"Sure!" she said excitedly pulling out three none stick pans for me.

"Okay I need you Jay to get a loaf of bread from that box for me... and the draw here will have a bread cutting knife.... I need you to cut me five thick slices please..." I asked.

Picking up the loaf of bread he went to the draw but looked a little confused at what to pick up. "The serrated one there..." I pointed to him.

"Ohhh what can I do???!!" Daisy asked lifting her hand like a student in class.

"Umm in that thing behind you... it a fridge in the top compartments, I need you to break me Five eggs into bowl and give me Five eggs. I asked.

"Okay sure!!!" she smiled filled with excitement.

"Bowls are in the Cupboard down there." I said pointing to ehr

"... Hmmm..... Grace Can you... make some tea.... so fill that thing with water...." I asked pointing at the kettle." Then get some cups from that cabinet." I said pointing at one of the overhead cabinets and then put these tea bags in it.... then fills it three quarters with water and then mix I some milk." I instructed her pointing at a small box containing tea bags.

"Okay..." She hesitantly replied following my instructions.

"Okay.... I'll make you guy's fancy toast.... and eggs and omelettes with tea." I told them.

Together and a little help we managed to produce a breakfast I was extremely proud of. "Right let's make our way to the sofas." I said placing all our food and drinks on trays and together we took then out.

"Your world has the best things!!!!" Daisy said.

"Yeah.... and the machine that freezes or chills things to make them last long is absolute genius." Jay added.

"The food smells so good!!!!" Helen said smelling her plate of food.... and the bread.... I've never had bread like this!!!" she said.

"Emilia?.." Grace asked while we started eating our breakfast.

"Yeah wassup?.." I asked.

"Umm.... do you reckon we can take a peek into Paul's training room?.." She asked.

"I'm sure there's no harm in looking." I answered her with a smile.

"Omg really ?!!" She said looking excited and quickly surprisingly began scoffing down her food at the same pace as Jay.

"Wow you're excited for once.." Helen said to grace.

"Of course!!! Aren't you interested in their training room?.." She asked.

"Not really... I can't imagine it being anything special..." Helen replied slowly savouring her breakfast.

"You know Emilia.... if adventuring and being a sorceress doesn't work out you can always open a tavern with this awesome cooking." Jay complimented.

"What is this called by the way??...." Helen asked.

"We are having French toast, tea, omelette and sunny side up eggs." I explained to her.

"Ohhh ohhh can we try the things in the Cold box thing?!" Daisy asked.

"Hmmm it's abit early to eat ice cream.. but okay." I agreed walking into the kitchen to get some tubs of Ice crea once we all finished eating, and quickly coming out with spoons and several tubs. "Hmmm so we have my favourite ... Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel, Mint and Vanillia." I said putting the tubs in the middle of the table and retaking my seat.

They all looked at me as if puzzled on what to do..... "I have no idea what you just said to us.." Daisy said.

"Don't worry just opening it up and try it." I said with a smile handing out the tubs randomly with a spoon. "We can also share the tubs around so u all can try different flavours I said with a giant smile.

"THIS IS THE BEST COLD THING EVER!!! WHAT WAS IT CALLED AGAIN??!!!" Daisy shouted in excitement after eating a spoonful of Salted Caramel.

"Yeah.... this is defiantly amazing!" Jay added.

"I can say for certain this is defiantly the best thing I've ever eaten!" Helen said.

"What is this called again?.." Grace asked.

"Ice Cream." I answered her.

"So.... it's Ice and Cream... we should be able to make this!" She said looking down at her tub excited.

"Ummm I think its abit harder than that sadly.." I told her.

"What a shame... I wish there was a way we could reproduce this." She said sighing.

"Damnit... I was gonna suggest we could take some more from Paul..... But then we don't have the super cold box he does..." Daisy said almost jumping in excitement at first but then remembered we didn't have a freezer.

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