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"Ohh we need to be quiet..." Paul said as we entered his room remembering everyone was sleeping.

"Right I'll be off and add your extra room as soon as I can.. cya guys." Ashley bid us farewell for the night.

"Take care and thanks bro." Paul said to Ashley as he left.

"Emilia?.. What's wrong?.." Scarlet asked.

"Nothing why?.." I replied.

"Why is Paul carrying you everywhere?.." She asked.

"She lost motion in her legs.." Paul informed her.

"HOW and WHY??! She shouted.

"Shushhhh not so loud..." Paul said pointing at everyone sleeping, "Into the training room." He ordered Scarlet.

"Sorry...." She said quietly and opened the door for us, "Ohh I'll get a chair..." She said as we walked through the door.

As the door closed Paul set me down on the floor gently, "Don't worry... we have loads of time to recover here." He said.

"What do you mean??" I asked.

"Time moves slower here.... approximately three times slower." He smiled.

"What??.." I asked.

"So 3 Hours here is like 1 Hour back in Atlantis." He replied.

"How is that possible?.." I asked in shock and disbelief.

"Magic... and this is a different plane to the one Atlantis is in." He smiled.

"Isn't it cheating?.." I asked.

"Not really... anyone can do it if they fine the right dimension or plane.." He answered.

"Are we gonna be training here?.." I asked.

"Yup... so if we wake up one hour earlier... we can train here for 2 Hours... before class starts." He explained.

"That sounds amazing, wait do we age as normally here?.... If I spend too much time here won't I age faster then everone else?...." I asked.

"It's complicated but to make things simple in this plane we don't age…" Paul said.

After about 5 minutes Scarlet came in holding a chair but stood a little further away from us.

"By the way do you have the coin?.. Ashley Gave to you?.." He asked.

"I have two.... the invisibility one…. and the other one Ashley gave us at the Hunters Guild." I answered him.

"Ahh good... give the one Ashley gave to you at the Hunters guild." Paul asked.

"Okay.." I replied pulling out the silver coin he handed to us, "By the way what does it do?.." I asked.

"It's a coin that makes you immune to fear and being scared… it's quite useful in a lot of situations…. They only have 3 uses a day lasting an hour each use….." He explained.

"Ohhh okay…" I said looking at the ordinary coin.

"At the moment… the other coin has only One use per day… so make sure you use to wisely." Paul said.

"How does invisibility work?.." I asked.

"Like normal invisibility…. You're invisible…. There are spells people can use to make you appear, and make them see you…. But it only lasts until you do something… or 5 mins has passed" He replied.

"So what's the plan to help her?.." Scarlet asked now approaching placing the chair behind me lifting me with ease and placing me on the chair.

"Have you tried to heal her?.." She asked.

"Yup... Healing word..... Circle of Healing... and Restoration.." Paul answered.

"Hmmmm.... How about regenerate?.." Scarlet suggested.

"Ohhh crap how did I forget that??" He said.

"Hmmmm..... You want me to try?.." Scarlet asked.

"Well me or you both kinda the same." Paul replied.

"Lemme give it a try." She said.

"Okay Emilia... so Scarlet is gonna try Regenerate it's a high level druid spell.... it will Dramatically increase your natural healing... but it will hurt.. alot.." He explained to me.

"... Lets give it a try!" I said faking a brave face.

"Okay..." He smiled holding my hand... "Don't worry I'll be here." He said gripping my hand tightly and gave Scarlet a nod.

"Okay..... I'll start I guess." She said walking behind me, "Sorry Emilia.." She apologized as I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

An agonizing pain shot through my spine and leg making me instantly curl in pain, the sight of Paul's smiling face quickly became blinding white as the pain intensified throughout my lower body and spine. Somehow through the pain I could still feel his hand holding tightly onto mine anchoring me from being lost in the pain. I could feel myself screaming in pain but I couldn't hear myself, just the Blinding white light, pain and the feeling of Paul holding me.


"So who's this Morgana chick you was talking about???..." Scarlet s voice appeared in my head.

"She's Granny Matildas daughter...." Paul's voice replied.

"How on earth did she have a daughter?...." Scarlet asked.

"Apparently she's adopted." Paul answered her.

"really??... A Hag that shows compassion.... that's rare...." Scarlet commented.

"Yeah I know.... totally different to when we encountered her...." Paul answered.

"So why is she here???...." Scarlet asked.

"I went to ask her for help on Emilia and stuck a deal with her.... her daughter for the answer to heal Emilia...."Paul answered her.

"... You know never to accept a Hag's deals...." Scarlet said.

"Yeah ..... I think I just got conned." Paul answers her.

"Yeah maybe..... Wait till Emilia wakes ups and see if it worked." Scarlet said.

"I'm sure it worked..... The spell caused her alot of pain.... I'm sure it worked...." Paul answered.

"So... what's the relationship between you two???..... You told me you was a little more then just friends..... But it's clearly more than that..." Scarlet asked.

"..... She's kind of technically my ex-gf...." he hesitantly replied.

"But it's clear... you still love her why don't you tell her??..." she asked

"Much like me... to her family is everything.... and back where we are from.... her parents will never accept me..." Paul answered.

".... what do you mean by accept...??.." She asked.

"Where we are from..... There are only humans.... and to some people our skin tone is very important..... Heritage and stuff..... So where she's from is a land mass called India.... and where I'm from is area called China....." he replied.

"Ohhh I get it... it's like over here with same race relationships." Scarlet commented.

"Yes exactly....." Paul replied.

"But you're the Black Dragon Slayer..... Saved countless number of families and children.... how is that not good enough???..."Scarlet asked.

".... back home I was a nobody.....whereas here I'm special....." he answered.

"Ohhhh....."Scarlet replied falling silent. "Is that why you came here??..." she asked.

"Yeah.... I was running away from her... back at home we have friends in common and the internet.... it's something that instantly transfers information around the world..... So basically everyone kept telling me how well she's doing without me..... and the internet there are these things called Social media sites, it makes it easier for people to tell each other what was going on in their lives it was a constant struggle to refrain myself from spying on her...., so I ran away ...ran away from everything" He explained to her.

"Hmmmmm I'm sorry to hear that Paul..." Scarlet said her voice soft and low sounding uneasy and sad for him.

"It's all my fault really..... I was the one who broke up with her because I didn't want her to choose between me and her family..." Paul replied.

"Don't be so sad..... You did it because you loved her..... And you're a much better now..." She tried to cheer him up.

"Yeah.... I guess it was some weird kind of Fate that she also came here..." He replied.

"Yeah.... maybe..... Does she know you still have feelings for her?..." Scarlet asked.

"She probably has an idea... but she deserves someone far better than me... I did something horrible to her..... I don't deserve her forgiveness...." He confessed.

"Just know that you're a good person..... You shouldn't care about what other people think about you specially if they don't even know you….." Scarlet said.

"I know.... I know...." His voice cracked and stuttered as if feeling unsure.

"How do you feel now she's here?.." She asked.

"I'm not quite sure... I still love her to bits.... there's nothing I can do..." He said.

"No I meant.... You're not gonna run away again?..." Scarlet asked.

"No.. I don't think so.... I think this time I probably need to deal with my feelings rather than running away..." He replied.

"That's good.." Scarlet replied.

"Can I ask for a favour?.." He asked

"Sure what is it?..." Scarlet replied.

"Could you just keep an eye out for Emilia for me?... I think I'm gonna take a few days break at the castle or Take a mission..." He asked.

"But.... How am I meant to protect you when I'm here?" She asked.

"You know.. I'll be okay.... don't worry I won't be doing anything stupid." He replied.

"Okay fine...." She agreed.

"Ohhh shoot... I forgot I was meant to start some extra training with her on Monday..." He said.

"No worries I can cover you on that as well... by the way... what would you like me to tell her?...." She asked.

"Tell her I went on a mission..." He replied

"But I don't feel comfortable lying to her.... I like her.." Scarlet objected.

"Okay.... I'll accept a mission that way you won't technically be lying to her.." He accepted.

".... This still doesn't feel good to me...." She said.

"Sorry for putting you in this position...." He apologized.

"It's okay.... I'll make up an excuse for you." She said sounding happier.

"Thanks...." He replied.

"You know eventually.... you're gonna need to tell her or she's gonna move on to someone else...." She said.

"I think it's better if she moves on to someone else.... someone more deserving of her...." He replied.

"Sometimes.... I think you're one of the smartest people I've met and then sometimes I think you're the dumbest." She said.

"I know....." He chuckled. "Thanks by the way ... for being such a good friend to me.... you really are family" he replied.

"You're family as well.." she replied.

"By the way did you really get tricked by Matilida...?.." She asked.

"I think so..... She got her Daughter enrolled for free when I could have easily cast regenerate on Emilia myself..." He sighed.

"Do I need to keep an eye on her?.." Scarlet asked.

"Hmm... maybe... but I don't think she's gonna make too much trouble.." Paul answered.

"So how do you think I should train Emilia?.." She asked.

"Hmmmm defiantly help her in spell casting.... at the moment I've only seen her use firebolt..... Ohh and maybe a weapon.... give her one from here... whichever one she wants.... except the cursed ones of course..." He said.

"Hmmm sure thing.... normal training?... Pushups, Squats then running as well?.." She asked.

"Yeah some physical training can't hurt." He said.

"Sure thing..." She replied, "You gonna be okay?... I've never seen you like this before." She asked.

"Yeah....I'll be alright...." He replied.

"You humans.... are so weird.." Scarlet replied.

"Yeah..... We are..." He replied.

"What time do we start?.." Scarlet asked.

"I got Ashley to change her alarm for 1 hour earlier than usual." Paul answered.

"Ahhh okay cool.... I'll put her to sleep in the extra room assuming Ashley has done it by now." Scarlet said.

"Yeah sure.. I think I saw Morgana sleeping in my bed when we got back so my bed is occupied." He replied.

"Tell the kids I said Hi when you get there.." Scarlet said.

"Always.." Paul replied.

"I'll cya in a couple of days... make sure you keep in touch... or I'm gonna hunt you down." She threatened him.

"Yeah I will.... I'll also contact you if I need help." he replied.

"Take care!!" Scarlet said.

"Take care and thanks Scarlet." Paul replied.

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