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"So Black Dragon Slayer..... What is your name?...." Morgan's asked.

"I'm Paul and this is my friend Emilia." He answered her, I don't know why but for some reason this time around I felt saddened that he said we were only friends.

"Are you sure you're the black dragon slayer...??..." she asked.

"I think so...???...." Paul answers her sounding confused.

"I always thought the black dragon slayer would be abit more... bigger...." she said.

"You think I'm scrawny???" Paul chuckled

"I think you're a little scrawny…." She said in return.

"Am I scrawny?.." He asked me.

"No.. I think you're alright." I answered him

"I thought I was above average...." He said to himself upset by our opinions .

Morganna remained silent unamused by Paul joke..... "So what's wrong with Emilia?.." She asked.

"She's seemed to lose movement of her legs..." Paul replied.

"And mother said it's something to do with her mind and heart?.." She asked.

"Yup that's what your mum said." He replied.

"Hmmmm maybe deep down she doesn't want to walk....." Morganna suggested.

"But I really do want to walk..." I replied clearly not wanting to be a cripple.

"I dunno.... sounds like subconsciously you don't..." She said still walking ahead of us.

"Sooo..... I don't mean to be rude but is she really your mother?..." Paul asked.

"Of course why?.." Morganna replied.

"Well..... She's a Hag... and Hags can't have human children...." Paul replied.

"She said I was abandoned as a child... but as far as I'm concerned she is my mother." She replied.

"Ohhhh I see that makes sense.... So what sort of magic's and knowledge did she bestow on you?" Paul asked.

"Hmmm Bog Magic, Necromancy, Black Magic, Medicines, Poisons, Spirits...." She began to explain.

"Hmmm okay.... I'm just gonna assume whatever she taught you is pretty much banned in Arcadia and Atlantis..... So if you could never use anything you mother taught you and only use what you're taught in class.... especially with spells.... don't use Necomancy, Bog magic or black magic!" She said to her.

"Whatever..." She replied.

"I'm serious!.... You could go jail or sentenced to death for practicing forbidden magic...." Paul explained.

"Okay.... whatever...." She agreed or I think she agreed.

"So once we get back.... I'll let you stay in my room..... Till I somehow manage to get you officially enrolled and we sort out your own room." Paul explained.

"Ohhh you didn't come off as the forward type." She joked.

"Don't worry you'll have you own room." Paul replied to her.

"Owww.... and I thought I was going to get a chance to get to know the 'Black Dragon Slayer' more personally." She replied all of a sudden sounding flirty.

"Don't get your hopes up.... we aren't friends just yet." Paul replied totally oblivious to her hints.

"Well if you ever want to know me better you know where my bedroom will." She said winking at Paul with extreme confidence.

"She's weird..." Paul whispered to me.

"Yeah.... first she doesn't care about you then she invites you to her room... so weird..." I whispered back.

"So how much longer do we need to walk?.." Morganna asked.

"Not too long now... just past those trees." Paul said pointing at a set of trees far away.

"So what do you think about what she said?.." Paul asked.

Shocked that he would even consider her "... I don't think she's your type..... But I'm not your girlfriend anymore... you don't need to ask for permission...." I replied.

"Not my type??? What do you think is my type???" he asked sounding both humoured and curious.

"You know..... Normal.... kind and stuff." I replied.

"So abit like you???" He chuckled.

"Not me exactly..." I replied.

"Nothing wrong with a goth girl.... who will sacrifice me and a goat to her appease her God while I'm sleeping." He joked.

"You're so weird I swear...." I laughed at his joke.

"What I really meant was..... the subconscious thing...." He asked.

"Ohhhhhh... I don't know to be honest.... I honestly wish I could walk….." I answered him feeling extremely embarrassed.

"Hmmm... I'm lost.. I don't know what to do next..." Paul said.

"Me too.." I replied.

"If you're truly the Black Dragon Slayer... I assume you should be adept at doing mind affecting spells.." Morganna suggested.

"Yes I can but I don't use that sort of Magic..." Paul replied to her.

"It'd sure be easier if you went into her mind to see what's wrong." Morgan's suggested.

"Yeah but I don't like probing around people's minds..... It's like a breach of privacy." Paul said in response to her.

"I guess you're right...." She replied to him shrugging.

"So how did you meet mother??? Acadia is on the other side of the world." Morganna asked.

"I had a mission one time to investigate some strange occurrences in a local village not far from here....." Paul replied.

"Hmmm I see... I guess you must be strong if mother shows you respect....." She said to Paul.

"Thanks for the compliment." Paul replied.

"So what's life like here Morganna???" I asked.

"It's okay.... pretty peaceful.... just spend most my time collecting materials and reagents for mother, quite boring to be honest." She answered.

"Isn't it abit dangerous out here???." I asked.

"Not really everything here is scared if mother so it's pretty safe for me and her." she answered.

"Ohhh I see." I nodded in understanding.

"Yeah… her mother is a Hag... an immortal witch….. On top Hags have ranks…. Aunt, Mother and then Grandmother….. Aunt being the weakest although on its own still extremely dangerous… but as you can tell Granny Matilda is a Grandmother…. Very few Hags reach the level of Grandmother…. " Paul explained.

"...…. This bloody world is so dangerous!" I said in shock.

"You think that's bad?.... one of the most deadly monsters I've heard of is something called an Aboleth a mind controlling sea monster….. With several tentacles, dangerously intelligent… and if you was to get to close to it…. Or hit by its one of many tentacles… if will transfer something into you which will permanently convert you to only be able to breathe within a few meters of it…. Essentially forcing you be near it for the rest of your life or die from drowning in water or air.." He said.

'A big nope appeared in my mind…' "Maybe I should have gone back home…" I replied.

"It's alright…. I've personally never seen one before so they are extremely rare….." Paul said.

"They are also…. A creature that predates the Gods… Mother said that they ruled the universe till the Gods came and destroyed their empire... and when killed they regenerate in another plane and come back with person memory…. So if you ever meet one…. I'd suggest to run away as fast as you can…" Morgana added.

"This should be far enough...." Paul said interrupting out conversation and opening a portal.

"After you Morganna." Paul said.

Arriving back at Paul's room we was met with the sound of light snoring and low light. Paul gently put me down on the bed. "Looks like your friends tried to wait for you. I'll be back soon." he whispered smiling walking out the room issuing Morganna to follow. He quickly came back with a stack of blankets one by one slowly placing them on Helen, Grace, Daisy and Jay one by one.

"You want to come with me to fetch the others??" he asked with a smile.

"Yeah sure if it's not too much trouble." I replied.

"No trouble at all he said kneeling down in front of me again.

"Ready???" he asked.

"Yup!" I said holding on tightly. "Wait what about morganna??..." I asked.

"I told her to chill out at my room and pick out some clothes form Scarlet's room." Paul replied.

"Is everyone else gonna be okay with morganna here???..." I asked

"Hmmm.... good point...." he said pointing at the others and suddenly the sofa area was encased in a faint golden barrier. "they should be fine now..." Paul said opening a portal and stepping through to the cave we was at earlier.

"You're a bit late...." Ashley said as we arrived.

"Yeah my bad.... had something important to do that took more time than expected." Paul answered him.

"Ohhh I also have a favour to ask Ashley." He requested.

"Sure what is it??..." he asked picking up his equipment.

"I need you to enrol someone secretly." Paul asked.

"Really?? Bro I'm all for helping people in need and orphans..... But you know what we are doing is against school rules." Ashley said.

"Yeah I know but this time couldn't be helped." he replied.

"Ohhh hey Emilia!!! How you doing???..." he asked.

"I'm good." I smiled back.

"Where's scarlet???" Paul asked.

"No idea..... Probably should call her back....." Ashley replied.

"Scarlet I'm here to pick you guys up." Paul said speaking through his communicator.

"Coming...." She replied and in a near instant she was walking towards us out from the woods.

"Anna you done with cataloguing the children???..." Paul asked.

"Yup we have names and locations on where we need to take them." she answered.

"Omg I totally forgot.... we was looking for someone named..... Tolum..." I said to Paul.

"Anna did you find someone called Tolum?..." Paul asked.

"Ohh yeah there was one Halfling gentleman names Tolum.... he said he knew his way home so I let him go..." Anna replied.

"That's a relief.... we met a family whose father went missing for over three days..." I said to Paul

"Hmmm he was the only adult among the kids?.." Paul asked ignoring what I said.. Or he didn't hear me...

"Yeah..." She answered Paul..

"That sounds very strange... why they would kidnap one adult Halfling..." Paul pondered.

"Hmm maybe they mistaken him for a child?.." Anna suggested.

"Maybe..... But still sounds a bit odd." Paul still pondered.

"Can we go home??... it's getting late and I got a lot to do before we go to sleep." Ashley said.

"Ohhh Ashley don't worry about enrolling Morgana for now... we'll do it tomorrow morning.... for now could you add an extra bedroom to my room for her." Paul asked.

"Sure thing." He replied.

"Who's Morgana?.." Scarlet asked.

"It's a long story I'll tell you guys when we get back." Paul replied opening a portal behind him, Anna you go on ahead to the infirmary get the kids a place to sleep and we'll relocate them tomorrow." He smiled.

Anna nodded and began waking up some of the sleeping children leading them through Paul's Portal.

"Sure thing.." Scarlet smiled.

"Right time for us to head home." Paul said closing the portal once the last child stepped through with Anna and reopening another one.

"By the way did u find any action while on patrol?.." Paul asked.

"I wish.... was dead quiet..." She replied walking into the portal.

"Don't worry Emilia I think I know how to help you." He whispered to me.

"Really??!!" I asked feeling extremely hopeful.

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