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Professor Meha pulled out her wand and with a small wave, books magically appeared on the table behind her and began levitating towards us. "What's a Cantrip?.." I asked Jay quietly.

"Generally... they are the Entry level spells, they are the easiest and least taxing spell to learn and use but also the weakest." Jay whispered back.

"Ohhh I see." I nodded in understanding, delicately opening old worn leather book almost unable to contain my excitement, the pages looked extremely weathered, almost at the point of ripping just turning the page.

Flipping to the contents page, it looked completely alien to me.... "Umm Jay..... What's is 'Abjuiration'.....?" I whispered to him.

"It's... A school of magic... generally Abjuiration spells are used to protect and shield people..." He answered back whispering.

"So like the barrier Paul made to stop attacks?" I asked.

"Yeah.... that would come under Abjuiration School." He answered.

Meha giving another small wave of her wand, a small teddy bear magically appeared in front of all of us. "Now children Practice away" she said returning to her desk taking a seat.

The whole room began filling with lights and sounds, as students began casting savaging blasting the teddy bear with all sorts of spells, ranging from blue to ice to fire some lightning.

Anxiousness filled me as my nerves took over, 'what if I can't do this?... I don't want the whole class to laugh at me..' I began to start reading the pages as oppose to trying them.

"You okay Emilia?..." Daisy asked noticing my lack of activity.

"Yeah..... Just kind of nervous...." I confessed.

"It's okay..... We all feel nervous the first time we try, you just have to take it slow and steady she said smiling.

"Okay....." I hesitantly agreed pulling out my starter wand, and flicked to the first spell of the spell book.

'Blade ward - 'Resio-Lentus' - Draw a magical rune on the target bestowing them resistance to damage.... Okay I got this!'

"Resio-Lentus." I said following the instructions drawing the rune in the air with the tip of my want pointed at the teddy..... Nothing happened, I quickly placed my wand on the table hoping no one noticed I failed. Luckily my failed attempt was drowned out by the rest of the class successfully casting whatever spell they wished, 'I'm hopeless'.

Daisy noticing my failure put a hand on my shoulder, "don't give up....... just keep trying don't worry about anyone else." She said with a smile.

Some reason this time around I felt more confident knowing it will work. Taking a quick look around making sure no one is watching, quickly picking up my wand. "Resio-Lentus" I said drawing the rune, trying a 2nd time. I felt a strange sensation throughout my body as a blue faint glowing rune was drawn on the surface of the teddy bear. 'Did I do it?'

"You did it! Emilia!" Daisy congratulated me lifting her hand off my shoulder giving me a hug.

"I did?..." I reacted in shock smiling hugging her.

"Hey... you did your second spell!!!" you're a natural." Jay congratulating me.

Excited and filled with confidence I quickly turned to another spell school. 'hmmm... Ohh this sounds good! 'Conjuration - Mage Hand - 'Phasm-Defero' - A magically phantasmal hand will appear controlled by your wand and thought. Can be used to do various tasks such as opening doors or retrieving objects.'

"Phasm-Defero." I said pointing my wand above the teddy, magically a transparent blue hand appeared above the Teddy, using my wand and thought, I commanded it to pick up the teddy and drop it, exactly how the spell book described the Mage Hand quickly performed my commands. Quickly turning to Daisy and Jay in excitement with the biggest smile they looked at me returning a big smile. I was almost bouncing in excitement flicking through to the next school of magic.

'Ohhh I know this one! .... Evocation - Fire Bolt - 'Icio-Igna' - Manifest a small ball of fire launching it at your desired target.' "Icio-Igna" I said pointing my wand at the teddy, as a small ball of fire launched from the tip of my wand hitting the teddy, miraculously the teddy and the table remained unscathed by the hit... not even a sign of charred wood.

The teacher stood up and began walking towards us, "Very good Chris." she said walking to the front table, "Well done Cassandra." she said making her way up the side towards the upper levels.

Suddenly a Fire bolt came soaring over our heads causing all the students to duck in cover, "NATHAN YOU TWIT WATCH WHERE YOU AIM YOUR SPELLS!" The teacher yelled running past up to a table slightly higher up.

"I'm I'm so... so... sorry I got a little nervous when you started to come around checking up on us." He sheepishly apologized.

"You're lucky we are only using Cantrips otherwise you could have seriously hurt someone!!!" she carried on scolding him.....

"Im so.... so... so...sorry...." He carried on apologizing, looking extremely scared to the point where he was physically trembling.

"Just be careful next time." She said to him one last time lowering her voice, turning back around she caught my eye, "You look new." she said with a smile walking towards our table.

"Hi.... I'm Emilia..." I greeted her.

"Nice to meet you, I am Professor Meha..... I hope you're feeling better now." She smiled.

"Ummm ohh yes...." I answered a little confused.

"Paul said you missed your first day because you overexerted yourself because of an incident. Correct?..." She asked.

"Ohh yeah ... feeling much better now thank you." I replied with a smile.

"That's great... hope you're getting the hang of it..." She smiled.

"Yes Miss..." I replied feeling a little panicked she might think I was lying.

"Very well... Carry on." she said smiling and once again began walking back up the tables.

"Very nice Calista, I see you're progressing very quickly, your old teachers have taught you well." She said, just hearing her doing well and being praised made my blood boil. Turning back to take a peak, she was effortlessly swirling her teddy in a tornado spinning it round and round with a giant smile on her face.

Distracting myself I began looking for the next spell school to cast... 'Transmutation - Minior Illusion Mino-Imago - Create a Sound or the Image of a small Object of the casters choosing for 1 minute. "Mino-Imago" I spoke thinking of the Teddy and pointing at Daisy's table, instantaneously another teddy appeared next to her a perfect copy of the one in front of me.

"Heyyyy you're getting the hang of it!" Daisy smiled edging me on.

"Looks like you're pretty proficient in most school..... Pretty impressive for a beginner." Jay added smiling.

The sound of bells rang in my head again, "Ohhh and that's all for class today children." The teacher announced and wish a wave of her wand all the spell books magically closed and floated back to her deck.

"Emilia! You did really well today!" Daisy said with a smile putting back on her gauntlets.

"Btw Jay.... we need to talk to Professor Meha for the pearl thingy." I reminded him.

"Ohh yeah lets go now." He said standing up.

"Could we wait till Calista exits first?... I'd rather not catch her attention." I asked quietly trying to hide away from her.

"Sure" he said sitting back down and positioning himself to hide me from her.

"Just so you know... give me the word ill pulverize her." Daisy said punching her fists together.

"It's okay.... I don't want to get you in trouble..." I replied.

"Hey guys wanna go lunch together?..." Helen asked with a bubbly smile.

"Sure...." we all replied.

"Thank Gods the lesson as over, it was such a drag..." Grace moaned.

"How comes?..." I asked.

"To be honest, I'd be better off practicing with my bow." She answered.

"Ohh I see." I nodded in understanding slightly distracted seeing Calista from the corner of my eye walking past, instinctively ducking down a little to hide myself.

"Hiding from someone?..." Grace asked.

"Yeah Calista..." I answered her raising my head noticing she finally left the classroom.

"Ohh yeah.... I don't like her either she's like most Elven royals, fill with too much pride and think too highly of themselves." She agreed.

"Yeah I get that vibe from her as well." I said, we all stood up and began making our way out the room.

"Jay and I needs to see Professor Meha quickly. So we'll meet out outside." I informed them.

"Sure no problem, see you in a minute." Daisy, Grace and Helen replied and walked out the room.

"Ummm sorry Professor Meha, Emilia wasn't here on first lesson and was hoping if she could try the Prismatic Pearl..." Jay asked.

"Ohhhh of course!" she replied with a smile heading around her deck opening a draw and pulling a small white pearl out of a pouch and handing it to me, "By the way nice classic outfit, it looks nice." She complimented me.

"Thank you!" I smiled, pocketing the pearl into my robe pocket and began leaving the good, "Good bye Professor" Jay and I waved.

"Come see me at the end of your day." She smiled waving good bye.

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