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Jay took the box off me opening it, shutting it quickly and handed it back to me. "Emilia.... it's too much...." he said handing it back to me.

"It's okay Jay if anyone deserves it..... it is you." I replied to him pushing the box back towards him. Looking at Daisy for support.

"Don't get me involved..." she said lifting her hands up not wanting to join in.

Looking at Jay he looked extremely saddened by my gesture. "Jay... it's okay please take it....." I said worryingly.

"I just don't want to be a burden to you guys." he confessed.

"Jay... we don't see you that way! you're like a brother to me" I said trying to explain to him.

"Yes Jay, we are family." Daisy said hugging him, joining in the hug also hoping to cheer him up.

A few second passed when he pulled away wiping away his tears. "I'll accept it under one condition." he said to me.

"Sure anything." I replied.

"Promise me you won't do anything to Calista till you're stronger. I don't want you throwing yourself at her and get hurt." He offered me.

"I promise." I replied.

Daisy face lit up with a smile, happy that we both came to a compromise. "That's so great." Daisy said smiling.

"Thank you." I shouted to the old man and began to exit the shop, the old man looking up from his platinum coin smiling waving happily.

"Thank you." Daisy and Jay said also exiting the shop.

"So what now?" I said happy I bought everything I think I needed.

"Hmmm we could walk around and explore the city a little.... if you like..." Jay said.

"Or we can return to the Deputy head and wait for everyone else to return." Daisy added.

"Hmmmm..... Let's walk around! I'd love to see more of the city!!!!" I said with a giant smile.... "WAIT I need to visit a bank!" I said remembering I needed to deposit my platinum.

"Ohhh okay sure.... hmmmm one second." he said turning around re-entering the wand shop.

I watched through the door as Jay went to the old shop keeper engaging in conversation.

"Hey Daisy?..." I said turning to her to engage in conversation.

"Wassup?" she smiled.

"Are you half human?" I asked her hoping not to offend her.

"Nope, full Tiefling here." informed me.

"Ohh... sorry.. It's because i thought Aunt may was human.... so I was just wondering.... how was you both related?." I asked politely.

"Ohh a few years ago I was adopted by my Human mum and dad, and Aunt May is my mum's sister." She smiled.

"OHHHH it makes sense now...." I said nodding in understanding. "So where did you learn to be a cleric?" I inquired.

"So it's abit of a long story, but long story short I wanted to help people, so I joined the Temple of Serra in my city. There I learnt basic holy magic and basic combat skills." She smiled.

"Ohhh that's cool!" I said nodding.

"Righto the Bank is about 10mins walk away, the shopkeeper said." Jay informed us stepping out the shop. "This way." he said leading the way through the city.

Walking through the city, it was still exciting to see all the different races living side by side, even giant animals and their owners! The roars of a crowd in the distant pulled my attention,

"Whats going other there?" I asked them both.

"No idea." Daisy said still walking.

Jay stopped walking for a little to take a look. "Hmmmm looks like people complaining about something.... prob the reports of recent sightings and goblin attacks in nearby villages.... that would be something I'd complain about." Jay said before carrying on towards the bank.

"Isn't there anything we can do?" I said thinking about those amazing adventures and fights in fictional stories I've read.

"To be honest we would probably end up dead." Jay replied.

"Hmm you're right, I don't know anything what was i thinking?" I said following them.

"Don't worry when we start classes, well will have loads of opportunities to practice sparring and simulations." Jay said.

"How do you know so much...." I asked Jay.

"No one notices or cares about a beggar or a beggar's child so I heard many things growing up." He answered me.

In the distance I could see a very large building, with a lot of traffic heading in and out.

"That in the distance is the Bank of Arcadia." Jay said pointing at the large building.

We soon arrived at the steps of the bank, underestimating the amount of traffic heading in and out the building, everyone bumping and pushing each other. Eventually entering through the large double doors at the front of the buildings, we entered into a vastly larger building on the inside, the floor made of beautiful natural white and brown marble, the entire foyer lit up with huge golden chandeliers, the counters made up of a beautiful dark brown wood.

Somehow there are more people inside then outside..... "Lets go talk to someone over there." Jay said pointing at a group of four people standing behind a counter wearing the same uniform.

"Excuse me, my friend over here wanted to open an account please." Jay said to a young woman standing at the counter.

The young woman turned to him and gave him a good look up and down, "I highly doubt that," she said giving us a disgusted look and turning away.

'Wow the rich really are douche bags here....' Pulling out my now platinum coin bag and dropping it on the counter in front of her. "I would like to open a bank account please." I said with a fat grin on my face.

Trying to not looked surprised at the bag full of platinum coins, she quickly changed her attitude towards us. "Of course madam come this way." She said walking out fromm her counter towards a more senior looking man with elven ears.

"Ummm sir.... this young lady and her friends wanted to open an account with us." she said quietly to the Elven man.

"Welcome Welcome! to the Bank of Arcadia, please come this way.... you may go now Ophelia" he said in a very extravagant voice turning around and shooing away Ophelia. She scurried away looking down at the floor.

"I am Zinmyar one of the managers of this branch." he said leading up to a door. Reaching out towards the door handle, the back of his hands glowed bright green with a symbol in the center, the door then began to also glow green the same green symbol also appearing at the center of the door, and proceeding to open. The door it lead to a small room with a table and a few chairs and a large book in the center of the table with a quill and ink.

"Please after you." he said allowing us to walk in first.

Walking in I took a seat on the central chair next to the table, Daisy and Jay taking the seats next to me. Zinmyar closing the door behind us taking the single seat on the other side.

"So.... how much do you wish to deposit?" he asked opening the book to a blank page.

"99 platinum please." I said hesitantly.

"Okay...." he said scribbling it down on the book.

"So first time you opened an account?" he asked me.

"Yes....." I hesitantly replied.

"Okay... so the process is pretty simple, I'll fill some details about you, then we would need a bit of your blood to complete the process." He explained.

"Okay..." I replied.

He proceeded with taking my Name, Sex, Date for Birth, Place of Birth (to which he reacted oddly to) and my skin tone. "Okay with all this done all we need is tiny of your blood." he said holding out his hand.

Placing my hand onto his unsure what to expect, he pulled out a small needle pricking my thumb and placing it onto the book page. Blood came trickling out of my thumb forming a strange blood symbol on the page, lifting my thumb off the page when the symbol looked complete. "Okay so the process is done." he said smiling closing the book. "So when you need to take out any money, just see one of the clerks and place your thumb on the device and it will allow us to access your account." he said.

"Now if you would please, allow me to take you deposit and your transaction will be finished." he said smiling.

I hesitantly handed over my sack bag of platinum coins, to which he emptied out and counted.

"Umm I was wondering would it be possible to take out a 100 gold? I need some for spending." I asked still hesitant.

"Sure lemme make some amendments." he said opening the book and changing the value to 98 platinum and 900 gold. "Ophelia can you bring in 100 gold for our new customer." He said, as if she was in the room.

A minute passed when there was a knock from the door, with a gesture of his hand glowing green again the door opened. Ophelia came walking in with a small bag handing it over to him, "Thank you, Now you may go" he said looking away with disdain, waving her away like a dog.

As soon as she left and the door closed behind her, he passed the bag to me. "Is that all Miss Emilia?" he said with a giant smile.

"Thank you." I replied with a smile.

Again he gestured for the door to open allowing us to exit back into the main banking area. "So if you ever need to take out any money or deposit, head to the clerks over there." he pointed at a set of counters with numeral clerks and customers waiting in line.

"Thank you." I said with a smile and began making our way out, and ZInmayr began to walk around the bank slowly.

On the way out I noticed two absolute hulking stone figures making a hallway with giant axes, and scattered throughout the bank were, some Minotaurs, huge Orcs, and a few Humanoid Lizard?... "Hey Jay whats that over there, I gestured to the Humanoid Lizard with my head." I whispered to him.

Turning to take a look, "That's a Dragonborn." he said proceeding to exit the bank. I stood there in awe staring at the Dragonborn, it was a very tall Humanoid lizard with a dragon looking head and a long tail having red scales instead of skin. "Stop staring." Jay said before pulling me out the bank.

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