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Jay stood there in shock silently staring at my wand... "Is that what I think it is?" He said pointing at it.

"Yah it's a wand" I answered him.

"Is... Is.... that a Treant Wantd!?" he said still shocked.

"Yah it is, a Giant walking tree gave it to him when I was given a tour." I answered.

"NOOOO ..... IT GAVE YOU A WAND?! He said yelling hysterically.

I nodded and handed him the wand, "Do you wanna hold it?" I asked him smiling. He instantaneously grabbed it.

"OMG this thing is channelling so much Arcanum!" he said with a giant smile on his face, "guys come with me!" he said lifting his head a little coming up with a idea, and began walking around the corner.

Daisy and I obliged follow him around the corner. "Woah.... what happened here..." I heard jay say form around the corner.

"Woah... looks like a tornado came crashing through here." Daisy said turning the corner.

"Yeah.... this is where Calista blasted me with some sort of spell...." I said quietly.

"I swear if i ever get my hands on her I will beat her to a pulp!" I heard daisy curse her.

"Let's not get too ahead of ourselves... she is the princess. There would be major repercussions if we tried to do anything to her." Jay said calm and collected. "Anyways watch this guys!" he said as he pointed the wand at the wall and began focusing.

A small blue outline of a door began so slowly draw itself around in a rectangle. My eyes lit up with excitement "JAY! I didn't know you can make portals!" I yelled at him shaking him with excitement.

Still focusing on the spell despite my shaking the doorway finished itself and the inside filled with a bright blue glow. "Let's go guys!" he said entering the doorway portal thing.

With absolute glee I jumped though, we entered another dingy looking alleyway. "Ohh where are we?" I asked Jay, while Daisy followed closely behind me. "The wand shop shouldn't be far from here, I just saved us a little walking time." he smiled and began leading the way.

"What spell was that?!" I asked him.

"Dimension door." It allows me to make a door a certain distance from my location." he answered still walking. "Ohhh and here take you wand back" he said handing back my wand.

"Thanks!" I said smiling, taking it and putting it back into my bag of holding.

Exiting the alleyway, we came back to the busy market street. "Sorry guys I didn't want to catch the attentions of the guards." he said turning right.

"That's... okay I don't feel like going to jail" Daisy said.

"Keep that wand safe Emilia, it's very rare." he added.

"Okay I will!" I answered him.

We soon entered a very old dingy looking shop the door knocking a small bell above it letting the owner know new customers has arrived. The walls displaying various wands of different shapes and names, the wall behind the shop counter filled with many small boxes.

"Welcome welcome!" A small old man came walking out slowly with a walking cane. "What can i do for you young kids?" he asked with a giant smile, adjusting his glasses to better see us.

"Hi we was hoping to buy a wand please." Jay asked politely.

"Of course young man." he said slowly making his way to Jay. "Please hold out your two hands for me." he requested with a smile.

Jay looking slightly confused obliged and held out his two hands open palmed towards him. "Hmmmm..." the old man said holding Jay's hand and seemingly looking deeply into them focusing on something.

A few minutes passed of pure silence, Jay looking at me with confusion.... mouthing "I don't know what the F is going on."

I shrugged back "I dunno", turning my head to Daisy who also shrugged.

"Hmmmm....." the old man said again letting go of Jays hand, you've got a lot of potential in you young man" he said slowly making his way to one of the side wands. "You have a very naturally ability to harness fire." he said scanning the shelves carefully. "Ahhh here it is!" This is crafted from the bark of a Burningwillow Tree." he said carefully taking the wand off the shelf and handing it to Jay to hold.

Jay accepted carefully picking up the wand from him, instantaneously I saw the wand glow with a slight red hue. Jay was taken aback a little, his posture straightening slightly, "I can feel it...." he said looking hypnotized.

I placed my hand on his shoulder, his body seemed to radiate a little more heat than usual. "You okay?" I asked worryingly.

He snapped out of his trance, his body stopped radiating heat and returning to his relaxed posture. "What was that feeling he asked" looking at the old man.

"That was you experiencing, Red or Fire Arcanum for the first time young child, because your body has a natural affinity to it the wand helped you generate a stronger connection." He answered with a smile.

"Yeah I really felt that!" he said astonished, "No one ever told me about that!" he said surprised.

"Yes yes, it's a dying technique few of us wand sellers still possess." He said smiling.

"How much is this wand by the way?" Jay asked humbly.

"100 gold pieces!" he said with a giant smile.

"Wow it's so expensive....." Jay said frowning and handing it back to him "I'm sorry... I don't have anywhere near that much gold." He replied.

"I'm sorry to hear that young man." The old man said placing it back on the shelf. "Hmmm..." he began canning for another wand.

"How about this one?" He said pulling out another wand from the display. "It's made from oak infused with fireblossom, not as potent as the other wand but still good" he said handing it to Jay to try.

"How much?" Jay asked, without even trying to hold it.

"50 gold pieces." The old man smiled at him.

"Ohhh damn..... I still don't have enough....." Jay said notifying the old man.

"Ohhh.... well how much do you have young man?" the old man asked.

"Only 20 gold he said....." looking down slightly embarrassed.

"Hmmmm well..... You seem like a nice young man I'll sell it to you for 20 gold then" he said with a giant smile.

Jays face lit up with a giant smile, "I'll take it!" he said smiling.

"Could I also buy something?" I asked the old shop keeper interrupting them, I wanted to buy the wand for Jay but I got a feeling he will object.

"Sure young miss." The old man held out his hand awaiting mine.

"Ummm Emilia you already have a wand...." Jay said to me quietly.

I stomped on foot causing him to jump back in pain... "What the he'll?" he yelped and quickly shut up as he saw my stern face.

I turned a smiled and proceeded to place my hands on the old man's.

"hmmmmm" he began focusing again, then quickly letting go. "Hmmm you young miss is quite abnormal..... You don't seem to have an affinity to any element..... You must be young to Arcanum, your body is open to any possibility." He replied to me.

"For you I would defiantly recommend a training wand or a balanced wand." He smiled as he began to slowly walk behind the shop counter.

He began pulling out various boxes showing me the contents of several beautiful wands, "these would be very appropriate for your magic level. If you use a wand too strong for you it will likely lead to harm of the user and the wand. Young students love using a strong wand thinking it will benefit their training, but the correct wand will always beat a wand not fit for the user" He warned us smiling.

"Ohhh.... okay thanks for the advice." I smiled.

"Is there anything else you happen to sell here?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Hmmm.... "He began rummaging under the counter. "I have this spell book and basic spells." He added pulling out a large book the cover made of this brown durable leather. This is 10gold" he said and began rummaging more. "Ohhh ohhh here we have some fine quills and inks, and other blank books to write in." He said pulling out everything from under the table, with a few extras throwing them over this shoulder "ignore that" he chuckled.

"So give me two spell books, four blank ones, hmmm ..... Two ink and quills....." I stopped in hesitation not knowing which wand to pick.

"Take this wand... it's a bit rustic but it will do you well." He advised.

"Okay sure that one...." I said to him and began leaning in towards him "and the Burningwilliow wand please. I'll pay you one platinum for it all if you also promise me to not sell my friend here a wand." I whispered him and smiled.

"Deal he said holding out his hand for a hand shake." With a giant smile.

"One moment young miss.... the fresh stock is at the back"he said playing along going towards the back.

Pulling my platinum bag out my bag if holding I quickly pulled out a platinum coin without any of the other two seeing, ready to pay him. He came out from the back with a very nice decorated hand etched box. "Here you go.... that would be 127 gold pieces please. To which I paid him quickly with my platinum coin. "Thank you miss for your business he smiled.

I began packing everything into my bag except Jays wand, turning around it looked like the two were engaged in some sort of conversation not paying much attention to what's going on here. "Thanks you for everything." I said leaving the old man at the counter.

The old man was inspecting the platinum coin very closely. "Ohhh ohhh thank you young miss" he said with a giant smile.

Re-approaching them I overheard some of their talking , "are you excited for the S class demonstrations?" Jay said.

"Ohhh my god yes!!! Especially Paul I can't wait to see him in action." Daisy said with a giant smile.

"Don't count on it, I think he's never performed in the demonstrations ever." Jay replied to her.

"Really??..... But why???...." she asked hoping for an answer.

"No idea.... all I know is that he doesn't do any demonstrations." Jay answered.

"I think he's just too lazy too, if you ask me." I said joining in the conversation.

"Ohhh you're done?..." Jay said noticing me join the conversation.

"Yup" I replied with a big smile.

"Cool cool I'll go get my wand." He said heading to the old man.

"What's got you in such a happy mood???..." Daisy asked me.

"No reason." I smiled watching Jay and the shopkeeper.

I could still see, Jay having a disagreement with the old man, the old man adamant not to serve him crossing his arms swivelling his head side to side. Defeated Jay walked back to us "apparently he said you bought my wand for me." He begrudgingly said.

"Yup!!!" I smiled handing him his wand box.

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