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"Jay don't you need anything?" I asked curiously.

"Not really just a wand…." He replied.

"How about you Daisy?" I asked her as well.

"Hmm if we can stop by a black smith as well that would be nice..... hmm and maybe if you guys want visit my aunts tavern for food?..." She smiled.

"Right so it's sorted, I think we passed a blacksmiths on the way here." Jay suggested.

"Sure let's go! Lead the way Jay!" I smiled, excited to explore more.

With Jay leading the way, it looked as if Daisy was more comfortable and relaxed now, "Daisy?... are you okay? You was a little nervous in the shop back there….." I asked her quietly.

"I just don't like strangers very close to me..." she answered.

"Hmmm that understandable…." I nodded in understanding. She began frowning slightly and looking down at the floor.

"How about when we get back, let's chill out at Paul's room! It's pretty cool." I added in an attempt to cheer her up.

"REALLY?!" She looked up in joy and excitement.

"Yeah I'm sure it will be alright, me and him are friendishhhhhh." I answered her.

"So how do you know him well?" she asked me in excitement.

"In another life we were good friends..." I frowned.

"Ohhh…. I'm so sorry to hear that.... let's forget visiting his room then….." she said noticing my reaction.

"Should be alright Scarlet has a weird liking to me anyways." I smiled.

"So Emilia….. What do you plan on becoming?" She asked.

"What do you mean?..." I replied totally unsure what she was asking.

"So Jay here wants to become a Sorcerer and I wanna be a Cleric, what do you wanna become?" she answered.

"Hmm haven't really thought about it really…. Whats a cleric?" I asked.

"Clerics are people who focus and specialize in Holy magic." She replied.

"Ohh wow that's so cool!!!!! Can you show me something you can do?" I requested in excitement.

"Hmmmmm so my current training is pretty basic but this is pretty cool." She said, as she suddenly began glowing more golden, with a golden yellow symbol appearing on her forehead, as well as the tattoo's all over her body began to glow golden. Then pointing in the air a large shield and Hammer appeared into the air, flying around and swinging.

"WOAH...…" I was overcome with amazement.

"So this is called Spiritual Weapon, I can freely move and attack with them." She replied looking at me.

Her golden eyes looking at me were extremely scary, as if she looked a little possessed.

"Stop that!" Jay yelled at us causing Daisy to return to normal and the Shield and Hammer fade out of existence. "Magic is prohibited within the wall of the city!" He scolded Daisy, causing her to apologies profusely.

"Freeze!!! A loud voice boomed out from the crowd.

Looking for the source of the voice I now see Daisy has stirred up a large commotion, as five extremely heavily armored men appeared, four holding their spears pointed at us and one with a sword on his side and a shield on his back each with a red piece of cloth over their breastplate with a golden lion head as a crest on it.

"Ahhhh SHIT" I heard jay mutter under his breath.

One of the heavily armour men approached us, "Miss, Magic is prohibited within the walls of this city." She yelled at us.

"Captain please forgive my friend here, she's new to Arcadia, and she doesn't know the rules of the city" I heard Jay speak out standing between Daisy and the Captain.

"Step aside, your friend is under arrest!" the Captain said ignoring Jay and pulling out handcuffs ready to take Daisy

"We meant no harm, this was just an honest mistake and my friend didn't intend to cause any trouble." Jay said holding his hands up.

The captain stared at him for a minute, before signalling her Comrades to stand down raising their spears. "Yes I'm so sorry! I honestly didn't know!...." Daisy also pleaded with the captain.

"Fine, but if you three cause any more commotion I won't let you off so easily!" The captain begrudgingly agreed.

"Thank you! Again I'm so sorry!" Daisy apologized.

The Captain and her Squad turn around entering back into the crowd, as the general public went back to their lives after the commotion was over.

"Im so sorry Jay! I really didn't know!" Daisy apologized profusely to Jay.

"Yeah we are so sorry!!" I also apologized.

"It's okay you guys didn't know….. Come let's carry on heading to the blacksmiths." Jay accepted our apologies.

It was surprisingly brave of him to stand in front of Daisy willing to defend her despite meeting her only yesterday. I soon heard the clanging of metal and the sounds of roaring forges. We approached a large open building surrounded by fencing, at the back stood several large roaring forges, several large heavy looking anvils and one large tank of water. Three burly Dwarves and two humans were working diligently crafting various metal weapons and items.

"Good day, where can I go to buy a weapon?" Jay tried to yell at them.

None of them responded, I guess his voice was drowned out by the booming sounds of the forges and clanging of metal work. Jay turned to us and shrugged like he doesn't know what else to do. We both shrugged in return with no idea what to do also. Looking around I pointed at the door, "Maybe we should try there" I suggested.

Walking through the door, we entered a shop front the sides lined with wall mounted weapons of different shapes and designs, large chests, bolts and many other things. "Greetings looking for anything in particular." A tall well-dressed man appeared from another room.

"Hi, my friend was looking to buy something here." Jay responded looking at Daisy.

"Hi, I was hoping to buy or have a Maul or Mace forged…" Daisy requested.

The tall gentleman took a look at Daisy and had the most confused expression as if she asked for was absurd. "Umm…. Sure…." The gentleman walked out from the shop counter and picked up a small mace off a side wall for her, "Try one of these….." he handed it to her.

"Ohh sorry I wasn't being very specific, I was looking for a two handed Maul or Mace." Daisy smiled.

He was taken aback by her request, "Ummm… young miss are you sure, it's a very heavy weapon….." he hesitantly asked.

"Yes I'm sure" Daisy carried on smiling.

"Ummm…. Okay…. let me just get one from the back" he replied stepping into another room. After a few moments the door slammed opened, as the gentleman struggled to carry out a weapon with a long handle and a large solid metal ball attached to the end, barely being able to lift it off the floor pulling it to the front counter. "Here you go miss." He said struggling to catch his breath and noticeable beads of sweat drip down his forehead.

Daisy full of excitement lifted the weapon with one hand and began swinging it with both hands gently making sure not to hit anything. "This feel good" but do you have anything with maybe a Hammer shape so it's easier to rest on the floor?" Daisy asked.

Jay and I looked at each other, eyes wide open in shock from what we just witnessed. The shop keeper equally as shocked and even more taken aback by her request. "Ummm…. Sure we can have it done in 3 days if that's okay with you….." he hesitantly asked.

"That will be fine thank you!" By the way do you also do repairs?" Daisy asked.

"Yes …. You will just need to bring it in so we can inspect it and give you a quote." The shop keeper still confused how such a slender woman has so much strength.

"That will be awesome! So how much was it for the Mace?" Daisy asked politely.

"Ohhh... Sorry…. It will be 25gold if that is okay for you?" He answered.

"That would be great thank you." Daisy replied pulling out a small pouch from under her dress and counting out the gold to pay him.

"Thank you miss here's your receipt, are you going to collect it or would you like us to deliver it?" The shop keeper asked.

"Pick up please, I need to get some pieces repaired anyways so I need to stop by and get a quote." She answered happily.

"Very well thank you for your business Young madam." The shopkeeper smiled and bowed.

Daisy bowed in return, and we made our way out the shop. "Thank you" I said to the shopkeeper and waving goodbye.

"Let's get some food! My Aunt owns a local tavern here!" She happily skipped ahead of us.

"Ummm... Jay why is she so strong?" I asked him quietly as we began following her.

"Beats me.... I'm just as lost as you are….." he replied.

"So earlier Daisy said she wanted to be a Cleric and you want to be a Sorcerer, what does Sorcerers do??...." I asked a little confused.

"Ohhh….. Sorcerers use Arcanum to cast spells…." Jay answered.

"So like a Wizard?..." I replied.

"Yeah kinda people often interchange the names, but generally a Sorcerer is born with the ability to use Arcanum, where a Wizard is a normal human who learns to cast spells but they need to use objects and reagents." Jay answered.

"Ohhhh that's interesting….." I nodded in understanding.

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