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"Shall we start making our way to class?.." Jay asked.

"Sure let's go." Helen agreed.

"I'll see you guys after class?....." Morgana asked causing us all to look at each other in shock not knowing how to reply.

"Ummm..... sure.... see you at the dorm room?.." Grace answered here after a moment of silence.

"Ohh okay..." Morgana replied looking disheartened. ".....I guess I'll see you guys later.." She said standing up and walking away.

"We are bad people..." Helen whispered making sure Morgana didn't her.

"Yeah but we can't exactly invite her.... we don't know if we could tell her where Emilia is from....." Jay argued.

"Yeah and her Mother is a Granny.... I can't even comprehend how dangerous her mother is….. Even Aunty Hags are regarded extremely dangerous!!!" Grace said her face plastered with extreme worry.

"But she has been making an effort to come off, all good and well..." I said defending Morganna.

"Yeah... she does seem to be making an effort to be friends..." Daisy agreed with me.

"Hmmm... I guess we should at least try and be friendly." Jay agreed.

"Sure but just remember.... her Mother is a Granny Hag...." Helen reluctantly agreed.

"Let's just postpone our plans later and just spend more time with Morgana then I guess." Jay replied.

"So what did I miss last week?" I asked curiously excited with their story of last week's lesson.

"You mean our next lesson?.." Jay asked.

"Yeah!" I answered him with an excited smile.

"Last week..... It was a pretty hard lesson..... Professor Annabelle dropped us into a gnome city with the objective to socialise and not cause a scene." Jay answered.

"Ohh yeah.... we've read about gnomes but they were more hyper and crazier then i thought." Helen agreed.

"So what happened?.... We visited a Gnome town like the Sporean Cave?" I asked curiously.

"Nah..... Professor Annabelle's Class room also is a simulation room.... so she set up a simulation for us to visit a Gnome town." Jay answered.

"Ohhh cool.... I wonder what we're gonna do today." I replied in excitement.

"Ohhhh I wonder what humans think of Elven Society." Helen said to Grace with a smile.

"Ohhhh yeah that would be interesting." Grace chuckled.

"I wonder what Tieflings are like....." Daisy pondered staring off into the distance.

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"Yeah….. Above ground Tieflings are Nomadic.... I haven't heard or read about Tiefling cities above ground sadly…." Helen and Grace said with a small frown.

"Yeah….. Paul told me that because of our lineage there is much distrust in our race..... But I didn't ask to get born this way." Daisy replied.

"Sadly….. There is much unwarranted hatred to other races…. Because of past events." Jay replied also sounding a little down.

"Yup even now Orcs and Elves are still in conflict because of a War long ago between our Gods…" Grace added.

"So... if you don't mind me asking why are Tieflings so Distrusted?..." I asked hoping not to offend Daisy.

"Ummm….. Do you mind?..." Helen asked giving Daisy a look for permission.

"I don't mind." Daisy replied nodding with a smile.

"So…. What gives Daisy her horns and tail… Is at one point in her Lineage one of her ancestors is a Devil….. Or made a deal with a Devil…. Either 'corrupting her blood line', thus the horns and tail… a very common trait in many different types of Devils…." Helen Explained.

"Yes…. And sadly… I don't know any of my parents so I have no one to ask…" Daisy replied with a sigh.

"Ahhh let's not reflect on the falls of society….... should be time for lesson soon." Jay suggested.

"Sure….." We all agreed.

Making our way to the lesson letting everyone else lead the way, I couldn't help but feel excited for this particular lesson. Meeting and learning about other cultures and races, even experiencing them first hand through a simulation.

Making our way through the sea of students, "Around this corner." Jay said leading the way turning the corner we arrived at a set of two large wooden double doors looking worn and old but licked with a new coat of varnish making it look relatively well kept. As the bell sound rang in our heads like magic the doors began to slowly creep open on its own revealing the inside of the class room.

Slowly the class made their way in, stepping in the vastness of the classroom was staggeringly large compared to every other classroom we've been in before, to the left laid several shelves housing what must be hundreds books. On the right side of the vast classroom lined lines and lines of glass cabinets housing all sorts of creatures and objects much like the Hag's hut but more clean and catalogued and organized, more like a museum then a hoarders hut everything seemed to be categorized into groups.

In the centre a young woman with blonde hair tied in a bun wearing large circular glasses. She donned a large long robe similar to the style I liked except hers was a plain and simple. She has a huge thick book on her side attached to her belt, and on the other side a small wooden twig which I assume is her wand.

"This place is cool right?!" Jay whispered to me.

"Yeah..... Its.... cool...." I replied mimicking his reaction.

"Imagine all the knowledge in this place! I could spend days on end learning about everything here." He smiled in glee.

"There are things that books can't teach." Grace commented chuckling.

"Nonsense." He replied waving off Graces comment.

"Is... that a pixie?..." I asked pointing at a small display with a very tiny humanoid butterfly.

"Hmmm looks like it is....." Jay replied squinting in the direction where I pointed.

"Please come in students!" Professor Annabelle welcomed us in welcoming us to the centre of the room.

We all made our way into the rooms reaching Professor Annabelle, standing in the centre the full extent of the classroom or museum became apparant. A vast expansive library and a huge collection of various objects and things in glass containers and cabinets.

"Professor Annabelle is pretty famous for her vast knowledge of many things.... and her personal collection of species that don't even originate from this plane." Jay whispered in excitement.

I couldn't help but stare in wondering the vast amount of knowledge in this one class room... "For example.... see that pixie earlier?... they originate from the Fey plane.... where elves like Helen and Grace originated from..." Jay explained.

"Ohhh I see..... But how do they get here?.." I asked slightly confused.

"No idea..... Pixies are extremely rare here.... only seen in forests near Elven cities.... I'm sure Helen would know." Jay answered.

"Welcome class! Let's carry on from last lesson..... If you all remember, most of you if not all performed very badly when trying to fit in and socialize with gnomes." Professor Annabelle.

"What happened?....." I whispered to Jay.

"We visited Puxtonworth..... It's a Gnome city in Aspa.... it's an industrial city primarily populated with Gnomes and Dwarves." Jay quietly replied.

"So remember all the tips I gave you all last time and try and incorporate them..... Let's not start another riot or civil unrest this time." Professor Annabelle smiled.

"Ummmm what sort of advice did she give?.." I asked hesitantly.

"Ahhhh that would spoil the fun and learning experience." Jay smiled giving me a pat on the back giving me little to no reassurance.

"Ahh don't feel so nervous it's gonna be a blast!" Daisy smiled noticing my reaction.

"So... what's a Gnome town like?.." I asked hoping to prepare myself.

"Ohhhh... it's so crazy.... totally opposite to Elven society..." Helen replied sounding nervous by just the thought.

"Yeah..... Gnomes....." Grace added starring into the distance as if remembering a horrific memory.

"Yeah..... We all did pretty badly last time....." Jay admitted.

"I thought I did okay!" Daisy smiled.

"What happened?.." I asked.

"Ohh we went to a Tavern..... Then next thing I know.... fists were being thrown and a huge brawl started..." Helen explained looking totally puzzled.

"I know right!!!..... I just don't get how everything accelerated so quickly...." Grace added breaking from her trance.

"Yeah..... Just watch what you say and do..... Gnomes are a bit crazy....." Jay warned.

"Okay children!!! Round two!" Professor Annabelle yelled with a giant smile. Suddenly the ceiling and ground began breaking into square flipping over like tiles. The sky turning into a bright blue sky with hints of grey and the ground shifting from a class room into the great outdoors. Like a wave the change came rushing towards us with an intense speed, stepping back ready for the impact not knowing how to react. Watching my feet the ground tile flipped passing through my like a ghost becoming green grass on top of soft ground soil.

"... how on earth does it feel so real?..." I asked in shock digging my shoes into the soft soil but knowing I should be in a class room...

".... I would say it's an illusion.... but from what I know illusions should be just that something visual.... I have no idea how they make it feel so real." Jay replied equally confused.

"Yes!!!..... Before we arrived... Grace and I were so excited to experience these... Elven School have nothing close to this! We would just be sitting in an old classroom which probably been here for thousands of years….. Where all the best elven scholars before us sat..." Helen replied looking bored rambling on.

"Okay Children let's get started!" Professor Annabelle walked pass us. Turning around the Puxtonworth city stood in front of us like magic.

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