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"Well looks like I'll see you guys at lunch." Morgana bid us farewell as we exited the dining hall.

"Wait you don't have the same class as us?..." I asked.

"Nope…. I think I'm in the other class so our lessons are different." She answered.

"Ohhh... okay... see you at lunch then." I replied

"By Morgana." Every said their goodbyes.

"Emilia?.. Don't you find her a little creepy?" Helen asked as Morgana disappeared into the flock of students heading out the main building.

"A little.... but its fine...." I replied.

"Really?.." Helen asked.

"Trust me guys.... you should always try and make friends with everyone and don't be prejudice." I answered her.

"I guess you're right." Jay said walking ahead of us.

"Hey guys!" Ben greeted us exiting the Dining hall.

"Hey Ben!" we all replied causing jay to come back and greet him.

"You guys have Spell Casting lesson right now?..." He asked.

"Yeah we do... are we in the same class?.." Jay asked.

"Ohh looks like we are." He smiled.

"Where was you?... we didn't see you at the dining hall..." Daisy asked.

"Ohhh we was at the end of the Dragon table.... because you know my other friends are all in different houses." He answered.

"Well you're always welcome to join us." Jay offered.

"Thanks." Ben replied.

"So... Ben what sort of spells can you cast?..." I asked as we made our way to lesson.

"Well... too be honest... I'm not a very good caster sadly.... I can barely manage a few Cantrips." He admitted with a slight sigh.

"Ohhh..." I replied a little shocked that he was even worse than me.

"Yeah..... Spell's aren't my strong suite.... but I am good with a sword and shield." He added.

"Ohhh that's great!" I replied.

"Yeah..... My settlement is on the outskirts of Arcadia... so we needed to learn to defend ourselves since guards were scare... and only came if we requested them." he said.

"That's so awful..." I replied.

"Yeah…. sadly that how things work..." He replied shrugging off my concern.

I look down feeling saddened with each passing day I learn how even though this is a literally magical world, but it was so much darker then I imagined..... And how this world resembled some medieval era just with magic and a ton of dangerous monsters...

As we arrived Professor Meha was outside the room greeting us and all the students as we entered, taking seats in the middle, our group taking up a whole row in itself waiting for the class to start. "I wonder what we are gonna do today." I asked everyone.

"Hmmm probably more to do with Cantrips." Jay answered.

"Shouldn't we be studying or practicing higher levels??" I asked.

"Yes we can but being able to cast a spell is very different from mastering it." Jay answered.

"Mastering?.." I asked.

"Yeah.... mastering a spell makes it both stronger and allows you to manipulate it." Jay added.

"Manipulate?.." I asked.

"Yes so spells are volatile in nature..... They need to be control by the caster.... for example remember in Triploa was attacked by the Wyverns, Paul summoned a thunderstorm..... He was able to control and manipulate the spell so it'd only strike the Wyverns in quick sucession even wyverns that he couldn't see." Jay explained.

"Ohhh I see...." I nodded in understanding.

"Yup... I assume we would be focusing on Cantrips for a while focusing on mastering them and manipulating them." Jay answered.

"But wouldn't spending time on casting higher level spells be more beneficial?.." I asked.

"Ehhh it depends.... casting high level spells are more risky, if you aren't ready then it may be more detrimental... also.... your body can only cast so many high level spells before it needs to rest.... so low level spells are kinda the bread and butter...." Jay answered.

"Or you can be like Grace and I and use a weapon." Daisy smiled jumping into the conversation.

"Ohh I forgot ... Scarlet gave me two daggers!" I told everyone.

"What really?!!!" Grace asked extremely excited.

"My lord.... are they special??!! Can we see them?!" Daisy squealed.

"Ohh lemme show you they should be attuned by now!" I said their excitement causing me to feel just as excited. Reaching into my bag I pulled out both my daggers, holding one in each had I held them tightly as if I was going into combat. Magically the blade on one of them ignited with an orange red flame and the other the blade glowed with a vibrated green glow like it was radioactive.

"Wow!!!" Grace marvelled in awe.

"... I'm so jealous..." Daisy gazed in amazement.

"Cool right!!! It's a Dagger of-" I said.

"Emilia please out your toys away the lesson is about to start." Professor Meha interrupted me entering the room and went to the front of the class. Causing me to quickly release my grip slightly tuning them off and quickly shoving them back in my bag.

"I must admit.... they are pretty cool" Jay whispered making me smile a little.

"So class we will be carrying on focusing on Cantrips." Professor Meha informed the class.

Several students lifted their hands up wanting to ask a question. "Yes Amy." the teacher asked.

"Why are we practicing Cantrips wouldn't it be better to practice higher level spells??...." the young girl asked.

"Good question... even though most of you can cast higher level spells right now, it's essential to learn to walk before you can run. Just being able to cast a spell is the first step, learning to master the spell is another story. For example." Professor Meha waved her wand making a large teddy manifest in front of the class.

"Now class I want you all to shoot a firebolt at this teddy." she issued everyone.

Everyone looked at each other slightly confused at what she was asking from us.

"Go along children firebolts." she ordered us again taking a step away. "I want you all to aim at the stomach area." she added.

We all slowly pulled out our wands aiming at the teddy. "We'll start with Chris at the front and snake our way around the class." Professor Meha instructed.

"Okay...." Chris replied shooting a firebolt hitting the teddy directly at the stomach didn't even leave a scorch mark.

"Nice aim.... but lacking in strength." Professor Meha replied. "You next John." Professor Meha instructed.

The student nodded shooting off a firebolt hitting the hand and again leaving no scorch mark." lacking in strength and accuracy...." Professor Meha replied.

One by one each student shooting their firebolts working their way around each row till it was my turn.

"Emilia.... you're next." she instructed.

Nodding I shot a firebolt at the teddy striking it a little off centre.... but to my surprise leaving a small sized scorch mark. "Nice aim a little off.... decent amount of power." Professor Meha smiled giving me a pleased nod.

"Jay, you're next." Professor Meha smiled.

"Sure." Jay replied shooting a blue firebolt strike the teddy in the middle of the stomach like a bullseye leaving a larger scorch mark then me.

The class began to whisper noticing his spell. "Ohhh a blue flame.... very impressive Jay, blue flame casters are very rare." Professor Meha replied with a smile.

"Helen you're next please, I understand you're a Druid.... so just do whatever spell you feel is appropriate." Professor Meha instructed.

"Sure." Helen smiled pushing the chair back and standing up pointing the tip of her staff at the teddy bear saying something in another language, the gem suddenly glowed bright green as a thick green thorny vine sprouted out the ground sending chunks of flooring flying out and whipped it sending the Teddy Bear rocking back and forth a little.

"Thorn whip.... nice aim and strength." Professor Meha smiled.

"Grace you can pass if you'd like from what I understand you're focusing on using a bow." Professor Meha asked.

"I'll Pass thank you." Grace smiled.

"Okay you next Daisy... you're studying to be a cleric right?.." Professor Meha asked.

"Yeah Miss." Daisy replied.

"Okay then proceed." Professor Meha asked with a smile.

"Okay!" Daisy smiled, her tattoos lit up golden yellow along with her eyes and her necklace and pointed at the teddy bear, bright golden fire began enveloping the teddy bear for a second before dying down leaving several scorch marks around the teddy.

"Nice Sacred Flame." Professor Meha Smiled causing Daisy to smile uncontrollably.

Eventually each student had their turns at the teddy bear barely scratching it or leaving a mark. "How comes you do blue flames?.." I asked Jay.

"No idea..... When I study and cast a fire spell enough... suddenly it becomes blue." Jay answered.

"Hmmm interesting... did you know a blue flame is hotter than a red flame so that's something." I explained to him.

"Really?.." He asked looking at me in disbelief.

"Trust me.. It's science.... blue flame is hotter than red." I reassured him.

"Hmmm..... okay.... what's science?.." I asked.

"..... Ummm.... it's the study of the world and things... it's confusing never mind." I said to him realising I didn't quite know how to explain what science is myself….

"Okay....." He replied shrugging.

"Okay children... Listen up.... I've been a teacher for a long time..... I've taught many students each student special in their own way, some more talented than others but they always ask the same question you all did at the start of the lesson." Professor Meha spoke to the Class.

Pulling out her wand pointing it at the teddy bear. "Icio-Igna" She said launching a firebolt screaming into the teddy bear impacting it dead in the centre of the stomach burning a hole right through the teddy bear, the whole class watched in awe.

"I know you all see and idolize very strong Sorcerers seeing them cast all these cool high level spells and stuff... but please be aware Learning and mastering the basics will get you much further than the race to higher level spells." Professor Meha began to explained, "Trying to cast higher spells when you're not ready could easily back fire hurting you or even killing you... so please take your progression seriously and slowly." Professor Meha added.

"So children.... Let's practice Cantrips some more." Professor Meha smiled waving her wand making the Giant teddy bear disappear, the floor damage Helen made repair itself.... and a cute small Teddy Bear in front of all of us.

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