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Author: firiewww

Introduce:Andrei is an average guy who find peace in his daily boring life with his girlfriend but\r\nwhen she died from

Author: Seide

Introduce:With the combined knowledge and talents of a man from the modern world and an orphan with a mysterious past,

Author: Brayon101


Author: Dan_Ryder

Introduce:This story is largely concerned with Devils, and from its pages a reader may discover much of their character and

Author: StormEliteVII

Introduce:In a world where power rules everything,a boy who serves a minor god will stand up and face the supreme

Author: jokere

Introduce:a child who has lived through unbearable suffering. He's growing up to be the greatest criminal in the world. He's

Author: Kennny7

Introduce:The Cultivation World is filled with countless treasures and heart shaking mysteries but even the most holy places are built

Author: Renovator

Introduce:Our 14 year old protagonist John has lived his life in an honest manner. After losing his parents, he strives

Author: lynerparel

Introduce:A hero defeating the demon lord dies after his victory. Seeing as his time has come to an end, he

Author: Random_writer

Introduce:Doevm is just a pawn in a game he doesn't want to play. He has studied magic for over a