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Author: 纳兰坤

Introduce:A young orphaned boy named Mu Yi is saved by an old travelling Taoist Priest. They travel the world ‘scamming’

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

Introduce:Description 800 years ago, 3000 dimensional gates opened across the entire world. In that moment, it was

Author: Cat Who Cooks

Introduce:Description “In a land far to the east, there exists a strange store that has rejected a

Author: Arkinslize

Introduce:Have you ever wished you exactly knew how to accomplish your dreams? Not feeling the slightest doubt anymore? Being aware

Author: Skeleton Wizard

Introduce:Description Amidst a disaster, an orphan contracts a sickness. In his waking hours, he

Author: Assets Exploding

Introduce:Yang Feng somehow transmigrated into a different world and received a legacy of an ‘ancient high tech’ family, which does

Author: Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel

Introduce:Description The future unfolded on a magnificent scale into the Interstellar Age. Humanity finally solved the space

Author: 天下飘火

Introduce:Description A mysterious natural phenomenon causes earth to be plunged into darkness. the world turned into an

Author: Li Xianyu

Introduce:Xia Lei, whose parents were no longer around, had to work hard to support himself and his sister. One day,

Author: Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

Introduce:Description An ordinary young man on earth, Xia Feng, traveled to a world of sword and magic, and took